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Monday, 20 September 2010

Sparkle, Twinkle, GLITTEEERRRR!!!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm just sitting watching TV/watching Matt as he paints our lounge and I decided I would treat myself to a little bit of eye porn. No, no, not filthy naughty videos (jeez, minds out the gutter please) but typing "Glitter" into and seeing what comes up.

They were so gorgeous that I felt the need to share them with you. If pictures of sparkly things light your fire as much as they do mine, then brace yourself!!

I NEED this nail varnish for the Autumn/Winter season or I shall die. 25 brownie points to the gal who knows the name of it!

Throwing glitter. Why is this not a validated sport??

To this day I regret not buying that pot of Purple Glitter Pigment that MAC bought out last year. Gargh!!

I had a glitter lamp at Uni and LOVED it. It was sadly lost in the 36 million moves I had as a studenty type but I feel I must buy one. How cute would it look as a night light in the baby's room. I intend on getting my baby hooked on glitter from an early age. Even if it's a boy. Uh oh.

Loved the jewel toned colours in this so much that I made it my YouTube channel background. Mmmmmm.

Did you enjoy that as much as I did? Good old weheartit, I really do heart it :)



PS. Harrooowww Josie, are you still reading? xxx


  1. The nail varnish looks very similiar to OPI mad as a hatter xx

  2. lovely post..i love glitter to and am going to check out heard of it before xxxx

  3. I'm pretty sure the nail polish is Mad As A Hatter, there's a picture here of it as well:

    It looks the same. :) xx

  4. I agree, it'll be mad as a hatter over a simple black polish :) xx

  5. your post was awesome loved it try the sample store to get your mac glitter

  6. I was thinking about that purple glitter earlier today. I wish I would have gotten too!

  7. I think I might have found the nail varnish,
    OPI designer series?:)

    If its not those there are still some pretty nice ones on there:)


  8. Loved your glitter throwing comment. "Representing Great Britain in the 100m Glitter's LOU!!!! LOL :)

  9. YES the girls are right, it is Mad as a Hatter by OPI. I have it (after much searching and finally paying 2x the price on eBay) but it is discontinued.

  10. you are tooo cute! love this post!

  11. I think I have found my twin. I am just as obsessed with glitter as you! I'm following your blog, check out my blog and follow too if you'de like :)

  12. Oh fun love the glittered nails fabulous look

  13. Ohhh I love glitter too...
    My favourite nailpolish in this moment is "Alice" by O.P.I. it's gorgeous <3.
    I like your blog, if u want, please visit mine

  14. I have a gold glitter from MAC, I have never used it, I just like looking at it now and again because it is soooo pretty!

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