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Friday, 4 March 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm fairly sure you will have seen the truckload of Liz Earle reviews going round at the moment, but I actually haven't seen anything on this Brightening Treatment Mask, so I do hope that this is of interest to you. Personally, I don't mind when you see the same product on lots of blogs, I like to read tonnes of different views, but I know some people don't- horses for courses eh.

(Side note- As I type this, Baby Glitter is going gaga in her womby home, she loves a bit of blogging).

(I couldn't not show you how beautifully the Liz Earle stuff is packaged)
I was sent this product about a fortinight ago and unsurprisingly for a Liz Earle product, I'm in love.
This product claims to instantly revitalise tired or dull skin and give you a natural looking radiance.

I'm always really sceptical of products like this, even though I have had nothing but excellent experiances from the Liz Earle range, but as usual, was proved wrong- Liz Earle, I salute you!

I have used this mask in 2 different ways- mixed with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish to add a bit of oomph to my cleansing routine and on its own in the morning (on my clean skin) to give my face a radiant glow. I enjoyed using it both ways but mostly prefer it in the morning because I feel using it solo gives the most noticable results.

(Cute little wash bag and muslin included in the kit- yippee!!)

To use, I massage about 2 pumps worth onto clean dry skin, leave for a minute or so whilst I brush my teeth/potter about annoying Matt for taking my time ahahaha, and then just wipe off with the provided muslin (after I have run it under the hot water tap) and tada, done! None of this peeling off bits of serum or schmearing mud round your face with a flannel like so many other 'mask' products. By nature I'm pretty lazy, so this method is ideal for me, the whole process is done in about 2 minutes- another winner for when Baby Glitter makes her appearance and I have no time.

I honestly did think that my skin looked a lot more 'glowy' and I felt fresh faced and bushy tailed. I'm not getting good quality sleep at the moment, so this is perfect as it creates the illusion of a good 9 hours.

Containing witch hazel, this mask has a zingy and awakening scent but doesn't leave you all tight faced. It is recommended to use it in conjunction with the toner and moisturiser, but on a few occasions I've been a bit naughty and skipped the toner phase and I still felt super :)

In a nutshell, I can't rave about this enough, it is literally my love and I know I will be buying this over and over!

To find out more about this little gem, check out the Liz Earle website HERE.

Do you have any skincare products that you are obsessed with at the moment? Are there any you think I'd like?



(Spell check wont work! Eek! I will try again later but please excuse my typos for now!xxxx)


  1. I love reading different peoples opinions too :) I haven't actually tried any Liz Earle products before, but this looks great. Also have my eye on the shampoo and conditioner as I've heard some great reviews

  2. Ohh, I think I need this in my life. Like I need you...mwahah. I love me a bit of Liz Earle. Thanks for the review Darling :) xxxx

  3. i really love liz earle products i have been using them for the last decade - must admit im a bit scared to use anything else now incase i break out lol xxxx

  4. sounds amazing, i have an undying love for Liz Earle. Luckily we have a LE shop in leeds yay! Been meaning to get this for a while. I have the exfoliator and it's amazing xo.

  5. It is really nice to see something different from Liz Earle, I think I may just need to buy this now haha =]

    Aww babyglitter - can't wait to meet her

    hayley xx

  6. I've been hearing about Liz Earle products soo much. thanks for the review! helped a lot
    click ♡


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