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Monday 5 September 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Sleek Au Naturel Palette

Aloha Bloggerinos,

This September (my favourite month by the way), has seen the launch of Sleek's latest collection- Nuuudeee. Yes, it's actually 'Nude', but I like to say nuuuuuddeee in a high pitched sing-songy tone. Nice and normal then.

The collection comprises of a 12 colour palette, a lip conditioner and a blusher. Fabulous.

With a mixture of matte and shimmer pressed shadows, large mirror and double ended sponge brush, the palette promises something for everyone.

Ever since the first Original Palette, I've been a huge fan of the waffle texture the shadows have. I know it's not to everyone's taste but there is something about it that pleases me immensely. I even like the word 'waffle'. Mmmm waffle.

I'm sure you will have seen other people swatch these better (note to self- do smaller swatches to fit 12 on one arm!), but Sprinkle of Glitter wanted a chance to show them off too!

Top row, L-R: Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Taupe.
Bottom row, L-R: Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal, Noir.

All of the above are one swipe swatches- I wanted to be equal. As you can see, the matte colours are not as prominent as the shimmery shades. I'm quite disappointed in the matte pigmentation because the majority of my eyeshadow collection is shimmer or glittery, so it would have been fun to experiment with a more matte look. Never the less, as usual, the other shadows have come up trumps and have excellent colour pay off. Good old Sleek.

Sleek Moss vs MAC Pressed Olive and Sleek Noir vs MAC Carbon.
My favourite colours from the Au Natural Palette are Moss and Noir. I was so impressed with them that I compared them to the holy grail- MAC. I think it's safe to say, they fared well.

I've noticed a bit of a trend with the Sleek palettes. I love they way there is a kind of gradiation. Granted they threw in a few curve balls with the Caribbean and Monaco collection, but if you are less out there with you eyemakeup, this could be the cosmetics company for you. Above is the Limited Edition Paraguaya Avoir La Peche Palette, Oh So Special Palette (still available) and the Au Natural Palette from the Nude collection, which, hip hip hooray, is going to be in the permanent line!

All in all, I wouldn't say this is one of Sleek's best, due to the lack of pigment in the rather chalky matte colours, but for £6.49, the other colours are worth it, especially since the some of the colours outshine MAC.

You can pick yourself up a treat from the Sleek Nude collection either from you local Superdrug or the Sleek Website.

Are you into the Nude-ness? What are your thought?




  1. I just picked up everything from this collection, and I liked it! :)


  2. ooo nubuck seems like a pretty color even if the matte quality isn't super. Know anything similar that isn't chalky? :)

  3. ooo I think I may get this becasue sleek palettes are perfect for my makeup bag as they fit perfectly inside and I like to take neutral brown colours with me as they are more wearable and i can just quickly apply them if Im out :D

  4. I love how you even had a bit of a waffle texture in the background there :) I like the look of some of the darker shades. :) x

  5. I can't wait to pick this up! The poor man's Naked palette, perhaps?

  6. So many gorgeous colors!


  7. I love this palette! I want to get my hands on it

  8. i love the colors :) its exactly my cup o' tea.
    i love my neutrals.. they are so pigmented :)

    btw- I love your blog.. your personality definitely shines through (HAHA no pun intended) your posts are always quite pleasant.. i actually spent much longer here than intended bc i kept clicking on "posts i might also like".

    && coincidentally, my friends and i have been speaking of marriage these days.. and honestly, marriage scares me a bit.. but i cant help but smile when i see you + your family.. you make me want to get married too :)

    ....didnt mean to leave such a long, cheesy comment.

  9. Oh God, the colors are exactly what I've been looking for. Pretty neutrals for boring little ol' me :)

  10. i giggled to myself when you said mmm waffle because thats what my boyfriend calls me, i forgot about the food :D

  11. I'd so pick this up if I hadn't already got the naked palette.
    Lucy xx

  12. I vant it, I vant it, I vant it!

    Mwah - ha - haaaaaa! ;)

  13. WOW! I'm ipressed by the pigmentation of Sleek's colours. You said matt are not promiment as shimmery but... even though I do really like them.
    I was never convinced about this company but I saw tons of reviews and actually I slowly come to the point that it's worth my money.
    Unfortunately here in Poland prices are sooo high...

  14. such a great blog following you I'm glad I found you love your tips

  15. Hey hun great review!! Have been toying with the idea of purchasing this so thankyou! :) x

  16. Nice Blog and your header is very nice !
    Love S.

    Check out our Blog

  17. Cappuccino looks lovely! I also like the look of Moss, I'm even more tempted to grab this palette now. I've only heard good things about it!
    Much love xo

  18. The difference between Macs carbon and Sleeks Noir is incredible.
    It looks like a beautiful palette.

  19. I don't wear eyeshadow normally but these seem like a nice alternative! =]

  20. Ooh thank you for reviewing this. I have the original and storm palette and love how good value they are. Just wanted to add that I love your blog and have been following for ages but have now started my own blog so am now able to comment. Yay!

  21. Wow these palettes are gorgeous! very pretty and pigmented colours

  22. This does look lovely but I already have the oh so special palette so will be sticking with it :-)

  23. These look gorgeous!

  24. Lovely shades, I originally wanted this palette!

  25. Loving these colors, must get my hands on them!

  26. wow, wish that I we had sleek in Sweden. I love the pigmentation of the sleek storm palette that I have!

  27. I went to Superdrug today with the intention of buying the Au Naturel palette, umm-ed and ahh-ed about it for a good 5 minutes and instead left with the Oh So Special palette. After reading this though, I see what you mean about the gradiation of colours and I've been after a neutral palette for a while. I can't quite justify paying for the Naked palette so it looks like I'm off to Superdrug again tomorrow to buy this. Thank goodness for my Beautycard :) xoxo


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Sprinkleofglitter xxx

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