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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Makeup Looks for Spring 2012

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A sponsored guest post today:

Makeup looks for Spring 2012

Make-up for spring 2012 looks set to expand on the themes we saw developing towards the end of last year, as well as bringing in some new inspiration from the past. There’s some exciting and dramatic new looks to choose from, including the welcome return of red lipstick and some fabulous metallic eyes; as well as more takes on the fresh/nude face introduced in the autumn.

Vamp it up with red lipstick

A timeless classic – red lipstick is bold and undeniably sexy, and staying with us for spring 2012. From metallic crimsons through chocolate reds and vermilion shades to striking scarlet – red lipstick has been seen all over the catwalks for this season, and wearing it will make you the centre of attention wherever you go. Red lipstick typically works best with everything else toned down, letting the lips make the statement - make sure you choose the right colour for you, and wear it with confidence.

Eyes with impact

If eyes are more your thing than lips, there are a number of dramatic looks for eyes this season. The first is the cat’s eye liner, which sees eyeliner finishing with a dramatic upward flourish at the outer edge of the upper lid. Playful and eye-catching, it says look-at-me without being as uncompromising as red lips. Alternatively, sparkle around the eyes with softer versions of the neon hues which were popular last summer – soft metallic sparkles and glitter eye shadows are back for spring 2012, bringing a touch of colour and glamour with them. Colours will echo the fashion palette, including turquoise, purples and orange, as well as silver-white – choose creamy finish shadows and blend well to create a glow.

Brows are back

Good news if you’re tired of tweezing: following the sixties theme that’s running through fashion for spring/summer 2012, dramatic brows are dominating the runways this spring. To get the look, shape into a dramatic arch, darken with pigment and then brush upwards for a bold-browed look – think Liz Taylor in her heyday – striking and undeniably feminine.

Healthy glow

So recently considered a little unfashionable, blush is key to some of the looks for spring – with a flushed, almost sun-burnt look showing up in some of the catwalk shows. Layering and defining the cheekbones, the flushed-cheek blush gives a healthy sun-kissed look which will make you feel ready for summer as the winter starts to lose its hold.

Go nude

Our favourite look for spring 2012, though, is the cleanest and simplest of them all – the nude look. Characterised by glowing, luminous skin; soft petal pinks and coral colours; high-shine rosebud lips and dewy blush, the barely-there make-up look is a winner for this season.

Saisha Potts writes on behalf of, the social fashion site. Compare men and women's fashion now at Cafe La Moda by following the LINK.


  1. I love wearing a pinky nude lip with a nice blush for everyday! So glad this will be big this year, love your blog Louise! :) xxx

  2. Mascara, pink/coral blush and nudey-pinky lipstick is my go to look. I like to look fresh faced- I'm loving Benefits High Beam, its really nice!
    Check out my blog girls, it means a lot. :) xxx

  3. love this post xx

    Anyone follow me and i will follow you back xxxx
    Follow me xx


    Follow me x

  4. really nice post :)

  5. I love juicy red lips!

  6. Spring/Summers going to be good this year! Love the red lips! xxx

  7. I'm glad the barely there makeup look is back, it's been my default look for years! I need to learn how to do makeup a lot better haha xx

  8. im loving that red lipstick, beautiful! Bring on Spring!!

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  10. I love all your posts

  11. I love this post, the photos are lovely too, which camera do you use? x

  12. Barely there make-up... What a relief ! :P

  13. Thank you for a great post! I am so crazy about make up!


  14. so glad red lipstick is in, recently bought MAC's russian red!

  15. I'm so looking forward to spring!!!!

    check out my new blog!

  16. Love a good red lipstick!
    never gets old.

  17. I am loving the red lips!!! such a classy look!! Totally makes me want to take on a fur coat an challen Greata Garbo!!

    graet post,

    love K

  18. Heyy, i've given your blog an award ! check my blog out for details ♥

  19. hey xx i have just seen your video on creating a blog and i have created one! your blog is sooooo inspiring and i have rubbed a bit of your magic glitter in my introductioni thought i could recomend your blog because your are no.1 with zoella i hope to see you soon lockettootoo feel free to visit my tiny brand new bloh

  20. Love the red lipstick...i'm not sure i can do much about my brows,they are very thin lol :)

  21. love love love red lipstick

  22. I really love red lipstick as it can add a punch of colour and boldness to any look, also I love how when the weather changes so does the shade of lipstick. I especially love the plum shades for winter and coral tones for S/S!

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