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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Amazing Advertisers || March 2014

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

My oh my it's March already! I may be on my travels at the moment but I haven't forgotten about my lovely advertisers that have been nestled in the right hand side this month. I've got a fab lotta blogs so let's get cracking!


Makeup Foodie is a ‘little bit of everything’ blog written by Maddie, who happens to have very nice eyebrows indeed. A favourite of mine this month was definitely Maddie’s ‘touch of teal’ eye shadow look, it was very Little Mermaid-esque which I jolly well enjoyed. Maddie has also expressed her love for baking cakes on her blog (it appears she’s quite the kitchen goddess) and I look forward to future baking posts and cake recipes, because who doesn’t love cake I ask you? If you’re also a fan of makeup and cake then hop on over to the Makeup Foodie, you won’t regret it!
 Every Little Thing 07
 Every Little Thing has returned once more to Sprinkle of Glitter and I’m pleased indeed to have her back! I’ve always enjoyed the beauty product reviews in particular on Every Little Thing 07 and this month has been no exception. I love a good bit of variety when it comes to product reviews, if variety is the spice of your life then you’ll definitely enjoy a gallivant on Every Little Thing 07. From Lush to lip gloss and skincare to perfume, it’s got it all I tell ya! Loosen your purse strings ladies it’s a beautyoholics dreamland.
 Thoroughly English
 Oh my giddy aunt I think I’m in love!! Bess I am a lucky woman to have you. Bess is the writer of Thoroughly English and I take my chef’s hat off to her, she is a culinary whizz. I’ve loved the cookery recipes Bess has shared with us this month, mouth watering photography included. Thoroughly English is definitely any food lover’s dream, it’ll have you hopping down to your local supermarket for ingredients and inspire you to create something tasty. Bess, when will I be seeing you on The Great British Bake Off?
  Crown Brush
 If you’re a regular visitor of the beauty blogging community then I’m sure you will have already heard of Crown brushes, they’ve been taking the beauty world by storm and I’m thrilled to be sharing them with you this month. Both good quality and affordable, Crown brushes are definitely a good make up bag investment and I’m particularly impressed with the extensive range they have available. If your blush is without a brush then I’d recommend giving Crown brushes a whirl.
 Crowley Party
 Crowley Party is a beauty and lifestyle blog written by the incredibly beautiful Alycia Grayce, an American gal with a love of life, a beautiful smile and a husband she dotes on, which melts my heart a little bit and gives me all the warm and fuzzies. I’ve loved learning little snippits about Alycia’s life on her blog, her personality shines through in her writing and Crowley Party really is a feel good joy to read. Alycia also has a Youtube channel where she reviews all things beauty for us, her accent and bubbliness is addictive!
  Alice’s Antics
Calling all you student youngsters out there, Alice is your gal. As well as living the student life, working and searching for her Ricardo Alice likes to blog about all things lifestyley, humour included. Alice’s posts are a breath of fresh witty air and I’ve enjoyed reading about her adventures and aspirations this month. Let’s hope Alice finds her Italian mate (introduces him to us of course) and continues to blog about her adventures of the world. Go on, have a gander!
  The Blogtini
Gosh, Courtney you’re one busy, organised lady! From cocktail making to wedding planning and beauty reviewing, Courtney is doing it all and blogging about it too. As well as brimming with wonderful posts, The Blogtini has handy little tabs for navigating towards your favourite blogging reads, there really is something for everyone and you won’t be left disappointed. Personally I’m excited for future wedding updates, hopefully with a sneaky peak snap or two!
  Allsorts and Anecdotes
Hurrah! Lynsey is back with us once more and I’m pleased as punch! Lynsey has advertised previously with Sprinkle of Glitter and I enjoyed her quirky little blogging ways. Lynsey’s blogging has impressed me once again, and not just because she’s reminded me of all the cheesy music I used to love in my youth. I’m a fan of Lynsey and I hope you will be too, Allsorts and Anecdotes is the perfect blog for a Sunday afternoon browse. Grab yourself a biscuit and have a read!
BlackBox Cosmetics
This month we have a Youtube account joining us on Sprinkle of Glitter, BlackBox Cosmetics; a slice of the web which promotes natural goodness for our skin. BlackBox Cosmetics is a skincare range designed to be au natural and toxin free to keep that skin of yours looking healthy, hydrated and beautiful. I’m excited to see BlackBox Cosmetics grow and share more natural skincare routines with us in future on their Youtube channel, perhaps a tutorial is to come in future to demonstrate their chemical free products!
  Miss Laura Bora’s Blog
A beautiful face, a love of makeup and a dog named Derek, Laura I am happy to have you! Miss Laura Bora’s Blog is a beauty and lifestyle blog brimming with smokey eyes, ombre curls and superhero pyjamas, what more could you desire from a blog aye? If you’re in need of a trusty tutorial or two, a makeup brush review or photographic proof that perfectly symmetrical flicked liner does exist then Laura is your gal.
 Life Between Books
A blog dedicated to the love of books, I’m a little bit in love with the concept and individuality. If you’re an avid bookworm, or someone just in need of a holiday read recommendation then you need Mandy, writer of Life Between Books, on your blogging feed. Mandy primarily reviews a variety of books for us on her blog as well as sharing lifestyle posts and family snaps from time to time. Life Between Books is definitely worth a browse if you’re in need of reading inspiration, I thoroughly recommend it!
I hope you've discovered a few gems to keep your evenings occupied! 
Contributor - Louise

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  2. Hey Louise! Love the post! x

  3. Oh wow a fab selection of blogs, youtubers and companies. I adore crownbrushes they are fsbulousa!

    Liza | Glambeautys Beauty & Fashion Blog | YouTube | Glambambini Family & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Those cupcakes look like they come from Wonderland!


  5. The're are some great blogs in there, thanks Louise!
    xx Julie

  6. Those cakes look a dream! I'll be checking out some of those blogs now :)

    Check out my beauty giveaway..


  7. Those buns are beautiful! I think it's great how you advertise and promote people!

    Joely xxx

    basically bonjour

  8. Those cupcakes look wonderful!

  9. That picture is beautiful! these blogs sound very interesting and I will definately check some of them out.

  10. those cupcakes look amazing!!

  11. Wonderful blogs! Can't wait to check them out.

  12. Always love finding new blogs through you :)

    Nicola //

  13. I always love checking out your monthly advertisers to find some new blogs to read : )

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  14. Can't wait to check some of these out :) Hope you're enjoying Playlist! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  15. Looks so good louise! Hope your okay x

  16. Thank you thank you thank you! It means such a lot to hear kind words from you!!


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  18. yummy looking cakes!

  19. I'll definitely check those blogs out!
    Thanks for sharing Louise.
    Have an amazing day :)

  20. Thanks for posting those awesome blogs :) I want one of those cupcakes. Going without sugar for 21 days though~ Yikes :)

  21. Oh my gosh those cupcakes look incredible!

    Zoe x

  22. Thanks for all the lovely things you said Louise xx This made my day!

  23. Can't wait to read some of these blogs!x

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    Thanks for sharing!

    (Dear Thirty)

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    It would mean the world to me.

  26. Can't wait to read these blogs! Have to study for my exams first though :(

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  28. thank you for sharing :)
    i want a cupcake now lol
    The Inked Blonde-Mel

  29. Loved it!


  31. Great post Louise.
    Can everyone please have a look at my new blog.
    Thankyou xx

  32. Yay, some new blogs to read.

  33. Love this! I'll have to look into some of these blogs!

  34. Thank you for this! Now it's time to follow some blogs! :)

    Verve Hues

  35. I absolutely adore finding new blogs! Mine is still a baby blog so its so wonderful to find others to keep an eye out and find other ones! :)

  36. Those cupcakes are what dreams are made of, good god! Seriously, they are going straight on my to-do list.

  37. I love that you offer a shoutout service. With all your successes with your blog, its good to see that you use a creative ad service, instead of the run of the mill corporate ads. This actually helps fellow bloggers be known and creates a win-win situation. YAY!! (also those cupcakes omg!)

  38. Lovely job. Really enjoyed reading some of Alice’s Antics posts.

    1. THANK YOU (heheh I've been stalking the comments in case someone casually mentions my blog)! thank you x10000 xxx

  39. Thanks for all of these found lots of good ones!!
    L x

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  41. Oh my god those cupcakes look incredible! That image is beautiful! these weblogs audio very exciting and I will certainly examine some of them out.

  42. Those cupcakes look phenomenal! So cute!
    Can't wait to check out these blogs :)

  43. Those cupcakes look insane. Great post!

  44. From someone who is attempting to delve into the blogging world, THANK YOU for posting stuff like this! Everything is very new to me, and one of the things I love to do is find new blogs to read. Apparently I am not too good at this yet, but this helps. So, yes thank you. Can't wait to check some of these out.

  45. Thanks for such a great post Louise!!! You are amazing and I find you so inspiring. :)

  46. that cupcake looks incredible i want it!!!

  47. Do you realise you havent posted anything beauty related in over 2 months? No idea why you say youre a beauty blogger

  48. I know they aren't yours but those cupcakes look so good!

  49. This post was filled with tons of blogs I really liked! I'm still kind of new to this whole blogging thing so I really enjoy finding people through you Louise! Thanks! :)

  50. These are really lovely links, thank you, Louise!


  51. This has given me so many lovely new blogs to read, thanks for the recommendations <3

  52. Thanks for the recomendations

  53. Love having new blogs each month for some fresh reads :) Especially loving Alice's Antics and The Blogtini at the moment :)
    xx :)

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  55. Hiya, I absolutely love your blog Louise it always leaves me feeling happy! I have done a blogpost on Wreck This Journals, you don't have to read it if you don't want to, but would you be willing to get a wreck this journal and share your experience with it on the interwebs? Love oo! xxxx

  56. hi louise im in love with your blog just found it online read a bit and im in love im very young but I want to be like u and zoe when im older I love beauty and lifestyle things I wish I could subscribe but I don't have a account and im not aloud one but I just wanted to let u know how much I love u and how much u make my day love u sooooo much xx

  57. I absolutely love new blog recommendations! Thank you!!

    Hugs from Texas!

  58. I'm new to the whole blog thing but I love your blog already and I haven't even been reading it for very long!

  59. Love it!!

  60. I really need some of those cupcakes oml they look delicious! I'm so awful at making :( hehe

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