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Friday, 6 May 2016

LouiseLIVE Info and Chat

Good Morning My Glitterbugs!

I say morning, but who knows what time you're reading this? Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a little bit of tech that could change some of the words in blogs to suit your time? Like morning and afternoon or even seasonal if you're reading this at like Christmas or something? Why am I talking about this?? I'm jet lagged, let's blame that!

I'm typing this blog post from my hotel bed in New York, with a 14th floor view over Manhattan at sunrise. I'm not even kidding. It's glorious. I feel like such a go-getter haha. If you're super interested, THIS, is my current view, except I'm actually under that duvet of dreams. 

Anyway, what was the point of this post, oh yes, LouiseLIVE! I thought that since I've been talking about it so much on my social media that I would make a blog post to kind of A any Q's and fill in the gaps for people who might not know much about it. I've also included some images that guests from LouiseLIVE 2015 took- thank you for sharing those with me <3

What is LouiseLIVE?

LouiseLIVE is a live theatre show where I try to bring the essence of my channel to the stage but also a lot more personality that I'm not always able to convey via a screen. The general theme of the show is comedy but there are big elements of self empowerment and hopefully a little bit of inspiration in there too. It's audience interactive (so some guests are invited up on stage with me) but not audience led (so not a Q&A). 

How did LouiseLIVE all begin?

A few years back I was at a YouTube convention in America and I wanted to find a way to spend time with my audience but in a different format to the traditional meet & greet, which I felt wasn't offering the quality that we all deserved. I wanted a way to interact face to face but wasn't just a human conveyor belt of a quick hello and a selfie. I needed more than that and I felt like the audience did too. 

So, I came up with this idea where I would have a bunch of you in a room, you could ask me anything at all you wanted and I could ask you anything and we'd have a sort of giant conversation. 

With each question that someone asked, I ended up talking for a few minutes, sharing stories, asking more about you and we all came away having learnt something more, deepened our relationships and having had a higher quality experience than a fake smile and blurred selfie. It was GOOD. 

After that someone said, why don't you develop this and take it to the stage? So, in 2014 we did a pilot show called, 'The Sprinkle of Glitter Experience", in my home town (woo yeah Northampton! ha) that was very unstructured and audience led, with Q&A's, quizzes, chats etc. The reviews were crazy positive!

When we launched LouiseLIVE in 2015 (much better name, non?), I wanted there to be a proper structure (like you would get in any stage show) and to focus a little bit more on the comedy element of it as that's something that works really well in a live setting. I was also keen to maintain a section about confidence and self empowerment since this is something I'm so passionate about and I think really resonates with a lot of guests. 

And so, 3 years later, here we are about to embark on the second official tour and I couldn't be more excited! I was so happy with how 2015 went so will be going with the same format but of course, all new stories, new ideas and hopefully a lot of new audience members too!

Why is LouiseLIVE so special? 

I have been growing, nurturing and loving my GlitterWorld for 6 years now. I consider it a part of my family, like a second child. When I read comments from you or open your letters that land in my PO Box, I feel like we are connected. Unfortunately, there is a certain distance and coldness that having screens and technology between us brings, so, to have an experience with you all in a theatre setting is very special. 

It allows us the unique opportunity of being amongst this community that we have all worked to create and to celebrate it. We are all sharing in one common interest and the vibe is always incredibly positive and exciting. 

I also think it's special because I feel so much more free on a stage than I do in front of a camera. I feel a lot more like the Louise I am when I'm with my friends and find myself relaxing and hitting on so many more topics than I would on my channel. Hearing the audience laugh and seeing faces with all the feels, it's special. 

Where can I buy tickets for LouiseLIVE?

Right HERE. A lot of tickets have sold out now but a few remain for most of the venues so do be quick if you're wanting any. 

Can I vlog at LouiseLIVE? 

This is just my personal opinion and not that of the theatre venue (they all have their own individual policies). I would love for you to not film the entire show but if you are vlogging your day and want to include little snippets that are a few seconds long here and there, go for it. Also, still photos (as far as I'm concerned) are completely fine. If any of my youtube friends attend, I'd love for them to not be filmed and just be left to enjoy the show <3.

I suffer from anxiety, will I be ok at LouiseLIVE?

I've seen this question a lot. I think because there is an element of audience interaction, some people worry that they'll be picked on or dragged up on stage. DON'T WORRY. If you look terrified or are shaking your head or not raising your hand, I'm 100% not going to pick you. I don't want anyone at my show to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed or afraid. Also, I want to have super bubbly confident people on stage so it's not in my interest to pick a person who's just not feeling it.

If at any point you need to leave, I'm not going to call you out or make a fuss, I'm just going to hope you're ok and leave you to it. 

So, if anxiety is your worry, I hope this has eased it for you. 


And that's it! If you have any further Q's, leave them below and if there are any that I see multiple times I will address them in another blog post. 

Can't wait to see you there!!




  1. Loved this blog post! Thank you for including my pictures. Louise live was utterly incredible last year and I'm gutted I won't be attending this years tour ❤️

  2. If we look under 14 will we be asked for ID?

  3. Me and my friend are seeing you in Liverpool and got VIP tickets too, so excited! I couldn't attend the last Louise LIVE so I'm looking forward to it even more :D <3 xxx

  4. Louise LIVE was amazing last year (i went to your Coventry show) i was lucky enough that me and my friend got VIP tickets however we only got to say hello and take a picture and honestly it felt like a waste due to so many people that you spoke to first had a long conversation with you but we only said hello and took a selfie. Nevermind, the whole day was just amazing i would love to go again but ive got no money :(

  5. I'm going this year to the one in Birmingham and I'm so excited!!!!! I'm 13 but I could basically pass as an 8 year old (due to my being very short!) so will I need to have some form of ID to get in as it is 12+
    Anyway really looking forward to it just want to make sure I'm let in!!!

  6. Hope you do in New York someday. I adore your Youtube channel! xo

  7. I wish i was going but I had nobody to go with me :( <3

  8. Bring LouiseLIVE to AUstralia!!! xx

  9. Aww a lovely post Louise I really enjoyed reading it 😀 Your Louiselive show sounds so exciting I would have liked to go but it is too far :(:( oh well it doesn't matter I hope the show goes well 😀🐶

  10. You will be amazing at the show Louise :):) 😀🐶

  11. Love this little insight into LouiseLive.
    I agree with Hayley, please bring LouiseLIVE to Aust!!

  12. If only you could come to Nottingham! one day maybe xx

  13. this blog was really detailed and very interesting. I love writing and its always been my passion so if you would like to check out my blog (I've just started) then I would really appreciate it.

  14. I wish I lived in the UK to go to events like this! But I loved this post so much!
    :) x Kenzie //

  15. I will have to see if you are going to be near me, would love to see you live you are such an inspiration with everything you have done and are still doing :)

    Meme xx

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  16. I'm looking forward to the time when you bring LouiseLive to Southern California :)

    Arianne | Ayre

  17. I love your style, it's so pretty and girly! x

  18. Amazing view, enjoyed under a comfy blanket and with food too! Perfect! It's a shame you aren't coming to Wales though! :( Although, would I be too old for it? (I'm 28) xx

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  19. Can't wait to see you Louise!! I'm coming to your Leeds show (and will be vlogging) xxx

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