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Thursday, 8 September 2016

It's Been Quite The Week!

Oh Hi, 

Well, what a week eh? I feel like the last few days have been huge and special and exhausting and exhilarating and so it feels fitting to round it all up here, like a digital scrapbook or memory box. 

First and foremost, I wanted to say. 'thank you'. In 7 years, I have never felt let down by you as readers and viewers. I've thrown some pretty big sh*t at you and yet, always, you've been amazing. I also want to say, for those that have even a crumb of confusion, I'm NOT leaving!!! Argh that would be terrible!! I'm still me, I still love glitter and girliness, but yanno, I'm an adult. I'm evolving, I'm growing up. 

Last week I announced that I was closing a chapter of life and beginning a new one. Gone is the 100% sickly sweet perfect princess vibe, and welcomed is a more honest version of my life, still glittery but also peppered with the occasional swear and some real life humour. 

I'll let you in on a secret- I've been doing it for a while. I've been making slightly older videos and getting into my new groove all summer (you might have noticed I've been a bit more 'me' in my Chatter channel videos) and the new artwork was always gonna happen (that's still coming btw). I almost didn't make a video. I was going to just slowly transcend into a more 'me' vibe, but I felt a chatty video was a good idea- I like to keep you in the loop. 

Please don't take it too literally. This is not a sad time, this is a brilliant time! The future looks bright. 

Turns out, that kind of announcement causes quite a stir with a lorra lorra news outlets picking it up and for the most part, being super supporting. The BBC wrote a lovely piece and even The Sun got involved (although I prefer not to link them as my heart belongs to Liverpool). A couple of media sites really went to town with the 'Louise Pentland Vows to Make Adult Videos' which made me chuckle. Don't worry, I won't be making those kinds of adult videos any time soon. Honestly, you'd have to gouge your eyes out with rusty spoons if you were subjected to that kind of visual. 

A few of you have asked if there will be any more 'Sprinkle of Glitter' merch or projects (like the books, clothing lines, posters etc). The answer is YES. Deep down I will always 'Sprinkle of Glitter' and I'm happy to still be called it and have it beautifully emblazoned on things, I'm just being a more honest version and it feels more natural to start using my name, Louise Pentland, a bit more. 

My 2017 Diary is available to buy and you guys have been going gaga for it. Hooray!

I've loved seeing all your pictures and hearing how much you like it. Keep them coming! You can pick up your copy from all major supermarkets, bookshops or Amazon. Click HERE to get yours. I'm planning on talking about this a fair bit more in the future too so keep your eyes pealed for that! 

Less than a day after all the hub-bub about me not being the new youtube porn star (please get that, re the above para, don't be confused. I should stop this joke asap), I was back on the road (again, not in the 'adult' street worker sense, theatre darling, theatre) for my basically amazing theatre show, Louise LIVE. 

We toured 5 UK cities, I meet so many of you, I laughed a lot at my own jokes and, in one of the shoes, my shoes hurt so badly that my left big toe bled into my shoe- huzzah!!! One lovely lady called Lucy, wrote THIS review.

In all seriousness, aside from the blood-toe-shoe-fiasco, I bloody (no pun intended) LOVED this tour. We raised the age limit for the tickets (something I want to do again next year but even higher) and I felt so free. The content was aimed at women my age and the humour was a little more racey than I'd normally allow. I definitely want to develop this. If you didn't make it to the show but would like to watch it, the DVD (made by the BBC no less!) is available to pre-order on Amazon, HERE. 

Such a huge thank you to all the theatres that hosted me, the wonderful staff at each one, my amazing team who sold merch/handled tech/made everything run so beautifully and of course, huge thank you to all of you who came along and made the shows so full of buzz and zizz. Roll on 2017 for the next one!!

After such an intense few days (and actually, a pretty whirlwind summer), I was craving homey normality. I'm big on routine. It makes me feel safe and so having spent almost 2 months with little to no structure, Sunday was bliss. We went to church (where I snapped this adorable shot below of my Dad and Darcy), had a mini photoshoot outside (the first photo in this post was taken by Darcy!) and then, quite spontaneously hopped over to MuMu's for pizzas and giant milkshakes. I sent a text round to the gang (my local mummy friends) to ask them to lunch and in a wonderful stroke of luck, they were all free and up for it- this NEVER happens! Once you pass a certain age and/or push a human out your fanny, you can never ever get all your friends together at once without some sort of military style planning weeks in advance. 

And so, me, Darcy, my friends, their small humans and menfolk, sat and ate and laughed and sometimes a little bit shouted, 'Sit down! No you cannot have my phone! MIND YOUR DRINK', and it was brilliant. I felt so relaxed and like my roots are so deep where I am. 

If ever you're in Northampton, head to St Giles street and order a 'pimped milkshake'. You can thank me afterwards.

Monday was back to work normality and so I went to the world wide premiere of Bridget Jones Baby. Hahaha. I know, I sound like a real dick. Let me have my moment. <3 p="">

I've been Bridget's biggest fan since I first read my Auntie Jackie's battered old copy of the first book when I was 16. I felt like finally I was reading something that I related to. Bridget is charming and clumsy and compassionate and basically, my hero. So, the premiere was not something I was going to pass up. 

The film was fun, I laughed til I cried and cheered with joy at the end. I won't say anymore because I don't want to spoil it but really, go and watch it whilst it's in cinemas. I want to buy the soundtrack to it too. 

My dress to the premiere was from ASOS and felt amazing. What didn't feel amazing though was the beige fortress of control underwear I was wearing underneath. Honestly, you've not felt 'support' until you're wearing what is essentially a swimming costume of turgid beige fabric that sort of acts as a damn against all your fat. Taking it off in the toilets afterwards felt greater than I care to describe. 

Next day was the inevitable yearly panic of, 'oh my f*ck I haven't bought Darcy's plimsoles' and 'When did you grow 8 sizes out of your ballet kit?'. A day of shlepping round spending hundreds of pounds ensuring that everything on the list was ticked. Going to school these days is quite the feat. No more rocking up in your polo shirt and grey skirt with some shorts and tee-shirt in a bag for PE. Oh no. Get your judo kits ironed kids, it's September!!

Actually, aside from a little part of my soul dying as I spent £90 on smart shoes, plimpsoles and trainers, I loved the day so much. We mooched round Milton Keynes shopping centre and enjoyed everything it had to offer. I like to try and make shopping days as much fun as possible for Darcy so that she doesn't feel like she's being forced to walk round doing errands (which she is). We watched pennies whir round the charity thing that makes pennies look cool (descriptives on point), had lunch at Wagamama's (I have the regular katsu curry and she has the children's version and we like that we match), she coloured worksheets in kiddie corner, got all her wiggles out running in the open spaces and, my favourite bit, experimented with bath bombs in Lush. I was so impressed with the customer service and how much they made her feel like she was special and gave her that little experience. Also, I had a little shop so perhaps a haul soon would be good? 

A big week. I've loved it. 

Autumn feels like it's upon us and I'm glad. I'm finding my feet with routine again and throwing myself into work and motherhood after our summer of whimsy. 

Feel free to write an essay in the comments about your week, it's cathartic lemme tell you!!




  1. It's great to see you back and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the real Louise here and on YouTube :-)

    Nicola //

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  2. Looks like you've had an amazing week! Thanks for sharing these lovely bits of your life with us :)

    Akino //

  3. I have watched your vlogs off and on for a while but have never stopped by your blog. I love it! I have saved it and will for sure come back.

  4. Very cool. Sounds like a great change. :)

  5. Sounds like an action packed week! Gorgeous dress you choose for the red carpet really suits you.. Can't wait to see the new content you'll be doing soon xx

  6. Your new chapter sounds just perfect! I turn flirty and thirty this year and after a long time loving youtube and watching the same youtubers... I definitely noticed that I was outgrowing it, outgrowing them. Not that i'm not (in my opinion, ha!) a hoot... I was just after something else. And then you popped up and I feel like I have somewhere to go now... rather than just to my camera, making my own 'grown up' video's, talking about mum life and trying to capture it a way that I don't lose myself completely. Good for you lady x x x p.s. You looked smokin' on the red carpet x

  7. It's lovely to see such wonderful things happen in your week, and it seems that whether they are small or big moments... they're equally wonderful. I just wanted to say that you're like the Mother of YouTube in a fun and honest way. I have always loved watching you and reading your blog but I can't help but squeal for joy when you revealed this new chapter. My mum and I often speak about how wonderful you are and especially how cute Darcy is. After watching your recent youtube video, I'd also like to point out that Darcy has the best mother ever (apart from my own of course!) Honestly, Louise, she is incredibly lucky to have a sparkly bad-ass mummy that loves her very much and I don't think she could ever feel damaged by you- if anything, only inspired and blessed. Sending you lots of love from Scotland. Hattie x

  8. Love your skirt.


  9. It's always so lovely to see your posts Louise! The Bridget Jones premiere looked fab and I'm glad that you're being more 'yourself' in your videos! Always looking forward to more videos and blog posts!

    Have a great week :) x

  10. to be honest, this post has really lift my spirits and being encouraged to write an essay in the comments is encouraged so i feel that is what i just might do! my week couldn't have started off worse, with me going into my wonderful job at my favourite stationary store and being told I wasn't good enough and being fired. I was the one calling my boyfriend and sobbing hysterically afterwards, it was a nightmare. Upon reflection, I've realised that I really didn't deserve to lose my job and there was a lot of secrets between the managers that weren't being passed on to me and the people who worked there were ridiculously bitchy and horrible so whilst i'm heartbroken to have lost the job and my income that made being a student slightly easier, i'm glad to not be surrounded by nasty people anymore. With the rest of my week, I'm trying to make it brighter - one of my best friends came back from China for second year of uni and my birthday, I now have more time to work on my blog and youtube channels ( for links, if anyones interested! can't resist a bit of self promo) and i'm just trying to find things to keep me busy busy busy! I turn 20 on Sunday and sure, a lot of people will tell me I don't know life's real traumas and sadness but I really loved my job and the little life i made for myself over the summer but I'm now trying to turn this sadness into an opportunity - to go back to writing my book, planning videos and working on a short film with my bf. Sounds really silly, but this has been one of my saddest and lowest weeks emotionally for a long time so writing it all out here and reading about Louise's wonderful week and transition into a more comfortable online presence, i do actually feel quite a bit better! i hope everyone's having a brilliant week and can turn your sadness into opportunities xxx

    1. Wow, Sophie, I'm sorry you had to go through that. I don't know how to say something properly so I'm just going to give you the desired effect of what words are missing; 'please feel my support.' I love that you are able to think about it giving you an opportunity. I'll be excited to see what it turns into xxoBeka

  11. I'd absolutely love if you did an 18+ could do tickets that included cocktails and shots afterwards!

    Alicia x

  12. All I can say is I fucking love you louise, thanks for being real xxx

  13. You do spoil Darcy. ;p

  14. Louise I absolutely adore how you are going about this next chapter of your career. I have been watching you for years and it's so lovely to see the way you have matured! Your latest video (10 secrets) was great and I loved getting to know those things. Can't wait for all your new content.
    Holly x |

  15. I can't wait to see more of the "adult" side of Louise! I always loved seeing you out of your Sprinkle of Glitter element when showing up in other people's vlogs. It will be fun to see you as your true self.

  16. Some of my best memories with my mom are from when we did back to school shopping - I loved it! We made a girls day out of it, like it sounds you had with Darcy, and I never got bored of it. To this day we love to make excuses so we can at least go window shopping together! I'm sure Darcy is going to have some wonderful memories from all of your shopping trips with her :) I'm glad everyone has taken your decision about your blog and channel so well! Not that you need the approval, but I'm sure it's super reassuring to know that all of your viewers are just as happy as you are. I hope it continues to go smoothly!

    Kendra | Stnkrbug

  17. I love your necklace in the first photo! Sounds like a action packed week. Can't wait to witness your new chapter!

  18. Hi Louise! Firstly, lovely post. My week has been a little crazy - I'm a PhD student so my days are never what you would call 'normal' but this week I've gone from weighing 450 chickens on a farm (PhD problems - standard..) to submitting my first scientific paper for publication in a journal (eek!) to entering myself into a dressage competition for the first time in 10 years, to introducing my housemates to Bake Off. Sounds like yours has been a lot of fun too! Very much looking forward to a chilled weekend at home (I live away at uni).

    Whenever you post a photo/clip of your church it properly makes me smile - I went to a close friends wedding there last year where my (now fiancee!) was best man, and I had no idea it was your local church! We had folk dancing and a hog roast and it always feels kinda weird to know I've drank (perhaps a little too much..) wine and ran around in that very place without realising it!

    Looking forward to your next post! Toodles!

  19. I started school this week (on the 6th, my birthday) and it's been raining everyday. How lovely. I'm excited to get this semester done with and I'm living with THE best roommate (I mean, it's only been 4 days but she's great). I should probably go to target today. ;) I hope the next week is great for you!
    x KEnzie //

  20. Awww what a sweet post Louise! I'm happy that you're finally able to express yourself better and you're confident about all these changes. You are an inspiration. Plus, I have you and your blog to thank for allowing me to meet a cyber chummy. :) | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  21. Aaww I'm so glad you had such a great week! My week has been good too, my brother and sister had their 12th birthdays this week, I had my hair cut after about 3 years (minimum)and me plus the fam are going away to London this weekend to visit family which is SUPER EXCITING because I have never been to London but I have always wanted to go there (and possibly live there too. I loved your new main channel video Louise and I am looking forward to getting to know the real Louise through watching your videos.

  22. Looks like a crazy week (in a good way) - bless Darcy taking that picture - you have a future blogger on your hands!

  23. I am so pleased you got the support you deserve when making the change to your channel, my week hasn't been too snazzy to be honest, being 99% housebound isn't much fun but I had visits from friends, visits from family, spent time with my lovely man and my girls, watched the new series of Cold Feet which I am VERY happy is back and watched other things on tv with my family. I wrote some blog posts and edited blog photographs, replied to emails, tweeted a fair bit, uploaded to Instagram and made some medical appointments and made a hair appointment for Wednesday so next week sounds more fun than this week already! I hope next week is fun for you too and thank you for sharing your week with me it's nice to read what you've been up to. Take care and I hope next week brings fun and happiness for you and Darcy, lots of love, Zoe xx ps.I can't wait to see Bridget at the cinema :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  24. I'm so excited to see how your videos evolve, your channel has always been a favourite of mine to dip in and out of - it will be nice to have the more grown up stuff to relate to alongside your usual chatter.

    Good for you!

    Charlotte x
    Fox Socks

  25. WOOHOO You've been a busy lady! I'm so pleased for you and your channel/blog! It's actually made me really excited for all your new content! You've done so many amazing things so far and i can't wait to see all the new, fabulous, amazing, slightly more adult things you'll be doing! x

  26. I am so looking forward for what is to come on your channel and blog!♡

  27. I absolutely love posts like this! Your busy week sounds amazing! I'm so happy for you that you've decided to express more of yourself and I can't wait to see the blog posts and videos that brings! xxx

  28. Sounds like a wonderful week :) I'm really looking forward to seeing more "adult" content from you, as a 26 year old I find it very exciting x

  29. Really loved this post. And I'm really looking forward to all your new vids and the direction you are going in. So happy for you.

    Daisy xx

  30. What a great round up, loving the new style of content Louise!

    Mel ★

  31. Looks like you and Darcy had an amazing week! I went to New York last week (I sound like a dick too, so I see what you mean) which was part of my 21st birthday present. I came back on Wednesday and haven't slept since, even though I came back to uni today and have to be up early for work tomorrow, with it continuing over the whole weekend - it's a sleepover with the disabled youth I work with (it's with a charity, and I work for them looking after disabled young people, that sounded really weird at first glance!) and going to a show at London Fashion Week on Sunday, so won't be stopping until Monday morning - can't wait for my lie in!

    Hope everyone in the comments and you too Louise is having a great day, love your new videos! New York photos will be up soon if you want to see them :)

    Amy |

  32. Louise,

    I found Sprinkle of Glitter about two years ago, and I absolutely fell in love with your personality and videos. Your sense of humor is intelligent, endearing, and refreshing!

    I am SO glad that, as a late 20-something-year-old woman, I can now watch your channel and feel like the content is actually aimed toward my age range. I so admire the courage and honesty that it took to make this change.

    I'm really looking forward to what's coming next for Sprinkle of Glitter (and only wish I lived in the U.K. so I could see Louise LIVE!)


  33. Hi Louise,

    Firstly, and most importantly, this message comes from a place of loveliness - no offense is meant in any way at all. I think you are a very smart, funny and beautiful lady. I respect you and your lifestyle very much. You are an incredible parent and I think you are just a bit bloody lovely all round - which is why I am even broaching this subject with you. I genuinely really would love your thoughts.

    This is a bit of a random (and potentionally rather personal) line of questionning, with regards to your teeth.

    My name is Lucy, I have a beautiful little girl called Beatrice who is 4 and has just started school. She also has a gap in her teeth - a sizeable one at that. Now obviously it goes without saying that I love this gap of hers, she (like you) seems to rock it very well, but my mummy paranoias have started to kick in with regards to potential teasing etc.

    I just wondered if you remember whether your teeth were ever an issue for you? If so, how did you deal with it? Whether the gap you had when you were little was bigger than the one you have now? (i.e has it closed at all?!) And most importantly to me, hypothetically speaking - if your little glitter bug were to have a gap, would you prepare her in advance for any potential knobishness? Or would you just let it be and hope she goes through life unscathed by narrow mindedness etc? (I'm actually laughing that that is in fact a possibility at all?!?).

    I know you are uber busy but if you ever have a few free moments and you have any words of wisdom for this mama, I'd be beyond honoured to hear from you.

    Thank you for always being you...
    Much love, Lucy xxx

    Ps. I much prefer the grown up no holes barred Louise... #justsaying x

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