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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Beauty of Booth Pictures

With all this grey weather we are having at the moment, I thought we should have a bright and funky project to cheer us all up before the Christmas Panic sets in.
On a mundane outing to the shopping centre with Issobelle, to pick curtains for my recently decorated bedroom (hurrah), we stumbled across a photograph booth. "How very ordinary", I hear you cry! "They're everywhere nowadays", someone shouts from the back! Well no, no, no dear readers, this was the old kind of photo machine. That glorious kind where you could do four different poses and they come out in a strip, rather than a block. Oooooo I was excited! So, back to what happened!

Issobelle was drawn to the machine almost as much as I was and with £3 and a few minutes we had captured our exciting little discovery and were very pleased with the pocket sized results. We managed 3 out of 4 good pictures- not bad when you pop a four year old into the equation- and I banked them safely in my purse until I thought of something fun to do with them. That's were this project comes in..........

The first colourful step was to select a canvas and paint it. I selected a 5x7 acid free canvass board and used paint from the little 97p tester pots I mentioned in an earlier post. I selected "Purple Victoria". Mmmmm sumptuous! I left my vivacious victoria canvass to dry and set to work on the important task of selecting buttons to frame it.

I decided to go for all the bright but not garish (in my opinion) ones as I thought they would compliment my purpley colours.

Using regular kiddie friendly pva glue, I squidged the buttons down, making sure to push them over the edge (they were very stressed and couldn't hack it hahaha) slightly to disguise the straight edge of the canvass. I them arranged our magic photo booth pictures and using my very special glitter pen, doodled all round the pictures and wrote a little caption. Ahhh!
Last but not least was was to adhere a sunshine yellow ribbon (once again calling on my old trusty pva) to enable my to hang my vibrant piece of art.

I hope this inspires you to insert a little sunshine into your crafts and of course, keep your eyes peeled for fantastic photo booths!


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