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Sunday, 20 February 2011

FOTD- MAC at London Fashion Week

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Yesterday I was one VERY lucky lady. I was invited to an event hosted by MAC Cosmetics at London Fashion Week at Somerset House and had the most exciting day ever!

I'm going to talk about it in 2-3 posts because I want to tell you EVERYTHING so you feel like you were there too, but this one is just a quickie because I'm more tired than a sloth on sleeping pills.

At one point during the day, we were given the chance to have our makeup done by one of the makeup artists, in any look we wanted- yabbadabbadooo! Now, seeing as I have been in a bit of a rut lately, doing the same looks over and over, I asked the artist (Natasha from the Dublin store- a cosmetic genius) to do strong red lips, as this is something I have never had the nerve to do myself.

I seem to be totally incapable of taking decent pictures of my own face, so here are my shoddy attempts and at the bottom I'll tell you what Natasha used.

Ok, so I look a bit mental here but I was having a 'bleaugh moment' and forgot to smile/use my face at all hahaha. This was taken in the mirror of the MAC media booth (which by the way, was heaven. Actual heaven).

This is Natasha the Makeup Goddess. She gave me so many brilliant tips that I would never have thought of and I really feel excited about trying some new things out.

So, what did Natasha use to create this look?


Lip Pencil in Cherry
Lipstick in Red Russian
Clear Lipglass

I need to buy all of these the moment I have some mula! They are wonder products for sure!


NW25 Pro Long Wear Concealer
Medium Care Blend (not entirely sure what this is)
Fling Brow Pencil
Eyeliner- which I think was Fluidline but obviously I had my eyes shut! ahaha
Anndd I already had my own mascara on.

It was so fun having my makeup done by a professional and I'm looking forward to telling you all more about the day.

What do you think? Would you sport a red pout?




  1. Wow you look absolutely amazing! I'm a red lip fiend, I think it looks wonderful on everyone, so glamourous and classic :D She did a great job! And lucky lucky you!

  2. You always look so pretty, but this look is stunning. x x x

  3. Love the strong lips. I am a HUGE fan of red lips - you must pop over and see my Revlon Christmas lips :-)

    Lucky thing though to be invited to a MAC event xx

  4. That lipstick looks so amazing on you! Wish I could pull off red :( xx

  5. You look gorgeous here. I love Russian Red- it was the first red I bought but it's been a bit forgotten recently since I've added to my red collection. I'll have to pick up the Cherry lipliner xx

  6. Love this look, really like the lil flick on the eyeliner, very pretty indeed xx

  7. you can definately pull off a red lip, it looks gorgeous on you!
    i can't, although saying that i haven't tried to lol i just know i don't have the lips for it!
    maybe if i had it properly applied i might change my mind?! hmmm xx

  8. You looks lovely and the red lips and black eyeliner! It really suits you! x

  9. love this look is looks great on you!! its always fun switching things up and trying something different xx

  10. Hehe at the first picture, you look gorgeous with red lips! :) xx

  11. wow you lucky thing! Sounds amazing, and I love the Red lips on you. It's great to try something different.


  12. Wow you look utterly stunning, like on of those classic movies star beauties from the 50's! loving it xx :o)

  13. This is absolutely gorgeous! Very professionally done!

  14. Looks so polished and classic. I love that this is such a simple look that can easily be recreated. You look stunning!

  15. You look fabby! I love it. Hopeing you'll share some of the tips you picked up?! x

  16. Louise, you are so fucking gorgeous, i just want to lick your face!!! xxxxxx

  17. Woo you lucky ducky! You can really pull off a red lip! xxx


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