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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

'Hello there Mr Butterfly, how nice of you to flutter by'

Aloha Bloggerinos,

A few days ago I was contacted by new and upcoming jewellery designer who asked if I would like to see some of her work. I had a look on her website, chatted to her about her inspirations and materials and felt it was something that you snazzy Bloggerinos would definitely be interested in.

Lucy of has designed a whole host of items from bridal bodices to bracelets and hand makes them all using machine embroidery, swarovski crystals, glass beads and pearls.

Lucy takes her inspiration from looking at historic wedding garments and enjoys to base ideas on paisley patterns, bees, hearts and flowers.

I was kindly sent a butterfly hair clip that I think is very well made and a lot of time and talent has clearly gone into it. It's purple with a green iridescent shimmer and is adorned with purple sparkly threading detail, tiny black beads and gorgeous sequins. I also like that is has a bit of movement to it, in that the wire has been manipulated to make it a bit more 3D, rather than being flat as a pancake.

A very well crafted piece that I am glad to add to my collection and urge you to go and have a look at her WEBSITE, not just to see what pretty and unique pieces you could pick up, but also because I think it's great to support young British designers rather than always lining the pockets of bigger corporations (although I am guilty of this too! haha).

Have you had a look? What did you think?

Also, I have uploaded a new Curvy Girl OOTD on YouTube, which you can view HERE.




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Sprinkleofglitter xxx

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