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Monday 1 August 2011

Glitterbits with Bitsandclips

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm sure some of you will already know but I've made a new friend of late. I want to tell you about her.

A few months ago, in one of my YouTube videos, I mentioned a little secret island I have in my head, where I give everyone I know roles and it's a utopia with houses made of pink scallop shells and chimneys that puff out pearls. Yes, it's mental, but that's the beauty of imagination.

Anyway, one lady, sitting in her house on the other side of the ocean was watching. Marie a 20something Mummy from America and she too has an imaginary land! Marie contacted me about our made up playlands and we instantly hit it off. 

(These sprinkles came in my Glitterbits package and I keep finding them all over my house. There was even one in Baby Glitter's nappy!!!)

In the last few months we have chatted via email, facebook (she is Marie Bitsandclips if you want to add her), YT videos (her channel) and finally, spent brilliant hours talking via skype. 

Obviously I love talking with all of you and try my best to keep up good communications but something about Marie (hahaha I'm thinking of that film now) has just clicked and I think she is a bloomin' hoot! 

I think she has some really interesting things to say, a really wonderful outlook on life, a gorgeous family, a great sense of humour and all in all I just luurrvvee her! I love that writing this blog and having my YT channel has allowed me to be involved in such a brilliant community and enabled me to make real friends with people I would normally had never even have know existed. What a perk of the 'job'!

I don't know if you have had a chance to look but I actually made a couple of videos on my YT channel about a bit of a game we did recently. We decided to send each other packages of goodies and Marie totally put me to shame (that sneaky so and so!) and we filmed ourselves opening them- my video was cut into 2 parts because it was 40 minutes long hahah!

So really, I'm not writing this post to say "go look at my video", that's entirely your call, but I am asking that you go check out Marie, or at least friend request her on facebook, because she will bring a ray of sunshine into your life, and who doesn't want that?



PS- For the record, Marie doesn't know I'm writing this and hasn't asked for promotion and all that caper. I just wanted to share one of the joys of this great community with you all :) 

PPS- I don't think this is particularly well written, it's late and I have my tired eyes in. I just wanted to pop my little 'I Heart Marie' message out there. Plenty of beauty and life posts to come!



  1. I found Marie through you Louise a few months ago now and I think she is a wonderful woman, love her attitude how shes so positive, shes an amazing mum love her little family they seem to have so much fun. I totally fell in love with her, like I did with you many moons ago now. I was almost crying along with you on your open the glitterbits vid. So here is my "I heart Louise and Marie" comment :) x x x

  2. I absolutely adore both of you girlies. Actually, make that all 4 of you (inc Cerri and Zoe!). I found your videos by chance one day Louise, and your personality was infectious! I was hooked, and I often sit down at the end of a stressful or pooey day, and just watch a few of your vids (eek, sounds creepy, but I'm not, honest!). So naturally, of course, I had a gander at your chums videos, and I am pleased I did. You all have such a positive, kind, and humorous outlook on life and it's so refreshing to have such down to earth, genuine ladies sharing with us, without giving off some hoity toity 'I'm better than all of you' vibe that some people tend to give off once they become popular on Youtube. Ok, I'm waffling now...but seriously, please keep on sharing, it makes us girls who don't have such great mates, feel comforted and happy that we can be a part of your worlds, even if it's just for a little bit :0) x (p.s. The ending of your Glitterbits vid made me tear up a good way of course!) xx

  3. i loved your yt video of receiving Marie's package! It was so funny and such a pleasure to watch! She is just the same as you, i love her channel! xx

  4. I watched your video earlier on, it made me cry when you did too it was so sweet the amount of effort you both put it. I think its great that you have made friends. I always look at you and Zoe too and think that just because of blogging you two have become friends, its so great who you meet people. Thats what I'm hoping to do with my blog I have started, I really want to get to know people like me (and the complete opposite to me heh) Great idea and it has really pushed me on to start talking to other bloggers more, thanks xxx

  5. you are a god friend to write a whole post about some one just because they are amazing

  6. Isn't it fun finding new friends?! I've had online friends from all over-Canada, Britain, and various states in America. Some I've managed to stay in contact with for over 12 years! We have done book exchanges, sent sweets we wouldn't otherwise find (I discovered Tim Tams when a sweet Australian friend sent some over! yum!), and "gag gifts!" Its really neat when you find someone who you just click with, even if you've never met in person.

  7. I SAW YOUR VIDEO WOOP WOOOOOOP! Ohhh Louise your friend must love you so much, it was so sweet of her to take the time and wrap so beautiful presents in such gorgeous wrapping papers!


  8. The videos were so funny to watch, I even got a little bit teary with you at the end! :) Oodles of love to you and baby glitter xx

  9. The videos were so funny, especially with all that glitter! I've just started a blog and i hope i meet some amazing people like you have with marie and zoe. x

  10. I found Marie through you and she is lovely, Beeble is gorgeous and Marie has a lovely out look on life, she is so happy and that shines through on screen too, so I agree with you totally and Marie deserves the I heart Marie :) I also think you deserve an I heart Louise, the day I came across your channel was fab, me and Lissy spent hours watching your video's and we laughed til we cried, I know I've said it a gazillion of times but you really made a difference to me and my little life esp when it's being silly and causing me pain, and it's lovely what you have done for Lissy too I will always be grateful for that, and never forget, neither will she. It's so nice that you found Marie and you hit it off, you are both lovely people with huge hearts and it is so kind of you to share some of yourselves with people like me. Thank you so much to you, just for being you xxxxxxx ps big hugs to you and Darcy and send some to Marie for me too :) xxxx

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hi Louise! I just wanted to congratulate you on reaching 3,000 followers!! Actually while I was writing you've gained a few more! Your blog is absolutely amazing and I hope you feel so very proud :)

    P.S. those Disney Land sprinkles are awesome!!

  13. You and Marie are so alike! I wonder if I have a "twin" somewhere across the pond too? LOL Such a funny video :)

  14. I watched your video about this on youtube! It was amazing!! Loved it!! And babyglitter was gorgeous as always! :) x x

  15. Hello all! I started to write a thank you to Louise for this post but I have many more things to thank her for. So, it's time for a poem. Gather round kiddo's and pop a squat (as in sit, not poop).

    Thank you, Louise's mummy for making little Lou.
    So many of us adore her and that's much thanks to you.
    Thank you, internet technology for giving us a peek
    Into Louiseland and brightening the week.
    Thank you, bloggerinos for sticking right there with her,
    So that she can continue to spinkle us with glitter!

    *takes bow*

    Ummmm, whoops I spose I thanked everyone BUT Louise. THANK YOU LOU FOR BEING YOU! (still rhymed, it counts!)

    xxx Marie

  16. Hello, I follow your blog, youtube and twitter and I just wanted to tell you want an idol you are! I have been reading a lot of different blogs and watching beauty videos for a while now and yours are always the ones that put a smile on my face. You seem so down to earth and really seem human. You are the person who made me think I'm capable to create my own blog. I really hope you read this comment because you seem such a honest kind person, thank you.xx

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