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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Baby Shower 'Essentials' Kit

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Since putting on my magic Mummy cloak over a year ago now, I have found myself answering quite a lot of queries regarding what to buy for a friend/colleague/relative with a bump, and thought that I would impart my humble advise upon you all.

One of my lovely Sister-In-Law's (Helen) is currently pregnant with her first tiny human, and due this summer. I decided that I would put a little effort into her gift  and make her something I know I would have loved when I was expecting.

It is a great big box, jam packed with all the boring yet oh-so-handy bits that you just don't want to run out and buy when you have a 3 week old infant, sick in your hair and severe sleep deprivation. Do I paint a pretty picture of the early days? Haha.

I know that so many other people will buy cutesie outfits, ornaments and booties, that I wanted to offer her something practical but dress it up beautifully- hence the packaging!

So, my box includes:

Stacking Cups
Baby Sponges
A Bottle Brush
Teething Rings
Hairbrush & Comb Set
Disposable Change Mats
A Cute Tiny Lion Toys
Big Bunch of White Socks
Scratch Mits
Cotton Wool Oval Pads
A Swwweeeettt Onsie (I caved!)
Short Sleeved Vests
Socket Covers
Muslin Squares
Bath Thermometer
Avent Milk Powder Dispenser
Scissors and Nail Clippers
White Bibs

Alternatively, if you are looking to spend a little less, I found this cuu-uuuuuttteeeeee Mummy Survival Kit for under a fiver! Bargain!!

If you'd like to see a picture that was taken of me on the day of my very own baby shower, HERE it is! Ahhh, I almost miss having a bump!

Do you have any top tips for Baby Shower Gifts?




  1. I would add: maternity pads, baby shampoo, baby wash, baby bubble bath, sudocrem, baby oil, sterilising wipes, baby thermometer to a "baby kit" type thing. All boring, but all things you wouldn't've thought have to get yourself.

    Also, just a little note: Lots of food and snacks are the best thing to give new parents in the first few weeks; you're so tired and absorbed in the new baby, you often forget to feed yourselves!

  2. I have no pregnant friends/friends with babies and I still read this. Lol. I'm off to Google what stacking cups are ;)
    Love your posts + Youtube.
    Livvy ( xx

  3. Aw i had my shower yesterday! This would be SO helpful actually, I didnt get a little gift like this but I'm definitely going to make a list with it all and get these baby bits!! xoxo

  4. Awww this is such a lovely post :)

    and the Mummy Survival Kit is such a sweet idea :)

    Will definitely purchase for my sister in law


  5. Aww, such a lovely idea!
    I would have loved something like this for my first. My second is on the way, I may have to drop hints ;)

    My friend is due 3 weeks before me so I may make her a little hamper myself after reading this :) xx

  6. another helpful thing: tiny baby sized clothes (just in case). No one guessed that my baby would've been so small, so he didn't have any clothes small enough.

  7. Idid this for my friend when she had her baby. She is not, shall we say, proud, so I started picking up little outfits from charity shops for her of all different ages (luckily I knew what she was having) I also put in things like nappies, bibs, baby oil, baby bath, moisturiser, and even infacol. I also put in a baby's first book (think it was the peep-po one) and put everything in a big plastic storage container, which she said was one of the most useful things I actually gave her!
    I did buy her one nice special outfit as a present as well, but her other half spent ages going through the box and taking everything out - he was well chuffed!

  8. Such a thoughtful, put-together gift! Well done!

  9. So, cute and thoughtful it would have been easier just to buy an outfit, but this requires a lot more care and thought.

  10. I have one of my best friends baby shower on friday :) this will be the 3rd baby shower I have been to & I have to say it really does make you want to have a baby lol , I normally buy the baby a little gift & the mummy to be a few bits . This time iv bought more baby stuff like shampoo & wipes. I did give in & bought a little outfit because a baby can never have to many clothes xx

  11. That's such a thoughtful gift, I'm sure she'll absolutely love it!

    You've obviously put so much effort into it, she'll appreciate it no doubt!

    :Love, Elizabeth xx

  12. Thanks so much for this post! It is so helpful! Now I know exactly what to get my God mother when she has her baby shower! Such a well thought of gift! I bet she'll be chuffed :D
    Love Jess xxx

  13. Could also include breast pads and lansinoh - essential for a breastfeeding mummy - but I am assuming this is a bottle feeding mummy present xxx

  14. Now I really want someone that I know to get pregnant, so I can give them something cute and thoughtful like this :)
    xx -B

  15. I'd just love to say, ILOVEYOU,YOURBABY+YOURBLOG! You have taught me sooo much and I wonder how I got through all my blogging days without reading any of your stuff! I sit in my bedroom and watch your videos with Zoella, you're both gorgeous by the way! But yeah I've seen loadssss of your stuff so much so that I spend most of my time watching your videos now! I really admire you, so thanks for all this!

    Nina xoxox

  16. That's so cute! Making hampers for mummys-to-be with all the "boring" stuff is always perfect and most appreciated. I've always made hamper for friends and family and it's so much more personal.
    Clo xox


  17. Your like supermum!
    This post has been suuuuch a help cos it seems like everyone I know is having a baby now! And I'd rather get them something they'd actually put to use!
    Thank you! :) x

  18. Omy goodness Louise! :D thank god you posted this! My best friend is having her first baby this week, well meant to have been born yday so this is a brilliant idea to get her - just to help her out :D

    thank you so much for this :D


  19. These are so useful! Although useful it's still personal and a lovely gift! Thanks so so much for this post!

  20. This came at the perfect time! my brother and his girlfriend are expecting theirs on the 27th of september, her sister is expecting for 17th of september, my cousin may, her's is due on the 17th of september and my mu friend pa is some time in ocotber! better get buying then1 thanks for all your help xx

  21. One of my friends did something similar for me but she also included some chocolate and I loved it!

  22. i have never been to a baby shower but will keep this post in mind if i get invited to one xx


  23. This is a great assortment of items for a baby shower gift :) I don't know of anyone expecting, but a lot of my friends will be getting to that age where they're likely to be having kids soon, so I'll keep this in mind!

  24. too cute awee babies gotta love um

  25. What a lovely present! Great helpful post

  26. Look how glowy you were when you were pregnant! I looked terrible, like all the life was being sucked out of me. I'm quite jealous ;)

    My sister in law bought me a great big box full of things like talc, nappy rash cream, baby oil, shampoo and bubble bath. It really helped xx

  27. That's a lovely present. Reading your blog always makes me broody! Uh oooh

  28. My best friend has just found out she is pregnant and I didn't want to buy her the same as lots of other people as wanted to get her something thoughtful. Brilliant idea! x

  29. I just had my second baby boy (must be mad ha ha). My step Mum did a baby toiletries box for me with more wipes, creams and essentials than you can imagine. Best gift ever FACT. She even covered the box with cute fabric so it can be used as storage in his room.
    Other ideas/stuff I used were disposable bibs and an eye mask. Both a God send in the hospital. The bibs take up less room in the bag and who can sleep with all those lights in the hospital?
    Will stop rambling now great blog have just started following :-D

  30. Thanks for this! Friends just found out she's pregnant, and wanted to get something original! :) thanks louise! x

  31. Out of all my gifts, i appreaciated my box of goodies that i was given the most.. more thought goes into it and like you say.. in those first few days you dont want to be running out for the bits you've forgot.. no matter how much you want to show off your little baba!!

    I know what you mean too. Im 3 weeks post pregnancy and miss my bump and the little one wiggling about already..having him here is obviously better but still x

  32. I love this post such a great idea! I recently had my baby shower and didn't get anything like this. Not that I'm horrible and ungrateful i got some amazing gifts which I'm in love with BUT this is such a practical and thoughtful gift, its something I will definitely put together for a friend!!

    Kay xxx

    Ps See my babyshower on :)

  33. A box full of joyful gifts for the tiny one! :) Great gift ideas. Thanks.

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    I loved your blog

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  36. I think you should include non contact forehead thermometer.

  37. I think you should include non contact forehead thermometer. I got mine from


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