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Friday, 14 January 2011

London IMATS- Will You Be There?

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Remember in this post HERE I said I was hoping to go to the London IMATS but had to see if the nice PR Lady would let me bring my chum (8 months pregnant + driving yourself to London = No Thanks). Weeelllll, she did!! Thank You Soooo Much Melissa!!

I'm beyond excited! We're going on the Sunday and I am uber excited to go to the talk with Lauren Luke aka Panacea81 in (I luurvvee her!) and stock up on a few little treats.

Also, I really really really hope to meet some of you there. If you see me, puurrrlleeaasee will you come and say hi? You won't be able to miss me, waddling about and looking like I'm about to give birth!

Are you going? What's on your shopping list?




  1. I really wish I was but I'm so broke so it's a no from me, have a great time and post all about it when you're back! xxx

  2. I'm gutted I can't be there, after missing it last year and promising to myself I'd go this year, I can't.

    I am travelling to India though so meh. IMATS will have to wait til 2012.

  3. So gutted I can't go, I have exams all that week - sigh!
    Definately going next year though :)


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