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Saturday, 15 January 2011

January Skies NOTD

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I haven't worn any nail varnish in an absolute age because my Step Mother told me it's not good to when you're pregnant as chemicals can get into your bloodstream and through to your baby.

Mmmmm I'm not saying this isn't true but it's not something I have really ever heard before, so in a nutshell, I decided not to sweat the small stuff and give my fingers a little treat- it's very important to feel glamorous when you're the size of a beached whale, waddling when you walk and scared to sneeze in case you wee yourself! (NB- I'm not incontinent but I fear it dagnamit, ffeeaarrr it!)

I put this on yesterday and it was the first day in a long time I'd seen blue skies so took that as my 'muse'- oh lala. I used Eyeko Pastel Polish which is a creamy pale blue 'shot with irridenscant shimmer' (although I didn't think it was very glimmery, just shiny- a good thing I thought) and then to add some extra sparkle (you all know my love for a sprinkle of glitter after all) I swiped on one thin layer of China Glaze Stellar, which is a champagne colour glitter.

 (That's right, I totally chose this pic to show off my wedding and engagement rings! As you can see, I'm not manicurist, I just paint-n-go! Haha)
I went on the Eyeko Website (HERE) to check something and saw that this scrummy blue polish is currently being sold at 20% off in a gorgeous limited edition set of 3- blue, mint and lilac- swoon! If you do decide to treat yourself to a January 'pick up' (who doesn't need plenty of little treats in January??), then use my Ambassador Code (E11341) at the checkout and they'll send you a free gift- woop!
Do you likey likey? It really does remind me of January, perhaps I'll make this my January tradition.



ps- As I typed this baby dans la tummy (or 'Baby Glitter' as a Bloggerino referred to her as the other day- love it!) has kicked non stop. Do you think she wants me to buy the polish set maybe? Hahaha!


  1. Very pretty colours! I love Eyeko polishes.
    I think if Baby Glitter wants you to get the polish set you should! :)

  2. Hey hun,
    Feel really privileged that your using the wee nickname for your bambino, so pleased for you! :D I'm totally babies on the brain just now as my sister in law is pregnant (due any day now eeeeeeek!) so excited for there to be a wee baby in our house soon!! Love hearing about how you're getting on :)
    P.s I never get to name anything!

  3. Yep, I really think she does, she's obviously a fan :) This is a stunning combo, I really like it. I love your engagement ring by the way, it's so pretty xx

  4. Suuuper cute!!!! I had the sneezing-and-weeing problem all the time when I was preggers. LOL TMI I know, but you wont be the only one! Plus its not like a tsunami-wave of wee, just a little piddle, hahahaaha!!!!

  5. love this colour combo! looks really pretty xx


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