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Thursday, 20 January 2011

MAC Peacocky

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As I'm sure you may have heard on the beauty grapevine, MAC are launching a new collection- Peacocky!! I don't blog about new collections for the sake of it but this could not be missed- I BLOOMIN' WELL LOVE LOVE LOOOVVVVEEEE PEACOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I caplocked and did a zillion exclaimation marks because I'm just so EXCITED! *deep breaths, calm down, pant pant*

I have had these images -courtesy of MAC Cosmetics- from the nice MAC PR Lady for a while now but asked to hang fire and it's been hard I tell ya!

Anyhoo, here they are! I love that the packaging is the same as the usual (I'm not a fan of the wacky out there stuff sometimes) sophisticated MAC range and that the colours are so wearable. I'm not entirely sure how you would incorporate the blue lipgloss into your look but I'm sure some of you talented Bloggerinos will.

Naturally, the MAC Press Pack is somewhat more eloquent than I will ever be, so here's what they had to say for themselves:

Arrogance or elegance? The showy display, the undeniably sexual spectacle, the

iridescent irreverence…it’s awe-inspiring. We fetishise the exotic peacock as a

symbol of extreme beauty, an act of elaborate nature, raging against everything

simplistic. Peacocky fans out in a foray of intense colour for Lips and Eyes, exotic

and sophisticated with a touch of ‘30s F. Scott Fitzgerald glamour and mesmerising

metallic sheen. New Kissable Lipcolour combines full flash with creamy comfort.

It’s molten, with elastomer technology that imparts a velvety, aerated feel without

sacrificing shine. Light as a feather. Mega Metal Shadow gleams like chrome, with

light-reflecting properties – yet creamy, crease-resistant, vitamin-fortified flexibility.

Dramatic doesn’t even begin to describe the girl who knows she’s Peacocky.
Kissable Lipcolour*

Enchantée Light blue pink

Woo Me Light pinky nude

So Vain Muted dirty coral

Vanity Fair Mid-tone blue pink

Exxxhibitionist Red-toned coral

Strut Your Stuff Bright true red

Scandelicious Blue fuchsia

Peacocky Sky blue with red pearl

Super Muted neutral brown

Temper Tantra Mid-tone reddish brown

Flaunting It Grey mauve

Love Peck Blackened blood red

RRP: £16.00 / EURO 20.00

Mega Metal Shadow*

Peek-at-You Frosted yellow white

Dalliance Light champagne

Prance Frosted mauve pearl

Top of the Posh Frosted white pink

Tweet Me Gold bronze

Mating Call Dirty frosted violet

Odalisque Deep teal

Sexpectations Metallic burgundy

Paparazz-she Deep copper bronze

Ego Forest green

Noir Plum True purple with silver pearl

Dandizette Navy with silver pearl

Spectacle of Yourself Deep bronze

Centre Stage Frosted chocolate brown

Unflappable Frosted black with purple pearl

RRP: £15.50 / EURO 19.00
This pretty perfect peacock range comes out next month- I cannae wait :)
Is there anything you have you're beady peacock eyes on? Did any observant Bloggerinos notice my peacock colour scheme? Very special.


  1. Im so excited! What a great post, Im not sure how you have keep control of the excitement!

    I will be heading in store to see, the colours hands on, then I will make my pick xx

  2. I haven't been this excited about a collection since the Chill collection! I want about 10 of the eye shadows...whittling them down is not going to be easy!

  3. im definately eyeing up a lipgloss! xx

  4. wow the blue lipgloss looks like it could be fun!!!

  5. Looks beautiful! I loooove these kind of gorgeous jewel colours! Will have to save some pennies! xxx

  6. Some of those eye shadows look amazing! I hope I have pennies to buy them next month!

    Sophie @


  7. OMG tooooo excited for this!!!!! I love peacocks too. AMAZINGGGGG xxx

  8. So excited! This seems to be my kind of collection

  9. I love peacocks too, a whole heap. Think this might be one MAC collection I look into!


  10. I can't wait for this collection :)
    I lvoe the look of most of it!! x


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Sprinkleofglitter xxx

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