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Sunday 1 May 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Sigma Brushes - Synthetic Face Kit

Aloha Bloggerinos,
About a month ago, I was sent the Sigma Synthetic Face Kit of brushes which promises flawless makeup application without absorbing too much product into the special 'sigmax' brush filaments.
Well oh me oh my these brushes do not disappoint!

It was actually excellent timing that these popped through my letterbox because I have recently been having a bit of a stress with foundation application. I use MAC Studio Sculpt (in NW15 in case you're interested) and I used to apply it with a regular foundation brush (Avon or GOSH being my brand of choice) and noticed that the application was becoming really streaky.

I tried washing the brushes more regularly, thinking the issue was product build up in the brush fibres but this only relieved the situation for the short term.

Then, whilst at the MAC London Fashion Week earlier in the year, I had a fabulous mini makeover and rather than sweep on my foundation with a foundation brush, she literally buffed it into the skin with a kabuki styled brush and the result was sensational, even if I do say so myself.

The Synthetic Face Kit comprises of 3 fabulous brushes- F80 Flat Top Kabuki, F82 Round Top Kabuki and F84 Angled Top Kabuki.

I think I have had the most use out of the Round and Angled Top Kabuki brushes. I use the Round Top to buff in liquid foundation and it works like a dream. My skin literally looks airbrushed. I will NEVER go back to a regular foundation brush. Ever.

I use the Angled Top brush to contour bronzers and highlighters and I love all the effects you can get from it. The fibres don't pick up too much powder and so I can build up the coverage to suit and no longer have the oh-gawwdd-too-much-brown-on-my-face-I-look-like-a-street-walker effect, which is always a winner in my books.

I love that these brushes have chunky short handles and fit into my travel makeup bag. I've washed them a good few times and there is no shedding and they come up good as new. Also, they come with little plastic brush guards which is something I really like, they protect the brushes from yuk and also keep the shape well. Woop.

All in all I am REALLY impressed with this set and they are a much loved addition to my brush collection.

To have a look at these and loads of other gorgeously tempting kits, click on the big Sigma link on the left of my blog or click HERE and have a nosey round- you won't regret it!




  1. I have the F80 and is my absolute favorite brush!

    Great review Louise, I love your your blog so much!

    I hope you and Baby Glitter are doing phenomenal!

  2. Never used brushes when putting on my foundation before, so this I must try! xx :o)

  3. Hm i always use the boots brand foundation brush and kabuki brush works like a charm for me but you've REALLY tempted me with these now :o

  4. Can wait to buy my someday! Love how they looK!

  5. Another great review, I love your reviews, so informative. These will be mine one day! :) x

  6. These sound great! I have one expensive powder brush for my foundation and it made such a difference compared tot a crummy cheap one I was using. It's amazing how the brush can make such a difference! I would love to have a set of these brushes, when someone gives me a big pot of money :)

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