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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

*CLOSED* Sterling Silver Birds Giveaway *CLOSED*

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Not too long ago, whilst cruising round in my imaginary virtual convertible (it's a mauve 1950's Cadillac with pink and gold sparkles in case your interested), I stumbled across the most charming little etsy store called Ivory Cove and instantly fell in love.

I was so intrigued by all the gorgeous pieces because they were unlike anything I had seen in highstreet stores and proper jewellery shops that I felt compelled to know more. Now I know that's a little odd, but I have a thing. I have a deep love for handcrafted items, no matter what they are. My Mum used to run craft fairs and make pressed flower arrangements and so I grew up around craftyness. I have seen how much love and hard work craftspeople put into their things and therefore I value the item so much more.

So, I decided to contact the shop owner and ask her a little bit about Ivory Cove on the planning that I would then do a little feature of the cool shop on here. Well, once we got to chatting, Taryn (Ivory Cove's Creator) said I could actually have one of the lovely pieces of jewellery to show all you lovely Bloggerinos! Yowzas! 

Taryn used to make beautiful pieces of jewellery for herself and as someone who (like me) is a lover of all things creative, she decided to set up an etsy store to share her passion and make a few extra pennies. Currently she is a working part time as an Accounting Clerk, is also studying, is also a loving wife and is alllsssooo up to the eyeballs with orders for Ivory Cove. She is one busy lady!!

I'm so glad she finds time to make these lovely things because the birdy nest is uber cute and features throughout the store in silver and gold, on necklaces (like mine above), earrings and also rings. I've got my eye on the matching ring to this I think!

I've worn the necklace practically every day since receiving it which is quite unlike me as I like to mix things up every day, but I absolutely adore it, it's so unique and I've had LOADS of compliments on it too *smiles*. What was quite unusual though is that I had compliments on it from such a wide spectrum of people with different ages, tastes and even genders! I think this means this necklace would make a fantastic gift for someone.

It doesn't feel flimsy, doesn't turn my neck green, hasn't faded or broken (even when Baby Glitter tries to pull on it- naughty little glitterbug!) and looks great on my natural pale skin or with a fake tan. What more could you ask for? I think it helps that Taryn uses genuine precious metals because you really can tell it is high quality and not cheapy feeling at all.

I really hope Ivory Cove takes off and becomes a huuuggee success so that Taryn can devote all of her time to it and make more gorgeous blingy birdy treats for us all!

To say Thank You for checking out Ivory Cove, Taryn has very kindly offered you all the chance to win one of these amazing sterling silver necklaces too- Yippeeee!!

To enter is simple:

1. Hop on over to Ivory Cove and have a gander and the lovelies. With every item there is a Facebook 'Like' or Tweet button. All you have to do is Facebook 'Like' your favourite items. 

2. Pop a comment below to let me know you have 'liked' something and what it was/what they were (I'd be surprised if you only like one thing!

3. One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday the 1st of June and you will be contacted to arrange your beautiful prize. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SO WE CAN CONTACT YOU.

This contest is open internationally. You don't have to be a follower of my bloggypops but I would love it if you were :)

Good Luck Bloggerinos! Happy Browsing!




  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. I love this necklace its lovely :) I love bird related jewellery going to have to check out the shop X

  3. it's impossible to choose - everything is gorgeous :)
    I've liked the purple gemstone grapevine sterling silver necklace!! x

  4. These are so beautiful! I found it difficult to pick! I ended up 'liking' this one.
    Thanks for this chance!

  5. Beautiful items!
    I liked the Sterling Silver Seahorse Necklace and the Sterling Silver Mama Bird & Nest of Four Necklace :)

  6. I like the - CUSTOMIZE - Sterling Silver Bangle w/ Charm, Gemstone & Pearl

  7. I've liked the sterling silver leaf necklace, I loveeeee leaves! and you're right, this jewellery is gorgeous!! Thanks Lou :)

  8. Wow these are just beautiful! I like so many things! The angel wings necklace and the moma bird and nest necklace are just wonderful! My e-mail is

  9. Ohhhh... this necklace is divine! Yes please! :)

    I went to the Ivory Coast site (so many lovely pieces!) and it didn't have a "like" option for this necklace and I unfortunately I don't tweet, but I'd still like to be considered please! My email is

    Lovely blog. New follower here x

  10. Hey there, thanks for the giveaway.
    I love the 'Golden Key, 14k Gold-Filled Necklace'

  11. Argh so many nice things to choose from!

    I liked this:



  12. Hi Louise

    I liked: The sterling silver cupid earrings, The fine silver disc and pearl earrings,The lotus flower earrings, The lotus flower necklace, The blue quartz opalite gemstone chain earrings, The sterling silver bangle with charm and The pair of silver wings lariat necklace. Quite a few things!! The jewellery is lovely, I really liked the necklace with the angel wings on it, I have a couple of pairs of angel wing earrings, my best friend died of cancer in 2007 and she is my angel and the angel wings always remind me of her :) Thank you for telling us about these lovely things, I will keep my eye on this website from now on :)

    Take care lots of love to you and Baby Glitter xxxx

  13. hey :) i liked the :

    Sterling Silver Mama Bird & Nest of Four Necklace, Opalite Gemstone, Sterling Silver Lariat Necklace,Precious Gemstone Rainbow Bundle, Sterling Silver Necklace, Large Golden Key & XL Blue Chalcedony Gemstone, 14k Gold-Filled Lariat Necklace, Golden Lily Flower & Gemstone, 14k Gold-Filled Lariat Necklace, Golden Robin Nest Trio, 14k Gold-Filled Necklace, Sterling Silver Bangle w/ Charm, Gemstone & Pearl, Golden Mama Bird & Pearl Bird Nest, 14k Gold-Filled Bracelet, Sterling Silver Easter Bunny & Pastel Gemstone Eggs, Bracelet / Anklet and the Little Rabbit, Sterling Silver Necklace :)
    Thankyou the jewellery is gorgeous!!!
    lots of love x

  14. I liked the 'Pastel Gemstone Bird Nests, Sterling Silver Earrings' and various other items
    my email is


  15. I liked the 'Sterling Silver Mama Bird & Nest Necklace' its soo cuuutttee!! lovely jewellery on her etsy store :)
    my email is
    fanx Louise :) xx

  16. hiya louise,

    I liked this one -

    the double lock and key, gorgeous! Looks like tiffany.


  17. hey louise!
    i liked this one

    how cute is that! so simple but it's sooooo pretty!

    all the best to you and baby glitter!
    fanx ;)
    sarah. xxx


  18. I like the Erin's Tiffany-Blue Gemstone Bird Nest, Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace, its stunning!!

  19. I liked the earrings which matched the bird necklace, as i am obsessed with bird accessories!:D <3 xxx

    My email is :

  20. love this one!

    they're really unusual and very pretty! Hannah xxxx

  21. Hey :)
    I like;
    -Pearl Bird, Sterling Silver Tree Frame Necklace,
    -Sterling Silver Birdhouse & Blue Quartz Gemstone Lariat Necklace
    -Sterling Silver Seahorse Necklace
    & Sterling Silver Lock and Key, Double Chain Necklace.
    They're all so pretty though!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I've actually liked this necklace for some time.. I saw it on Etsy and thought the birds nest was adorable and would look cute for an informal wedding ceremony. I also liked the blue feather gemstone and the version of this necklace with pearls. :)

  24. That necklace is lovely! I went on the website and I love the 'Golden Sparrow & Coin Pearl, 14k Gold-Filled Bracelet' its so cute and quirky! Everything is so lovely though <3

  25. Omg that necklace is rather special isnt it. I had a gander on the site and like Golden Robin Nest Trio, 14k Gold-Filled Necklace its so pretty!!! But I pretty much loved everything on there. Hope you and baby glitter are well and having a lovely day :)

  26. Fanx for the great giveaway! The jewelry is very pretty. I liked the Fine Silver Hammered Disc & Pearl, Sterling Silver Necklace. I just found your YouTube channel recently through Marie Bitsandclips and I love it! Keep up the great vlogging!

  27. Everything was gorgeous , love the nest necklace your giving away!
    My favourite was Sterling Silver Key Ring Trio Necklace - sooo cute!

  28. Hiya Louise,

    Absolutely adore your blog! I did also email you, i hope you got it :)
    I really love Ivory Cove but the items that stood out were:
    The silver bangle with charm gemstone,
    The large golden key & XL Blue Gemstone necklace,
    The pastel gemstone bird nests earrings,
    The Bobbette's Mini Robin Nest Sterling Silver Ring and
    The Promise of Paris silver necklace.

    I liked so much I could have picked them all !!
    My email is

    Keep up the amazing blog & channel

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I love these jewelery <3

    Especially this necklace :

    I hope I win haha

  31. I really like the 'Solid Sterling Silver Leaf Earrings' they are simple yet really classy.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. edited original posting.

    Great giveaway! I'm loving the Erin's Tiffany Blue Gemstone Pearl Necklace particularly...however, so many beautiful pieces I'm liking too!

    Good luck to all! ;)

  34. Love the bird nest ring.

  35. I love the sterling silver lock and key necklace! gorgeous :) xx

  36. I love the "Erin's TiffanyBlue Gemstone Robin's Nest ring"! Thank you for cluing me into this shop on Etsy!

  37. we share a love of bird paraphernalia. :)

    I loooourrrve: Erin's Tiffany-Blue Gemstone Bird Nest, Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace

    - marie bitsandclips

  38. Hey lovely! I liked on Twitter the Bobette's Mini Robin Nest - Sterling Silver Ring, It's so cute, would look great on tanned skin i think!


    Katie xxxx

  39. Hello! Beautiful jewellery, thanks for sharing ivory cove with us! I liked loads, but The Lock and Key necklace stood out specifically! My email address is

  40. i dont know if my comment posted, haha, but...
    Sterling Silver Mama Bird & Nest Necklace i loved that! and didnt want to overload my twitter so only tweeted that one

    tasha xx

  41. there is soo much stuff on there that i like :( i want the whole lot but after alot of looking i narrowed it down to this one cute necklace i love it :P i liked this - The Promise of Paris, Sterling Silver Eiffel Tower Necklace

  42. Wow everything is so beautiful. I really liked the Golden Mama Bird & Pearl Bird Nest Ring, the Golden Key Necklace, the Golden Starfish Necklace, and the Golden Leaf Earrings. Gorgeous jewelry, and I love your blog / videos Louise :)

    Kristin xx

  43. I am so glad you have found this louise! i love love love it, its so different like you said and thats something i really like.
    I really love the "Pair of Sterling Silver Wings, Lariat Necklace" and i think that the "" is really cute. i have to say that my favourite would be "" because its the type of necklace i would wear on a daily basis and never take off, also i have been looking for a nice necklace with a trebble cleff for ages! i will deffinately be purchasing that.

    Beth xx

  44. Hey :) wowee at this store. I liked the promise of Paris, silver mama bird and golden star fish on Facebook. Stunning!

  45. Hello lovely, I've followed you on youtube and on here for quite a while now and I've also been a buyer of Etsy for well over a year now as I also sell my own jewellery and cards.

    I liked more than one item but this is the one I love the most. It is a heart lock and key necklace, it's so elegant and simple and reminds me of bracelet me mum had years ago.

    x x x

  46. wow...there are so many beautiful things on Ivory Cove...I have liked some which I absolutely adored :)
    these are just on the first page...can't post all of them :)
    my fb name is Swati Murti and my mail id:

    thanks for such a fab giveaway!!!

  47. there so lovely! i love your blog and would love it if you checked out mine

    thank you so much <3

  48. These designs are so sweet! I'm really liking items with birds in at the moment as well!

    The Silver Mama Bird Choker with the pearls is the most unique...but also wearable...piece I've seen in a while. Has to be my favourite. :-)

    Kirsty xo

  49. I love the way you called Darcy "Glitterbug" so cute!
    The necklace you've bought and are able to give away is beautiful.
    If I had the money I would totally love to buy the matching earrings. They're super-duper cute!

  50. Hey,

    I know you used to follow my old blog - Nude Obsession, but I have changed name and think I may have lost you as a follower!  I’d be ever so grateful if you could refollow or perhaps unfollow/refollow on my new name -
    Didn’t realise it would cause such havoc!
    Thanks 

  51. If i used facebook, id like this piece up for giveaway because i love anything with birds, and the ;nest of eggs' reminds me of this worry egg my nan had. Gorgeous colour. anything with birds would get my like.
    And i adore anything paris so this would get my like too The Promise of Paris, Sterling Silver Eiffel Tower Necklace.

  52. Lurrveelly giveaway :)

    Well i tweeted and liked hope that is okay :)

    I tweeted about the 'The Promise of Paris, Sterling Silver Eiffel Tower Necklace' (My username for twitter is TeenBlonde btw! )

    The through facebook i liked:
    -Cherry Red Crystals on Sterling Silver Hoops
    -Sterling Silver Lock and Key, Double Chain Necklace

    My email address is

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