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Monday, 9 May 2011

Hannah's Gorgeous Gift

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Do you remember I told you it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago? Well, one super nice YouTuberino/Bloggerino actually sent me really nice birthday present!!

Hannah ordered me these GORGEOUS earrings from a handmade online boutique called The Parlor. She told me the products were made by her sister's friend who lives in Manchester and when I had a look on the website I was giddy with glee at all the lovely things!

I was really thrilled with these earrings because they are so 'me'. I absolutely adore bird accessories and think the brass and the emerald compliment one and other perfectly.


I like to wear these with this necklace my sister Tiyana bought me from Accessorize. Told you I like birds!

If you'd like to have a look at The Parlor, click HERE.

I think luurrrvvee the Peppermint Tea Charm Bracelet, the black Elegant Earrings and the Galaxy Earrings.

Have you ever had a reeeaallly cool unexpected present? Tell me!




  1. they are gourge xx

  2. they're so pretty, how kind of her! xx

  3. They are sooo pretty! Love the necklace too. :]

  4. How kind. I love the stones in the earrings!!! xx

  5. Oooh they look lovely. I had an amazing unexpected present once. My friend phoned me while she was in a shop and said that she'd seen this collection of old films (His Girl Friday, Pillowtalk and some others) and wondered whether she should get it. I told her YES and could I please watch them with her. Later that evening I asked her if she'd got them and she said she decided against it. Then suddenly, in school the next day there they were sitting in a gift bag at my desk! It was actually a late birthday present, but since my birthday had been a couple of months earlier I'd totally forgotten about it and it caught me completely by surprise! :) xx

  6. Gorgeous gifts, that's so kind of her! x

  7. What lovley gifts! She is one lovely follower! How sweet xx :o)

  8. I love them! The best unexpected present I got once was my boyfriend (now fiance) bought me the Sigma travel kit in light pink randomly...and didn't tell me. It came in the mail and was soooo exciting!

  9. I love those! My absolute favourite necklace is a gold swallow (not real gold obviously but gold enough). I also wrote about it on my blog, as you do.
    Poppy Elizabeth xx

  10. I really really like your blog :)
    I also watch your youtube videos.
    I got the URL of your blog by looking at the video about blogs you and Zoella made :D
    If you have timeee check out my tumblr


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