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Wednesday 10 February 2010

Lou's Reviews- Benefit Miss Popularity

A very long time ago, at an airport far far away....well Manchester duty free isn’t in walking distance anyway..I bought this little number and stored her in a ‘safe place’, ie, I lost her and have now found her and am debuting her in a bloggy review.

This is Miss Popularity by Benefit and is advertised as a precision highlighter. This is a little pot of whitey-goldy eyeshadowesque pigment that you pop on anywhere that you want to enhance. I like to put it in the corner of my eyelids, by the nose, to accentuate the white of my eyes and make them appear brighter. I also dab a little bit on my collar bones (a curvy gal’s trick to making collar bones appear to jut out more and look a little less fleshy) and if I’m feeling particularly mischievous, I dab a little in my cleavage to draw the eye..... ;)

I like that this has a gold hue to the white which is warming on my skin and also looks divine with a tan. NB, sunbeds are naughty, use fake fan please and be kind to yourself, after all your skin is your biggest organ. Little biology fact for you there bloggerinos-woopwoop.

The colour pay off of this is also very enjoyable, not too BLARGH and whiteywhite but lovely and complimentary with what I feel is a high pigment content. I wish I had Superman glasses that could actually measure pigment content of products- that would be ace and would have saved me a lot of money in the early days of buying cosmetics! I like Miss Popularity because it is much more versatile than most cosmetics, in that you can use it on eyes, neck, cleavage, even on your shoulders if you are feeling generous and want to look goddess-like.

The little bottle (which contains 2g of the magic powder) is an easy size to fit in your clutch on a night out and is easy to apply on the go. It comes with a little doofa (is that what it’s called? If not, that’s what I’m calling it now! How very firm of me!) that is attached to the cap so you can dip, dab and go! Little tip, less is more. Better to build up and dab a few times because if you try and get lots out at once, you can get some pretty mean fall out, which is a bit of a bummer.

As always, Benefit have got in spot on with its exciting packaging. I know you mustn’t judge a book by its cover and all that jazz but I like my makeup to look pretty on its shelf and this little purple box does itself proud.

My only real gripe with this product is the price. It retails from Benefit at £17.50. Now, I bought mine in duty free rememeber, so it was a little less and it has lasted me since Summer with plenty left to go so I suppose it’s not toooooo bad but I still feel £17.50 for 2g of product is a little excessive. Come on Benefit, give us all a chance!!

Here’s hoping one of the Benefit bigwigs in San Francisco read this and give us a jolly good sale!

Toodlepip! xx


  1. it's so sad i tried for ages to post a comment below your temp tattoo video,but there was no chance :( so i'll tell you my opinion right here:
    these new temp tattoos can be fun.i'm not quite sure about them now,but i guess they'll be a new trend in the near you'll maybe see me with little mac logos soon, or with my name on my arms or initials.i think this is really cool,because it's like a tattoo,but you can change it depending on you mood :)
    what do you think about them?

  2. This stuff looks interesting! I like that it has the built in applicator to make it less messy. It's like Mac's vanilla pigment a little I guess?


  3. Hi Melissa, yes it is very very similar to MAC's pigment but a tiny bit finer and a tiad more goldy, but yes, essentially the same- wowee you know your stuff missy!
    Just had a gander at your blogypops and thought it was lovely- I want those rings! xxx


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