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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lou's Reviews- GOSH Velvet Touch and Soft'N Shine

Whilst on my lunchbreak the other day, I decided to take the plunge and branch out into something I have been wanting to do for sometime but hadn't felt brave enough to til now- pinky pink pink lipstick!

All my makeup life I have been a lipgloss girl, enjoying the ease of it and range of low key colours such as light pinks, shines and maybe the odd MAC Dazzleglass here and there. In the last few months I have been getting braver with my lipglosses and even bought a couple of MAC Slimshine lipsticks in easy-to-wear colours (review coming soon) but on Tuesday, with the snowy blizard (I kid you not!) in my hair and a lunchbreak to fill, I decided I would puruse the very bold pinks and give it a whirl!

After trying out so many pink lipsticks on my hand that I looked a bit crazed, I settled for 2 from the GOSH range and was very proud of myself indeed. The top one is GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Tropical Pink number 43 and this retails at £6 and the bottom one is GOSH Soft'N Shine Lip Balm in Barbie number 30 and I THINK was £7.99.

Velvet Touch:

I bought this because I thought the colour was fantastical and it reminded me a little of MAC Show Orchid (obv not the same colour but the same kind of wowness if your get my jist?) and really liked the shape of the lipstick- it made applying it around the cupids bow nice and simple. (NB. You'll have to excuse my dodgy application on the lower lip, I didn't use a mirror- what a mistaker to maker).

I thought the colour pay off was exceptional and this lipstick's staying power is pretty impressive. Even after I had taken my makeup off that night, I still had tropically pink stained lips! This colour (and I suspect maybe the whole Velvet Touch range) comes out very matte so if you are looking for understated boldness, this is perhaps one to try.

My only negative with this product was that is was rather drying and I feel like it made my lips look a bit liney and creased if that makes any sense? Also, and this isn't really a negative of the product, more just a sad fact, this pink had quite a purply undertone to it and when I smiled open mouthed, I was a bit conscious that it made my teeth look a little yellowy. To avoid this problem in future, I shall be sticking to blue based pinks.

Defo a lipstick for a night out, perhaps with falsh lashes and black eyeliner but not colourful eyes. Very Cheryl Cole.

Soft'N Shine:

Now this colour I am in LOVE with. It is a gorgeous babydoll pink and because of the lipbalmy moisturising element, it looks half way between a lipstick and a lipgloss, which for a lipstick novice such as my self, is perfecto. I felt like it made my lips look all squishy and sexy and Bardot-esque.

I like this because you can whip one layer on for a very subtle look or build it up a bit for a more striking mouth (ooerr!). This picture is with just one layer because I wanted to be fair to the other lipstick which only got one layer too. Although this is Barbie pink, I still felt able to wear it during the day (unlike Tropical Pink) and wore it to the office on Thursday.

On a packaging note, this looks A LOT like the packaging from the MAC Slimshine range and when I held them together there was literally no difference except one said GOSH and one said MAC. Do you think the same factory made the lipstick tubes? I do.

All in all, I think a winning attempt at big girl lipstick.

Happy Valentines Hot Lips :)

Toodlepip! xx


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