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Tuesday 2 February 2010

MAC Pro Pallete Review

Bit of housekeeping first Bloggerinos :). I just wanted to say a mahoosive thankyou if you have stumbled across me from watching my youtube videos, woop woop! I wanted to thank every bloggerio who takes the time to read my witterings because I really do appreciate every one of you. Just a quick ask though, if you haven't already, please do become a public follower (scroll down and look right and you will find the follow optionypops) because then I can see you and if you have a blog I can have a little read of yours too!

Now, back to the matter in hand, my MAC Pro Palette- ohh yeaaahhh. It took me an absolute age to save for this little baby and I love it to bits. You can buy the 15 slot palette or the 4 slot palette from stand alone stores or from the MAC website and I would recommend it if you have a lot of eyeshadow pots, it is a handy way to keep them all together and is very slim-line.

If you are shopping in one of the stand alone MAC stores, you can buy just the eyeshadow pan, rather than the little pot. The individual pans are £7.50 as apposed to the £10.00 that the pots are. The pans also come pre magnetted (is that the right word?!) so you can just pop them into your palette and they stick there. From past experiance, I have found that eyeshadows that come in a 'collection' or are special edition, are not always done in £7.50 pan form and you have to buy the pot and DIY it. Splendid.

What's that I hear you cry? You already have a selection of beloved MAC eyeshadows that are still in their pots and don't want to rush out and buy the other sort but do want them neatly arranged in the palette? Fear not! Help is at hand! There are many, many, many (!) videos on youtube from fellow beauty youtubers who give demonstrations on how to depot your MAC eyeshadows. I saw one girl use her GHD's to melt the plastic of hers. Not sure my GHD's would thank me for that but there we are!

I am yet to find a MAC eyeshadow that does not have fabulous colour pay off and good staying power so I would feel confident recommending these. They work brilliantly applied alone but for extra oomph, I apply mine after a base of shade stick (fav colours are Beige-ing and Sharkskin). I find they blend very well and with the pressed eyeshadows you don't fall victim to half a tonne of fall out of your cheek- am I yet to master this skill with loose pigment!

For information on what colours (the names etc) I have in my palette, along with a couple of other palettes, have a gander at my yourtube video

Final Tip- Someone once told me that if you pull out the bit of you palette that has all the circular slots in it (you may need to use a knife to do this so please watch your fingers!), then you are left with a big magnetised rectangle and can get a lot more pans in there. Personally, I couldn't bare to deface mine but you might not be such a sentimental sap as me! :)

Toodlepip! xx 


  1. oh i love the colours in your pallete :) i also have this MAC one and i adore it so so much. like no other eyeshadows before. i feel like these are my little babys and i want to kiss them every day i use them ...haha...i know this sounds weird,but that are just my feelings about this gorgeous pallete <3

  2. Hey Kathi- That's not at all weird! We are exactly the same! I wanted to go on more about how much I love them but didn't want to sound like a total nut! hahaha! How sad is this- when i first managed to fill my palette (it took a while), I actually took it to work in my bag so that I could sneak it out every now and again and have a little look at it! hahaha. Perhaps next time you are in London, we could meet up and go makeup shopping? xxx

  3. waa i would REALLY want to go make-up shopping with you!i'm planning to come to london in the spring or summer time.a meet-up would be so amazing!i just can see us at the mac-counter spending way too much money but being totally happy and crazy about all the stuff they have :D that would just be so much fun i guess <3

  4. Wow, gorgeous set of eyeshadows, just looking at them makes me want to go and buy them!! Will go have a look at your youtube vid now xx

  5. Thanks Alice, hope you enjoy them :) xxx
    ps the mac eyeshadows are ADDICTIVE! haha xx


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