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Monday, 13 June 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Liz Earle Foot Scrub

Aloha Bloggerinos,

A few weeks ago, I was sent another little goodie from Liz Earle to try and review for SprinkeofGlitter.

Liz Earle Foot Scrub (rrp: £10.45) boasts softening avocado, wheatgerm, peppermint and rosemary essential oils, as well as natural pumice to remove those horrid dry skin cells.

To use this fresh smelling foot scrub it suggests massaging daily into dry areas of the foot, concentrating on heels, toes and the balls. (ooer! Of your foot I mean!)

Now, this is a touch gross but I feel it important to share so that you get the full force of my review. My feet are horrid. There are no two ways about it, I have the driest feet you will ever see. So dry in fact that matt kindly calls me 'Concrete Foot' sometimes, because if I don't look after them, they take on that delightful grey dead look. Mmmm lovely. With this in mind, when I find a product that alleviates this problem, I'm one happy bunny.

I have been using this scrub in conjunction with my trusty ped egg (which I use about once every 2 weeks) and Lush Dream Cream moisturiser (which I use daily) and I can honestly say that I've seen a real difference. My feet look nice and normal and not like concrete at all! Hurrha!

Basically, whilst in the shower, I squib (excellent word is 'squib') some of the scrub onto a flannel and go keerraazzzy with rubbing my feet. It feels soooo lovely and therapeutic to know you are getting rid of all the dryness, to reveal smooth as a baby's bottom skin!

The actual product is the thickness of toothpaste and smells wonderfully minty fresh- I could sniff that tube all day I tell ya. The paste has little bits of pumice in it, not unlike normal exfoliators, that don't dissolve, so you can really go for it. A couple of pitfalls to avoid (which I have learnt from experience) are that it's best not to use this scrub in the bath because the little pumicey gravelly pips sink to the bottom and everything gets very rough indeed! Also, I have found a flannel is best for application. The first time I used my hands- what a stupid mistake, I had red raw hands for hours! The second time I used my shower lotus, but lost all the product and pumice in the netting. From then on I have used a flannel and this seems to work well. I think those special exfoliator gloves would be good too.

As usual, Liz Earle has come up trumps and produced another fantastic product- will they ever disappoint me?? If you would like to have a look at the official blurb for this product, click HERE.

What do you do to keep your tootsies flipflop friendly?




  1. Literally just posted a review on the Liz Earle Summer Deals about half an hour after you!
    I had previously been a make-up wipe kind of girl, but I had the Cleanse&Polish for christmas and its converted me!
    I love Liz Earle.
    Feel free to check my review here:
    I'd love to know what you think.
    Katie x

  2. This sounds great, perfect for flipflop'd feet and thanks for the tips on how to use it! In summer I smoother my feet in moisturiser and sleep in socks to keep my feet happy :) xx

  3. Great review! I want to try this.


    *Check out my giveaway:

  4. This looks so good! I absolutely love Liz Earle products and have been wanting to try this for the longest time, as like you, I also suffer with dry feet (ewwie eww). I've been looking for something to get rid of it, especially as it's summer and we get our feet out more :(. This looks like just the thing if it can leave me with lovely smooth feet. Thank you for the review :)

    - Rhi xx


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