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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Sleek Monaco Palette and Santorini Blush

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I know, I know, every blogger and their dog (or cat, I much prefer cats, puuurrrr) have blogged about the Sleek Palettes but her I am, jumping all over the bandwagon and showing you mine. Do you mind too much?

It seems like Sleek MakeUp are releasing new palettes faster than breeding rabbits, but this gets no complaints from me- I love it! I actually collect the I-Divine Palettes (despite the recent price hike- remember the days when they were £4.95 instead of £6.49?!) but not avidly like some cosmetic enthusiasts do. I will only buy them if I really like them, which is most but not all. I saw the Caribbean one and wasn't overly excited so left it and I never picked up the Bad Girl and Good Girl ones (is that what they were called? They came out around Christmas and were a set of blues/blacks/purples or a set of pinks).

I do wish I had bought the earlier ones like Safari and Jewelled but oh well. I'm going to make a video very soon on all the Sleek Palettes I have, but for now, here is the new Monaco beauty!

(I haven't provided swatches of this because I have seen soooo many blogs with swatches on that I didn't want to reinvent the wheel)

This is the perfect 'summer palette'. I find a lot of cosmetic companies interpret 'summer' as lime green, tango orange and sunshine yellow, which are all great, but not every day in summer do I want to wear such vivid shades, this supplies colours that you can wear every day and still feel colourful and fun.

With a mixture of mattes and shimmers, darks and lights, you really can create looks for day, evening, subtle, bold and my favourite kkeerraazzzy! Haha. I think if you were going on holiday and trying to pack light (something I have NEVER achieved), you could get away with packing only this for your eyes.

As always with Sleek, the shadows are all highly pigmented, easy to blend and easy to remove. I'm sure you will all know this but as well as using your brush/sponge/finger to apply as a shadow, if you dip a damp eyeliner brush in them, it will make a coloured liner for you. I've also been told, but never tried, that if you crush up some of the pigment and add to clear polish, you can make a coloured nail varnish from them! I do love a multifunctional product.

What do you think? £6.49 worth spending? I think so.

Also in the Mediterranean collection is the Santorini Blush which is described as 'popping pink' to give you a 'girly butter-wouldn't-melt-effect'. Hmmmm. I'm not too sold on this because it is very, very bright. More neon than popping!

To it's credit, you can apply it lightly and build it up, but it's just too 'out there' for me, I'm more of a bronzer gal. This colour is also limited edition but it reminds me of the permanent blush 'Pixie Pink'.

Something I do like about Sleek Blushes is that the pans are larger than a lot of other blushers I have tried and you have enough space to give your brush a good swirl round. I hate it when I have to kind of just stab my brush about, swirling is so much more feminine!

So beautiful Bloggerinos, what do you think of these summer Sleek staples? I'm rather smitten.




  1. This collection looks amazing - great for summer!
    I adore all sleek plattes - great brand.
    Love you blog xxxx

  2. Oooooh I quite like the look of the blusher. I think used lightly id really like it. I got a thangggg for blusher haha x x x

  3. The Monaco palette looks really nice. I bought the Storm Palette a while ago and was really happy with it :)


  4. Oh lordy! i must get that blush! x

  5. That blush scares me a little! I don't think it would do anything for me! Get pics of the palette!

  6. I wanted to get this blush but I accidentally picked up Aruba from the Caribbean collection! Woops, this equally as scary but surprisingly nice on the cheeks :)

    Would love to see a video on the Sleek palettes!

    Much Love,

  7. mmmm that blush looks yummy! Oh so pink ;)
    make sure you enter my GIVEAWAY!

  8. I am loving that vibrant hot pink blush!

  9. I was kinda' disapointed my Santorini :(

    I did a review of 5 of the Sleek blushes on my blog, and it's definately my least favourite.

  10. Really nice post Thanks a lot for sharing.


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