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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Lou's Reviews :: OPI Texas & Serena Glam Slam France Collections

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As a relative newbie to OPI Nail Polish I was pretty bloomin' excited when these jewelled treasures popped through my letterbox, pretty excited indeed!

Above: Guy Meets Gal-Veston (Texas Collection), Housten We Have A Purple (Texas Collection), Spark De Triomphe (Serena Glam Slam France Collection) and Austin-Tatious Turquoise. All polishes from the snazzy Texas Collection retail for £10.50.

In conjunction with the tennis season, OPI have bought out a tres cool shatter range, aptly named Serena Glam Slam France Collection. What a lot of pies Ms Williams has her tennis champ fingers in eh? The Gram Slam collection comprises of 3 jazzy duo sets of polish- one shatter and one colour/glitter. My set is a bright white shatter and a gold and silver sparkly (Spark de Triomphe). The sparkly is AMAZING! A mixture of fine and very very fine glitter it applies almost opaque with sparkle in just one coat. With more coats it is totally opaque- a rarity with glitter polish!

I tried the white shatter over one of the Texas Collection Polishes (Housten We Have a Purple) and wasn't entirely in love with the finish, a bit tipexy, but I think it will look a million times better over the Spark de Triomphe- I shall keep you posted. Perhaps I will apply it this week in honour of Wimbelondon starting and give you a fun NOTD?

The box is very professional and give a simple guide to shatter and the effect you can expect. I really like this wordy/picture element because although us Beauty Bloggers have all read and seen shatter in action, many women will not have and I think will find it pretty nifty! I also love that the range comes in the little boxes becase they are easy to wrap and make cool little gifts, or, if like me you are a horder and keep the boxes, you'll like them too!


Guy Meets Gal-Veston- A jelly orange. Took 4 coats to be opaque, which for me is too many, I draw the line at 3. However, it was an extremely smooth ride, great formula and with a China Glaze top coat, didn't chip for over a WEEK- this is a first for any of my collection!

Austin-Tascious Turquoise- Mermaidy bluey-green metalic. Looks beautiful against a tan and works well as a toe colour. I've had it on my tootsies for a couple of weeks and it's going strong. I've noticed that in some lights it also has a pinky-purple gleam to it too- puurrddddyyy!

Houston We Have A Purple- Medium toned berry purple, requires 2-3 coats but glides on smoothly and is worth the effort. My Auntie Judith described it as a 'sumptious fruity colour' and it really is, like ribena on your nails. I have also worn this with one coat and then one coat of Spark De Triomphe on and loved that combo so much I forced Lee from fanx hq to say how marvellous it looked- hahaha! Thanks Lee!

My most favourite combo- like cheese and crackers, jinglyjanglys and shakeyshakeys (YouTuberinos will know what I'm talking about!), this just works. Summer sizzle!

All in all, I am beyond impressed with these nail varnishes and the others in my collection (Pink Me I'm Good- baby pink with gold sparkles- hello you beauty!). I do think £10.50 is a lot of money for one polish but I would justify it to myself by thinking about how many wears you get out of a bottle and how it truly is the best quality polish I have tried.

I also made a YouTube video about these which you can watch HERE. Baby Glitter was being a bit of a monkey in it though so do let us off for our all-ver-the-place-ness!

What are your thoughts on this range and OPI in general? Do you think you're paying for quality?



I couldn't help but mess about with my nail polish splodge- pretty non? x


  1. My beautician friend uses OPI for work, so over the years I've had many a-colouful toenail! They always seen good quality and tend to last well.
    My fave at the mo is Leighton Denny. TKMaxx have had a bumper lot in and Mr B treated me to a large selection! Will do a post on them soon. The colours are amazing.
    Z xx

  2. I love opi and these colours look great xx

  3. Ah! The colours look lovely, and your nails look fab! Just wish I could afford to buy some OPI nail polish, one day! xo

  4. hahaha I use to do that with my left over fingernail polish when I was an avid wearer. I haven't used polish in way too long! I love these colors ;)

  5. These colours are gorgeous :) I don't think I would pay that much money though, I would feel waaay to guilty about it! X

  6. Me likey!
    Slightly loving the 'Housten we have a purple!'
    Right up my street ;) x

  7. wow I just spent an hour looking through your blog! absolutely loving it! I always wanted to get a nice set of OPIs, and I think Ive just found my colour :)

    From your newest follower!

    Please follow me back too!

  8. I love the magenta one, stunning <3

  9. I love your pink/glitter nails! Houston We Have A Purple is lovely! :) x

  10. I love OPI! Their range of colours is just amazing plus they dry so quickly and last really well too.

    I buy my polishes from Sallys as I have a trade card so it's a bit cheaper for me :) I bought my Mum the Austin-tatious Turquoise and it's such a pretty colour!

    A few polishes from the Pirates of the Caribbean is next on my list :) Xx

  11. Great colors & of course I love the glitter! It's crazy how that shatter polish works.

    xo katie elizabeth

  12. Such pretty colors! I love Shatter! xx

  13. ALL loveely flipperooni colours:D


  14. The splodge is the prettiest thing ;)
    New follower! Hope you can follow back.

  15. ouuu i love these colors!!!and the little nail polish splodge reminds me of painting in school when we would fold the paper and make the butterflies :) lovely lovely,i love the way you describe everything,makes me giggle constantly


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