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Amazing Advertisers || May 2013

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I know I say this every single month but seriously, how quickly has this month flown by?!

This is our monthly opportunity to learn a little bit more about the bloggers and small businesses who are advertising this month with Sprinkle of Glitter. We're a friendly bunch after all. 

Amazing Advertisers

Bonnie is an American English Teacher married to a 'fine ginger'. Her posts are about her life and the journey she is taking through it. If you like posts that are lovely and long that you can just get sucked into and forget your own world for a few minutes, this is the place for you. Bonnie's writing is amazing and really enables you to feel connected to whatever she is talking about, even if it's tasteless hamburgers. 

Arm candy anyone? Oh me oh my these bracelets are just lovely. Brinkle has advertised with me before and made me swoon over their mix of colours with metals so I should be used to the lovelies by now. All items are reasonably priced to hop on over and take your pick!

Tom is a little love. That is all. Haha, no I jest. Zoe and I are just on Skype talking about him and saying how much we love his blog and YouTube channel and how creative he is. His blog is what I would call 'lifestyle' (WOOP!) and his pictures are just beautiful. The layout, content, images and feel of this blog are just a feast for the eye and you'd be a fool not to go right on over and follow him. 

I have read Gemma's blog for as long as I can remember, since the beginning of my blogging life in 2009 so she is no stranger to me and hopefully not to you. Her blog is what I would call a 'classic' beauty blog, perfect for girlie girls who want to learn a little more about specific items but also those who are just enthusiastic about beauty, fashion and shopping! Gemma is currently hosting a very generous giveaway so do hop over and check that out. Be quick though because it closes this Sunday!

I want to get lost in Imogen's blog. It is a beautifully laid out place to let your crafty, homey, feminine, creative heart run free and full to the brim of ideas and inspiration. In her 'about' section, Imogen talks of her love for Beatrix Potter and this just made me feel a little bit more in love. A girl who likes graphic design, bunnies, crafting and vintage- hello!!!

Emma has only recently come back to her blog after taking a few months off to pass her exams. She is now working in a local hair salon and blogging about her experiences. Although there are only a couple of posts to read, I can tell Emma is really girlie and has a great passion for all things beauty related.

If you're looking to learn more about a particular beauty topic (like how to deal with spots), then this is the blog for you. With factual, informative posts, you will come away feeling knowledgeable and confident in the topic you have read about. With subjects ranging from teeth to celebrity inspired tutorials and also a YouTube channel to check out, you should have plenty to keep you busy when you feel those beauty cravings pang! 

I'm cheating slightly here but really, Danny has summed this up himself better than I ever could- "Adventures After Hours is a lifestyle blog focusing on menswear and more importantly approaching fashion and style with a positive attitude. I promote adventures, individualism, and seeking happiness through everything you do." I love that. I always applaud people who tackle life with a positive attitude and love it when people, like Danny, want to share that with the world. This blog is well written, beautifully laid out and well worth a read, whatever your sex. 

Sophie is already in my good books because she is taking part in my 30 Day Snap project- YAY! Sophie's posts are that perfect kind for when you just need a little escape or a quick mind break from work. They are short (but not without effort), punchy and too the point. She updates her blog regularly and with interesting topics that if you like this blog, you will like hers. A really sweet slice of the net. x 

Jen has put all her thick cardigans away this month *she types as she watches the rain crash onto the window* because she loves to organise- Jen please will you come and do mine? Jen's blog is sticky. What I mean by this is that you'll read one post and then want to read another, and another and another. I particularly enjoy her OOTD's because they are clothes that I would wear and her Charity Shop Tips were really helpful too. Well worth a read. 

First of all, Amy has a tattoo of a whisk on her foot and I think we'd all like to know more about that! Second of all, this blog is charming. Amy is 19 and lives in upsidedownland- Australia! There are blog posts about beauty products (complete with labelled swatches) and life experiences (my all time favourite I think). A lovely little read and the perfect blog to flick through on a tea break. Have a looksie. 

Stacie is one of my long-time advertisers and I love having her. Her blog is about her life dealing with Pulmonery Hypertension and the trials and tribulations it brings her. From the months that I have been reading this blog I have learnt not to pity Stacie's suffering but to understand more about the condition, more about what it is like to have to attend so many hospitals and more about what it must feel like to be constantly waiting for organs. It is because of Stacie that I have decided to stop being a wimp about needles and give blood. Go read her and be inspired :)

Tada!! Those are my ladies and gentlemen (very excited to have boys this month) of the sidebar, who help keep Sprinkle of Glitter running and provide me with plenty of reading material at 1am in the morning when I know I should be sleeping- dagnam them for writing such addictive blogs!

Have you found any new bloggers this month? Are any of them old favourites?



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is The Life of Bon. If you would like to find out more about advertising on this blog, click HERE.


  1. I absolutely love your blog Louise!!!I hope you will never stop blogging!!! <3 Love you x x x x x x

    ♥ ♥ '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥

  2. I love the picture - So nice and I love how you do this every month :) It gives new bloggers a great chance :)

  3. This picture is gorgeous! How nice of you to promote your sidebar bloggers even more!

    Jamie ♥

  4. Yay, I love having new blogs to check out!

    And Katie / Beauty & Lifestyle x

  5. I'm going to check them all out! But the link to Brinkle doesn't work. Just thought I'd let you know :) I love reading blogs!

  6. I love finding new blogs! Thanks Louise.<3 xxx

  7. thanks for sharing all these wonderful blogs!!! hopefully, you'll get a chance to check mine out too (:


  8. How come you only write about the top advertisers but not your others below? Just wondering? xxx

    1. Because they pay for packages that include a mention in my Amazing Advertisers post :) xxx

  9. fantastic post. loving it.

    - Janine

  10. Lovely blogs! Checked all of them out! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  11. I just looked through all of these, and followed over half of them! So many great finds, as always :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog BLOG SALE NOW ON! ♥

  12. Love your blog louise! < check this out people!

  13. thanks for sharing these blogs, I’ve followed a few of them! x

  14. I love these posts! I have trouble finding new blogs to follow so I really appreciate this Louise :D I've followed a few of the blogs you mentioned, I'm especially liking the look of Sophie Jane's :)

  15. Yay new blogs to look at! Loves it! <3 xx.

  16. i really like your blog

    I recently started a new blog
    and I would really appreciate it
    if you would go check it out :)

  18. This is such a nice idea :)

  19. Louise, thank you for such a lovely blog description! I adore you blog, keep up the amazing work, you're an inspiration to us all xx

  20. I love finding new blogs to read, these posts are my favourites!

    I've been writing my blog for about 2 months now and I'd love it if some of you guys went and checked it out. I really want to know what people like/would improve about my blog. I'd love to be successful like Louise and Zoe are. I would really appreciate, thanks. Lucy - x

  21. Literally followed all of these :) they will keep me entertained whilst I'm off college. Thanks Louise, this is just what I was looking for x

  22. I didn't know you could advertise your blog! How do you do this? It's a lovely idea, I need to get in on that! hahah :)

  23. This is really great! As a small blogger just starting out it is great to know that some of you more successful bloggers are helping out the little guys. So thank you!

    B xx

  24. Great blogs :) xxx

  25. I'm so excited to have an ad up on your blog, Louise!!! I know this month is just going to fly by!

    Catching Stars

  26. I would love for you to have a look at my blog, its all about AFFORDABLE hails, fashion, makeup and general life xx
    Its inspired by blogs like this and i would love for you to have a look at my latest spring haul!x :)

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