Monday, 20 May 2013

Motivational Monday #15

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Merry Monday one and all. Let's look ahead to the great week we are all going to have.

Motivational Monday

I chose 'Focus on What Matters' this week because it is something I have been doing a little more lately and have been absolutely loving.

Our lives are packed to the brim with STUFF. Jobs, partners, parents, children, housework, paperwork, grocery shopping, social lives, wishes, holidays, days out, days in, good moments, sad moments, celebratory moments, literally EVERYTHING. 

With all that going on, it can be really hard to see what's important and what's just 'life fluff'. For example, I often feel really pressured to have a clean and tidy house in case a visitor or neighbour pops by because I don't want to be judged as scatty. So, even though Darcy wants to play with me, I set her down with an activity and leave her to it whilst I get on with house chores to alleviate this self afflicted pressure to be perfect (which I never achieve anyway). What's important here? Making sure my surfaces are shiny so my Auntie doesn't think, 'Ooh some crumbs' or playing with my child? It's obvious right? Only when we're in the thick of things, it isn't. The lines of what importance's can become blurred and we miss the point.

This week I have some homework for you. In the comments, share with us 3 things that are MOST important to you. Once you have written them here, spend a few minutes thinking about why they are most important, what your life would be like without those three things and what you are going to do to focus your efforts a little bit more on them. The things don't have to be particular people like your spouse or parents, they could be 'Helping the planet more/spending more time at church/focusing on eating more healthy food/giving myself a break/putting more money in my savings account' etc. They just have to be things that MATTER. 

I think that once we focus a little more on things that matter to our lives, our sense of well being increases, we feel more satisfied with our lives and thus, more motivated to achieve what we set out to and be happy. And let's face it, isn't happiness the ultimate goal?



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  1. Wow Louise, I'm always fascinated with Motivational Mondays!

    1. Saving money for holidays/adventures
    2. Making memories/Spending as much time with my friends before they move to Canada in June
    3. Making other people smile and staying positive about things I often doubt myself with.

    Chloë x

  2. thank you for brightening my Mondays Louise! :o)


  3. Thank you Louise! I live your Motivational Mondays!!
    Thought of it for myself :)


  4. Hey Louise,
    I loved this mondays focus because my life's been so busy at the moment and it makes me think that i do need to slow down and concentrate on the important stuff. For my three things i would have to put...

    1: Spending more time with friends
    2: Allocate times to study rather than whenever im free
    3: Exercise more/ Become Healthier

    They're my three that i have to work on and hopefully i can get a start on them before next motivational monday :)

    Thank Lou-boo xxx

  5. Motivational Monday,what a great way to start the week!
    1) spend more time with my parents playing board games instead of all staring at the tv
    2) enjoy the outdoors more, while we have nice weather (typical british weather switches too often)
    3) look on the brighter side of life more, things could always be worse

    :) Anna x

  6. Woow this gives me so much motivation!

    1. Get all the last things in school done before they rate us on friday :/
    2. Stay positive for everything bc it'll be much more fun and take less energy
    3. Work harder with my piano lessons.... heeh

  7. Wow this really makes me think a lot!

    1.Try my best on Jewelry making & drawing courses
    2.Spend more time with family and friends before I move to the states
    3.Master swimming & surfing this summer :)

  8. 1. Spending time with genuinely good friends
    2. Taking care of my body and health
    3. Enjoying university and not getting too swept up in the competitiveness

  9. I appreciate your motivational monday posts very much, thank you for the series dear darling Louise.

    1. My peace of mind & heart and health. (I try my best not to ruin my mental and physical health over the things I cannot change. I had issues with this in the past so that's why I value this over anything. Probably nothing worths being sick in bed with worries and ill thoughts.)

    2. Taking time to chat with my family and friends (I can turn into a bit of a hermit and not realize it, so I am making an effort to spend more time with my loved ones.)

    3. Being happy with what I do with my life. (I write stories, take photos, go shopping, read lots of books, cook, travel and try to compliment random strangers. My job may not be ideal but it's not what I 'only' do with my life and I focus on the better things that I do rather than spending a day at an office when I want to be out and about, eating nice food and seeing new places. I am still grateful that I have a job at a relaxed place where I am mostly appreciated.)

    Have a great week with your hubby and Baby Glitter. x

  10. Ohhh I had to really think about this one...

    1. Clean and packmy house soon so I don't rush last minute when I move in June.
    2. Spend more time with friends before moving out of Tokyo.
    3. Eat healthy to feel healthy.

  11. 1. Trying to stay positive
    2. Being understanding towards others
    3. Staying organised

  12. 1. Spending time with family
    2. Getting my college qualification
    3. Being more positive

    Really needed this today x

  13. Thankyou so so so much with this post, it has really helped me out with defining what matters in my life. Please don't ever stop blogging! :)

  14. 1. Progress with my life rather than holding myself back for others
    2. Spend more quality time with family and friends (and leave the phone alone)
    3. Be happy, because life's to short to not be

    Thankyou for this post louse It was such a lovely and helpful post to read on a gloomy monday morning, have a superduper week. x

  15. 1. Being happy
    2. My brother
    3. Opportunities that come in my way

  16. Family, Friends & Career <3 xx

  17. 1. Spending quality time with my boyfriend in his new house.
    2. Saving money so I can go on holiday with my favourite people this year.
    3. Staying positive - avoiding anything and anyone that makes me unhappy.

    This was a fab post Louise. So far 2013 has been a rubbish year for me, I really don't like my degree, my part time job is uninspiring, I've learnt that who I thought were my close friends really aren't my friends at all, and it's all been a bit of a downer. From now on I'm going to focus only on the things that make me happy, and the rest is all unimportant!

    Oh and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, it made my day!

  18. What a great and inspirational blog post, Louise, thank you!

    1. Do my uni stuff whilst I still have time and properly instead of on the last day and copying half of it from my friends
    2. Stop buying stuff the moment I think I need it but wait a few weeks to see if I still need them then
    3. Most important one: Spend more time with friends I don't see everyday, even if I can only see them online because they live too far away

    I think this will be a most amazing week! =)


  19. 1. Saving money for my UK trip in July
    2. Finishing everything I have to do for school
    3. Trying to stay positive & not worry about every little thing

    LOVE your motivational mondays xxx

  20. 1. Stop thinking 'What If' about negative things.
    2. Complete things in time, not at the last minute.
    3. Put down my phone for a while and focus on what's around me.

    Megan x

  21. 1. Enjoy lovely moments with my family and my friends.
    2. Save money for my next year studies in UK.
    3. Get a summer job.

    I love your Motivational mondays posts !

    Christie, xx.

  22. Thanks for another great Monday post Louise!

    1. Make sure I spend quality time with my Nan
    2. Stop devoting too much time to the internet
    3. Step back and stop taking everything I have for granted!

    I love these posts :)

  23. 1. Not bringing work home and moaning to my Boyfriend
    2. Spend more time with friends
    3. Look after myself more make sure i'm eating correctly
    Love this idea. Going to set myself a challenge to concentrate on these things this month thanks Louise

    Carrieanne x

  24. I've been struggling with this a bit lately, but..
    1. God is the most important thing in my life, and I need to spend more time reading my bible.
    2. I need to put others first more, i need to be less selfish and judgemental towards people, and generally more than just nice. I need to be absolutely delightful towards others, regardless of my mood or feelings toward that person.
    3. I need to spend more time practicing my music. For a while I have been putting off practicing until the night before my lesson. I really love playing and need to prioritise my time better. I blame instagram, snapchat and Pinterest.

    I love your posts Louise!!

  25. Another great Motivational Monday as usual Louise! I bloody love this feature! Keep up the good work!I've been writing a similar feature on my blog that your might enjoy.


  26. nice blog!
    What do you think about to follow eachother?
    Stop by me and let me know!


  27. I love your Motivational Mondays :)

    1. My daughter Nicole
    2. Get a job
    3. Makes other people happy :)

    ♥ ♥ '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥

  28. I love this post - You're so right, sometimes we all need to remember what really matters, e.g., Health, family and sometimes just being happy :)

  29. This is so nice! I think my three would be my family, doing well at university, and enjoying being young. xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up

  30. I always love you're monday posts, they always make me feel better
    The three things that are the most important to me are:
    1. Spending time with the people I love (friends & family)
    2. Completing the things that I start
    3. Being positive and happy (most of the time) and hope that I have an impact on other people

  31. Such a simple quote but its really made me think about what/who I value most!
    1. Spend my time on genuine friends and don't get caught up with the drama of false friends
    2. Keeping myself healthy and fit
    3. Enjoy university and not to get swept under trying to make everything 'perfect' X

  32. 1. Save up money to go travelling after I finish school.
    2. Keep a positive mind!
    3. Spend more time doing things I(!) enjoy.

    Great post, Louise! I really liked reading all the comments as well. x

  33. 1. My faith and trust in God
    2. Spending more time with and appreciating my family
    3. Doing more to help my friends out

    Love Motivational Mondays! Louise, you should write a book ;)

  34. Great post. Mine would be
    1. Saving money to go to New York with my best friends
    2. Passing these exams to allow me to get the career I want so much
    3. Getting home from uni to see my family, especially for my mum's birthday :) x

  35. love this post! :)
    Mine would be:
    1. Study harder
    2. save money for emergencies
    3. focus on the brighter side of life

  36. 1. Maintaining good relationships with friends/family
    2. Keep revising as I have a LOT of exams coming up! It will be worth it in the end though.
    3. Focus on the smaller things that make me feel happier. Rather than wishing it could be the summer holidays already,, think of smaller things that make me happy, like having a conversation with a friend in school or finding a new hobby. Learning to appreciate the smaller things, because all of those things add up to the bigger picture! :)
    Beauty/Thoughts/Lifestyle Blog

  37. Such a lovely post Louise. I think I need to take care of myself, by eating well and exercising. I need to do more of what makes me happy. And lastly, appreciate my friends & family more.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    xo Molly

  38. My Freinds / Family
    Doing well in my exams

    Really love the positive out look on this post :) x

  39. This actually really made me think. It's all about priorities really. We need to prioritise what's most important to us.
    This week though..
    1. Study for my science exam on Thursday
    2. Earn some money to save for summer
    3. Eat healthy and be active

  40. My pen and paper is out for my very own list, great inspiration


  41. 1) Studying when I have to, so that I don't get completely stressed out. I have 10 exams in August (on all the courses in my first year in University) and the next 2 months, we don't have lectures, so I have to make a study plan and actually stick to it.
    2) Being healthier! That shouldn't be too difficult, but I just love chocolate sooo much!
    3) Enjoying the free time that I let myself have!

  42. 1) making an effort to spend time with friends before university
    2) not being so hard on my parents, as in actually spend more time talking to them, other than 'yes' 'no' 'ok' :P
    3) keeping up with a good exercise routine/ healthier lifestyle.

    I chose goals which I'm actually already starting to achieve, they're just really important to me that I achieve them!


  43. Love this quote, definitely needed it with exams coming up! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  44. Love motivational Mondays! Mine are:
    1. Revise for my exams
    2. Say yes to as many things as possible
    3. Start earning money and start saving up

    Millie x

  45. Great quote :) family and friends, eating healthier and saving money xxx

  46. 1. My family
    2. Caring for others
    3. Keep up with running not saying it's a sat, i want 2 lie in!

  47. 1. my family
    2. happiness
    3. being healthy

  48. I talked about what is most important to me in this blog post:

    I hope you will check it out! It would mean the world <3

  49. wooop motivational monday!!

  50. 1. Make an effort to spend time with my family,
    2. Being healthier,
    3. Some alone time instead of sitting in my room doing homework or revision all the time! :L

  51. amazing post <3

    1. Faith
    2. my incredible fiancé
    3. Family

  52. Great post Louise as always :)

    1. Passing my A-levels so I can go to uni and hopefully get my dream career
    2. Building friendships with new people
    3. Maintaining friendships with people that live far away (or are going to soon)

    It's just hard when the things that are important to me aren't seen as important by the people I care about :/ xx

  53. 1. Being in a career that I am passionate about - you spend so much time at work and the stress I went through in my last job was not good for me. I'm not more determined than ever to start my new job and reach my ultimate goal of veterinary nursing
    2. A healthier lifestyle - I'm trying to snack less and be a little more active
    3. Working on my blog - I've recently started and have really enjoyed it so far (

    Ellen x

  54. Lovely post, I adore you motivational monday posts Louise!

    Love, Lou xxx

  55. Hi Louise,

    Thanks for another great motivational Monday post! My three things are:
    1. Make sure that I appreciate my family and friends and make plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with them
    2. Getting feedback about my performance as a rowing cox to make sure that I'm saying the right things to improve and motivate my rowing crew
    3. Plan how I want to continue decorating my new home. I saved hard to buy it so I should make sure that I spend the time to get it looking exactly how I want it to look!

    Lucy x The New Northerner

  56. - making sure i look at the positives of the day, no matter how hard it is.
    - reading/counting with my littlest brother, he really misses my mum since she left us so he enjoys still having a mummy like figure in his life even if i am only his sister.
    - not littering, i'm super passionate about the way our world is treated so i get quite angry when i see litter, or when people are being lazy and cant be bothered to hold onto something until they find a bin.

    thankyou for motivational mondays louise!

  57. 1. Staying positive and attracting positive energy/attractions.
    2. Taking care of my health.
    3. My best friend and family, never could live without them.

    mwah xx

  58. Motivational Mondays are practically the only thing I look forward to on a Monday, so keep these up :)

    1. Be positive towards myself and others.
    2. Do something kind each day.
    3. Have time to relax for yourself.

  59. Wow I've actually had some trouble thinking of my 3 things. This was very thought provoking, obviously I needed to have a good hard think about it.

    1. Focus on finding a job.
    2. Be more social.
    3. Start getting organised for University next year.

    You've actually made me SO motivated this week Louise. Thank you so much!

  60. 1. Aprriciate my friends more
    2. Spend more time with my family
    3. Stop spending!
    This was definitely one of my favourite Motivational Mondays, you give such good advice!

  61. Thanks for this post!
    Time to myself
    Rebecca x
    Ze Makeup

  62. Louise,

    You are an absolute icon of femininity and glitterness (good word huh!) and I am so in love with every piece of work you do! You must get this all the time but when ever you have a moment of hardship please remember that every single thing you invest your time and energy into that we get the joy of reading makes me so happy.

    You are such a wonderful lady and I hope I as wise and vivacious as you one day :)


  63. This is so great to hear right in the thick of exam week! My goals for this summer are to spend more time with family, to spend more time with friends, and to eat healthier! x

  64. Louise - THANK YOU so much for this motivational post. I needed it today! It is so important to focus on what is meaningful and important in life. Forget about having a spotless kitchen, just hug your daughter and enjoy every minute.

    1. My family

    2. Breathing fresh, clean air

    3. Enjoying my health

  65. This is such an amazing post! I love it :)
    1. My grandparents
    2. Immediately family/friends
    3. Saving money for the future.

    Thank you for inspiring me!xx

  66. YES YES YES!! I totally needed this. I can't share what my three things are but thank you for reminding me :)

  67. 1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Health

    Loved this post Louise! xx

  68. 1. Taking Pictures (which is why I love instagram however my friends always slag it off)
    2. Fashion. It has been something I've loved for years and years now and I love wearing a lovely outfit that I love and feeling great about it!
    3. FOOD. I know it's no huge and it's not exactly a good thing that I love food, but I mean good food, that you remember. Like maybe you've been over at your friends house & they've made you pancakes for breakfast, what a lovely gesture and memory!

    I would normally say friends but lately I have felt very distant from most of my friends except for one.

  69. I have been feeling the exact way recently. When I worry about something I think to myself, 'will I be bothered about this next week?' and usually the answer is no.
    Mine are, 1) Family, 2)happiness (I know everyone says that mind) and 3)health
    You're brilliant Louise! xx

  70. Ohhhhhwww i love you and your motivational mondays soo much.
    a little bit too much, its safe to say!

    1. Family and Friends
    2. Respecting myself and others
    3. express myself

  71. 1. My boyfriend - I'm getting married next May after being together since we were 15 :)
    2. Family and friends
    3. My job - I'm training to be a midwife and every day I know I'm lucky that I'm doing something I care about (even the rubbish days) xxx

  72. 1. Spend quality time with family
    2. Spend lots of quality time with Hubby
    3, Start a family - not to stress about it and have fun, after all it's meant to be fun making a baby.

    Thank you for your motivation blog xxxx

  73. I love this! I'm like you, I spend so much time preening the house that I sometimes miss out on the fun stuff that really makes life good. When I was younger I used to have a saying 'If the world ended tomorrow would it matter if I had...' and then I'd insert whatever boring task I was trying to get out of (usually washing up) and decide that there were much more fun things to do and it could wait. It's funny how things change as you get older. But you're totally right, we need to priortise the more important things. Mine?

    1. Writing
    2. Loving - hubby, family, friends, random stuff
    3. Exploring

    And... can I have chocolate too - I get mighty grumpy if I don't have chocolate!

    Keep up the fab work xx

  74. I love a post that gets my brain tick-tocking! Here are the three things that matter to me :D

    1) My boyfriend, partner, best friend, carer, soul mate (cheeeseeeee)
    2) Becoming mentally and financially stable-er in prep for baby trying next year
    3) Having balance in all I do

    With love,

  75. Great post ;).

    1. Travel more often
    2. Be active for the environment
    3. Be more outgoing

    That's my list!


  76. Such a good post Louise :))
    1. get good grades in my Gcse
    2. spend more time with friends to make more memories
    3. being happy

  77. I love this! I Know what you mean about sometimes losing sight of what is important. The things I want focus on are My husband and family, making time for the important things in life and finally myself. I know that may seem selfish, but I often forget to have 'me time' and it makes me feel all out of sorts and its everyone else that suffers in the long run!

    Ash :-)

  78. Motivational Monday,what a great way to start the week! Spend more time with my parents playing board games instead of all staring at the television and look on the brighter side of life more, things could always be worse .

    Inspirational Speaker

    Mark Duin

  79. Loved motivational mondays!!!

    1. Spend more time with my friends and appreciate that I have such amazing people around me.
    2. Focus more of my time on homework and make an effort at school.
    3. Be more active and exercise more.

    Love you Louise and thanks again for such an amazing post!! :D

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