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Sunday, 7 March 2010

5 Products I Could Never Live Without TAG

A while back, in the depths of February, I said that I wanted to do a taggero and couldn't decide which one I fancied. The ever lovely Kathy from Germany, suggested a products-I-can't-live-without one and so here we are. I'll keep it short and sweet because I know you'd rather read reviews and whatnot :)

1. LUSH Dream Cream to keep my skin all hydrated and lovely.
2. Mascara. I'm a mascara whore and am not loyal to a particular one. At the mo I'm using Bourjois but my love affair with this could end any day!
3. MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing. I use this everyday as an eyeshadow primer or just on it's own if I'm being a lazymouse (Ricky Gervias fans will get that). One magical time about a year ago, MAC did a shadestick in Pink Couture and it was the best colour ever. I have used it all up now and they haven't done a light pink one since. I live in hope they will bring this baby back.
4. Fake tan. Preferably the Garnier Ambre Solair Dry Mist variety. Tan hides a multitude of sins, of which I have many!
5. Soap and Glory Mother Pucker lipgloss in Peachy Keen. Yes please.

I tag everybody to do this. It's quick and theraputic and a perfect Sunday morning pleasure :)

Toodlepip! xx


  1. Nice list! I love reading this type of tags =) My 5 can't live without freaking out products would be Clinique facial soap, mascara (I like Clinique & Rimmel London), Korres Monoi Oil bronzer, MAC Feline khol power and foundation.
    BTW, I find Maybelline's Colour Define to be similar to shadesticks, have you given them a go? They have a light pink colour that maybe looks similar to the MAC one you mention. XO!

  2. Ooo I shall defo have a look at them tomorrow, I'm desperados for my trusty pink shadestick. Grrr I wanted the feline khol, went into the shop to get it in Milton Keynes and the dozy woman gave me the wrong colour and I couldnt return it because I lost the reciept! GARGH! A normal person would just get over this, but a makeup obsessed person can not! Grr!!
    Thank you for your comment and thanks for reading my lovely! xxx

  3. i love the soapand glory mother pucker lip gloss too!!!

  4. If your looking for a pink eyeshadow base, then maybellines colour tattoo in 'rose gold'or on superdrugs website it says 'eternal gold' is perfect !! I use it everyday with a bit of winged black liner + some pinky gloss and your good to go! Hope this helps ;)


Thank you for comment!
Sprinkleofglitter xxx

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