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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Highlighter Lowpricer!

Whilst shopping in Liverpool a couple of weekends ago (woop I bloomin' LOVE it there), I had the ritual splurge in Primani. Let's face it, for £40 you can practically buy a new wardrobe! On my meandering between the underwear and escalaters to the shoes, I stumbled across a whole section for makeup.

I know Primark have done a small range for little bits for a while back but this was new and bright and shiny, and like a magpie, I was drawn to it.

I didn't go wild, but one thing I did pick up, was this little beauty above. Its a bronzer/highlighter and its actually bloomin' marvellous! I think it was about £2.50, but don't quote me on that, comes in very attractive packaging and is supplied with a lovely little brush. I'm not sure the brush is up to much, its soft and nicely rounded but not really sturdy enough to joosh round the powder and buff into my skin, I'd defo have to use my own fluffy brush.

The pigment in this product is average-good and if you take the time, you can build it up quite nicely. I actually prefer products like this because it means you can create a range of effects, from just-woken-up fresh skin, to ooooohh-what-a-cold-day-im-so-cute sort of a look! You all know you do it! haha!

Another thing I really enjoyed about this bronzer/highlighter, is that the bronzer is fairly matt, so you don't get a sparkley effect. Now I love glitter and sparkle more than life itself, but sometimes, SOMETIMES, I like to go for a more mature look. It's smooth and silky to apply and lasts a good few hours.

I use this products quite regularly on my white skin and at the weekend, I used it on my sister's skin and she is half persian. I used just the pinky tone on her and she looked adorable (it helps that she's only 13!) and dewy looking, which goes to show that the powder can work on lighter and darker skin tones. I might start using more products on her so I can give a more rounded review. What do you think?

All told, I think I might well buy this again, either for myself or friends. It's cheap and cheerful and gives, for £2.50, wonderful results!

Toodlepip! xx


  1. wow thats cheap you got a good deal, wish i could find things cheap like that around here lol.. be sure to follow my blog :)

    thanks sweets!

  2. :O i had no idea Primark did makeup!
    will have to check it out!
    going to liverpool on the 27th so will have a nosey and will defo be getting some for that price!
    Thanks for the review!


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