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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Lou's Reviews- Eylure Girls Aloud Lashes

Aloha Bloggerinos,

On a recent Soap & Glory binge in Boots, I noticed that my favourite false eyelashes were on offer- what a brucey bonus! These are the Eylure Girls Aloud Eyelash range and usually retail for £5, but on this day there were about £3.60 per pair. I just checked on and they are now £4.86, so still a tiny saving I suppose.

I have tried quite a few brands of eyelashes in my quest to find the best. For me, the 'best' have to be easy to apply, don't make you look like a crazed hooker/like you have 2 featherly little insects nestling on your eyelids, and preferrably be re-usable. These lashes tick all the boxes.

This range comes with 5 different styles, one for each member of Girls Aloud, and my two favs are 'Kimberly' and 'Nicole'. I find these both to be not too trashy and obvious, but not so natural that you can't tell they're on.

They are the easiest I have ever tried to put on. When you peel them off the packaging, they stay in their arched shape and that makes them easy to just pop onto the lid. You are provided with a generous tube of Eylure glue which is simple and effective. Full instructions are also provided- woop woop.

The lashes stay on all night and even though the packet doesn't say so, I re-use them. Just take them off gently at the end of the night/day, give them a delicate clean with a makeup wipe (or cleaning method of your choosing) and place them carefully back in their box. Viola! Ready to go for next time! I use mine for as long as I can before they go cacky- nice!

10 out of 10 for these fab lashes! Above is a picture of me sporting a pair and just for my jollies, here is a picure of me being a bit of a ninconpoop and my chum Samuel- I'm sure he'll appreciate it! Ha!

Toodlepip! xx


  1. Great review! Makes me want to try them but lunfortunatly we don't have Girls Aloud lashes in the US. :)

  2. You're my favourite blogger!
    Great review and love the picture! you're stunning as well :Dxxx

  3. Joycexec- Oh noooo! That's such a shame. Perhaps if you really wanted them you could try ebay? Although I'm sure there will be something very similar on your side of the pond. :)
    Stacey- For that comment, you're my favourite reader! Ha! Don't think I have ver been referred to as "stunning" so that has made my day!
    Thanks Bloggerinos! xxx

  4. Hee hee lovely photos! :D These look really good, thanks for the great review!

  5. i use the nicola ones when i go out theyre fantastic ! ♥

  6. I like this review, I just read this one Girls aloud false lashes review and you both have done a fantastic job! Thanks for the reviews


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