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Sunday 21 March 2010

Lou's Reviews- Soap and Glory Sexy XL Extreme Plump Lipgloss

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As you will (I hope) have read, I have been on a Soap & Glory binge lately, because of the 1/3 off offer in Boots. Yay!

This is Soap and Glory's Sexy XL Extreme Plump Lipgloss, phewf, what a mouthfull! This retails at £10.00 but because of the spiffing deal, I picked it up for £6.67-woop woop! This is a tube of 10ml of gloss. Lovely.

Now, being an avid lover of the Sexy Mother Pucker glosses, this was bound to be a winner in my eyes. My only wish is that they would do more than just "clear" in the colour range.

The idea of the lipgloss is that it contains nanovectors and visivolume, as well as natural oils and collagen extracts, which all work together to plump, smooth and fill. And WOWZAS, it does!

I put this on in office, I couldn't wait to get home, and within about 3 minutes my lips had gone all fizzy and tingly. For some people this might be a bit much but frankly, I LOVE IT. It's the best (err, well not THE best-ooer misses) sensation ever! Not only did it make my lips feel amazing, it actually did make them appear a lot fuller. I thought it was just me that thoughnt so, but quite a few people commented. To be sure (now I'm gonna sound like a total saddo), I made my chum Jamie take a picture of my bare lips and then after 10 minutes of the gloss on, take another picture, and yes, there WAS a difference.

This lipgloss is easy to apply with the little slanted plastic nozzle, although I think if you weren't careful, it could get cacky. It is pleasantly unsticky and looks sheeny rather than gloopy.

(Grr sorry for the blurry pic)

The packaging is another winner for Soap and Glory. The box is jazzy and looks lovely in their signature colours- pinks, neons and silvers. The actual lipgloss packaging itself is sleek and silver. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a bit of pink on it but you can't have it all, eh.

I'm pleased that I picked this up on offer, but think that when it runs out I would repurchase it at the full £10.00 because I just love the tingly feeling- it really is like none other.

Have you tried this tingletastic lipgloss? What were your thoughts?

Toodlepip! xx


  1. I nearly bought this today, wish I had done now! On a seperate note, I love the earrings you showed in your last YT video. Any chance of selling me a pair?!! xx

  2. Hey Missmascara- of course! I'm going to take lots of pictures of all the different varieties, post them and then do a blog sale. I've always shied away from this but I'm going to research paypall and do it! Woop woop!
    Thank you for your interest, you always write such lovely comments! xxxx

  3. Thank you, really looking forward to it. xx

  4. I want one!!!
    I need vivacious lips!
    jk but really I love me some voluptuous lips!


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