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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lou's Reviews- Bloom Lip Gloss

Aloha Bloggerinos!

I have been a little lax on the old reviewing frot lately, I blame working full time and being a bit pooped. Never the less, here I am rarring to go with my thoughts on a Lipgloss from the fairly new (in the last 18 months anyway) makeup brand, Bloom.

I first saw this brand when a lovely all-shades-of-pastels stand popped up in Superdrug about a year ago and I was lured in by all the pretty, girlie colours. I have always liked the look of everything and the innovative packaging ideas (have you seen the cream eyeshadows that come in little paint tubes? too cute!) but never actually taken the plunge and bought anything...until now.

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling rather jolly and felt like breaking free of my pinks and clears and going for something a bit more summery and happy, despite the snow and cold! I was feeling adventurous so had a little gander at the Bloom counter and noticed the lovely rich colours of the glosses. The lipgloss I purchased (for £8) is Bloom Lipgloss in Tangerine. I hasten to add, it is not tangeriney orangey I-just-snogged-a-cheesy-nacho orange, but more of a fresh coral colour.

The gloss is a beautiful sheer colour that you can build up easily (well, to an extent because how much lipgloss can one really put on one's lips!ha) and it'd so un-sticky! I absolutely hate it when it feels like you have smeared jam all over your mouth and it goes all yakky, but this is lovely and smoothy and sheeny. Hmm the picture makes it look slightly more pinky than it is so please excuse this technical mis-hap!

For £8, you get 8ml of product and very pleasing packaging. The box claims that this lipgloss is packed with a blend of oils that will condition you lips, "leaving them soft, glossy and glam". Whilst my lips didn't feel baaadd, I can't say that they felt particularly moisturised either so the jury is out on that one. It does however, have a delightfully chocolatey scent to it which is a brucey bonus.

A little down fall is that, on first glance, I thought the applicator was a sponge doefoot style, but when you look at it and try to apply it, it is more of a cylindrical sponge wand, which is a bit odd. It isn't impossible to use but you would think that a mid-range company like this would provide better tools with their products! gr!

All in all, I think my Tangerine Bloom Lipgloss is a good product. I would think it was better if it was less mula, under the £5 mark, because I'm not sure quite what I'm getting for the £8. With MAC it's the brilliance of MAC and with something like Soap and Glory it is the zinging plumping feel, but this seems a bit run-of-the-mill to be £8.

Good product, bad price! Any of you Bloggerinos tried out the Bloom range? What are your thoughts?

Toodlepip! xx


  1. Great Post! I havent tried this brand, ive seen it but never bought anything because 1. I havent heard that much about it and 2. The price,i think its so expensive!!

    Maybe ill try something out anyway :)

  2. Have never heard of Bloom! The colour looks lovely though.

  3. i think its soooo expensive too but i think im falling in love with it. Their mineral foundation is gorgeous and im in love with their lipglosses too!


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