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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Amazing Advertisers || June 2012

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

This month has flown by hasn't it?! It's time for Amazing Advertisers again, which is your opportunity to get to know the lovely ladies that have been nestled in the left hand side bar this month.

If you would like to advertise on Sprinkle of Glitter in May, look up to the tabs under my header, and 'Sponsor' has all my advertising packages within it.

(Image :

Briar (her blog name) is a peach. We met last month at a conference and have spoken a few times since and she is honestly one of life's 'good people'. Her beautifully girlie blog keeps her sane as she lives in a house full of boys (her Husband and two sons) and I'm really glad that she has created her little online haven. Do go and relish in it too. 

Dashing Divas

Dashing Divas is a blog run by three lovely ladies, all with a passion for exercise and healthy eating. They don't blog about crazy fad diets or extreme weight loss, but instead provide helpful tips on the latest exercise gadgets, motivation to get going and a place to find support and ideas for those looking to start or continue with an exercise regime. None of them confess to be 'skinny minnies', they are regular women with a desire to keep fit. Is that's your bag, you'll love this site!

El is my buddy. We chatter daily about all manner of things and she is one of the most knowledgable women I have ever come across. Need to know how to stop your dishwasher leaving grit on glasses? She knows. Need to know where you can find a plus size pleated skirt? She knows. Need to know the meaning of life? She knows. Almost. Basically, she's a winner in my books so go and smother her with winner's glory! Ooerr. 

Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist

Laura is having a complimentary month this June because she is my most frequent Amazing Advertisers and has had to take a few big scary trips to the dentist. Going to the dentist is in my top three of things I hate (alongside giving birth and driving on the motorway) so I really empathised with her. Naturally, the dentist costs a small fortune (paying for pain, lovely) so this months on me because she's a good egg. Go and check her out, if not for her blog, but to console her for her hurty mouth. Poor lamb.


Rebecca writes about a little bit of everything, from makeup to fashion, to tags to YouTube, there are a wide variety of posts to choose from. I just had a lovely long look through her blog and am in the mood for a Summer holiday- very jealous of her upcoming trip! I've noticed that she also offers advertising packages that look remarkably similar to mine. Copying is the best form of flattery eh?

Aspirations of Glam

Liz probably won't see this as she is currently off jet setting round the Thailand area- the lucky ducky!! Whilst she's away, do check out her blog as it is an absolute pleasure to read. However, if you are a sho-aholic and fight the urge to buy amazingly bargainous shoes, it may well be dangerous- eep. Oh, and don't call her freckles cute, she's going for glam dontchya know! ;)

Wonderful You

You know when you find a blog that you want to immediately sit and read every single post of? That's what Meg's blog is to me. I feel so inspired and rarring to go after a few minutes over there, not to mention a little envious of her OOTD's and beauty photos. I'm not normally a fan of taking photographs of products in grass, but the way Megs does it makes me feel like I'm a little ant in a wonderland like 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids'. If I'm not making sense (which I doubt I am), hop on over and see for yourself. 

Emma Cossey The Freelance Lifestyle

Emma is a savvy lady with an impressive portfolio of places she has written for- The Times Wedding Section - Oh la la! As well as being a Freelance Writer/Editor/Ambassador, she also runs her own blog about all manner of interesting or helpful things. She has pointed me in the direction of some great online media tools and I particularly enjoyed her post about Introverts and Extroverts. Check her out and find out what you are.

Fivolous Mrs D

Elena is living the dream. She is married with 2 fluffy kitties and runs her own business- A cupcakery!!! Who doesn't want to have cats and make cupcakes for a job?! Her blog is jam packed with nail of the day's (I now want to pull off my impress nails and do mint polka dots like hers), OOTD and beauty reviews. Cakes and makeup, I'm all over it!! Such a sweet blog, a must have for your reading list. 

The Beauty of Louise

Louise's blog (oohh that feels weird saying that when my name is Louise too haha) has just had a total makeover and is an absolute beauty! You will find well thought out posts, great images and BRILLIANT nail ideas! Ever seen 'thread nails'? I hadn't until I read her tutorial and LOVED it. Go and make your nails all thready cool please. I foresee a new nail trend! 

If you would like to book a slot for next month (July), I am now responding to all enquiries and spaces will book up fast, judging on the amount of emails I already have in my inbox- eepp!!! Contact me on

Who's blog are you hearting this month?



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Dashing Divas. If you would like to know more about advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter, check out my 'Sponsor' page up at the top! 


  1. I may pinch your advertising packages too name twin ;)

  2. I would love to advertise on your blog but can't afford the higher ones :( I am trying to reach 100 followers for my birthday but as I started my blog on sunday and my birthday is next thursday I don't think it's gonna happen! Hahaa I lvoe your blog Louise xxx

  3. i absolutely love Vivianna Does Makeup

    If anyone gets the chance, check out my blog :) it's a newbie but hope you like it!
    I watched yours and Zoe's video for tips, sorry if this is an annoying 'look at my blog' comment, it isn't meant to be!!

  4. lovely blogs i have had a snoop around them all :) lovely


  5. I love your blog, and this kind of post gives me so many new blogs to read.

  6. Yes I did steal your advertising package idea. I'm sure you can forgive me lol. It was only until I thought of my own and so I now offer a pick and mix system for advertising so please check out my blog x x

  7. Can I just say those cupcakes look delicious aha!

  8. Ooo going to try and pop over to those thanks for sharing

  9. I really want to get to 100 followers for my birthday :( July 10 I'll be 13


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