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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Man Beads Grr!

For the past few days we've had our guitar loving friend friend Anthony staying with us and it was music to my ears when he said "Do you have any beads?". Ooooooh yes I certainly do- just about every sort of bead you can imagine my little chum! Woohoo! He subsequently requested a "manly" bracelet with my little glass seed beads and so I got cracking!

I've never made a "manly" bracelet before and being the ultimate girly girl I had a challenge on my hands to not choose pink and glitter. I settled for black, brown and forest green (hehe the forest green beads have a slight shimmer to them but he wont notice and I got my glitter fix- phew).

I used a seed bead needle, black nymo, a silver plated twisty clasp and size 11 beads and simply strung the beads on the nymo thread and strengthened around the clasp. I doubled up the nymo for extra manly sturdyness ("sturdy" is a rather manly word isn't it?!) and voila- a man bracelet...maybe a mracelet? haha.

Brownie Points if you can work out what the mracelet is having its photoshoot on...

Toodlepip! xx


  1. It's a bit late now I feel but I'm just catching up on your blog and noticed no one had commented so thought I may as well say..... IT'S A GUITAR!!!!!!!!! Can I have my brownie points now please? ;0)

    x hel x

  2. xhelx- Not only do you get the brownie points for commenting, you also get the brownie points for reading through my old posts, back in the day when I was trying to be Mrs Twee Crafty, then I let loose and made the blog EEVVVVEERYYYTTHINGG! Woooo!!

    One Million brownie points xxxx

    Oh I say I'm in a very giddy mood today, I do apologise!! xxxx

  3. ^ haha this is awesome


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