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Friday, 23 October 2009

Vintage Tea Party

Today was one of those special days that you just know that in 5 years time, you will look back and think "That was a nice moment" and smile to yourself at the sparkly little memory- I call these 'Mental Gems'. A memory that you cherish, that brings a smile to your face and a warm fuzzy to your heart. Call me smooshy but there we are- its another one (along with my love for fridge fronts), that I tend to keep on the down loooow.

Anyway, today all three Aunties, Judith, Jackie and Rosey-Posey-Timble-Tosey, came round for tea and cakes and I like to think I stepped up to the mark. Out came the vintage plates that were left to me by my beautiful Mother (Diana Jane) and on went the oven for a variety of home baked goodies. Ok, you caught me, that's not 100% true. I did dig out my vintage china from my Mummy, but I might not have actually made the mini apple pies and sponge cakes. It is possible that the helpful staff at Morrisons did that part. Tehe.

After tea and cakes on delightful plates (nearly poetry there), a little auntie shaped birdie told me that I have a secret blog follower. I have known my secret blog follower all her life and used to play with her and her big sister in the summer house in their garden and at my cousin's house. Well please secret follower, will you become a public follower (click "follow" option at side of page and follow instructions to create a google account- tres tres simple chum) and let yourself be known! As a little thank you to you for following, please enjoy this picture :)

A bit of a waffly bloggeroo today but I wanted to share my vintagey things with you (they make me micro happy) and also wanted to say "Thank you Kindly Following Chums" to everyone who takes the time to read!

Toodlepip! xx


  1. Hi Louise! Loved the post. I never had a Vintage Tea Part and would love to have one. I think may do it next week with my dearest.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful ideas you have gathered for your beds for sale UK

  3. Hi Louise! I love your blogs. And I think this is your first blog and omg I love it. I know its 2014 and you started this is 2009 but I just love them they are AMAZING!! And your YouTube channel. There's probably a 0.1% chance that your actually gonna see this but if you do I LOVE YOU LOUISE!

  4. Love you always Louise, you are inspirational and have really helped boosting my confidence this past year, I can never thank you enough x

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