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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Microhunting for happiness

It is a known fact that us humans are constantly on the hunt for happiness. Is it fast cars and a big house? Is it fame? Is it family? Well who knows!!?

Inspired by the book I am reading at the mo (see previous posts), I'm on the search for mini happiness. So with that in mind, on Sunday, I snapped a variety of little things that made me happy and brought me pleasure. I hope my pleasure is also yours.

This mini person on this great rustic rowing boat was a photoshoot not to be missed!

I spotted these curtain tassels in an interior design shop and was drawn to the jewel-like tones of them. The are nothing more than metal, plastic and coloured threads but they seem to exude a certain richness.

This is the handle of a knife and fork in a quaint country cafe and I couldn't resist snapping their ornateness. Fancy Shmancy.

The front of this antique shop is one of the best shop fronts I have ever seen. Its so full of frivolity that it makes me want to rush and see what treasures lay within.

As you know, my penchant for buttons runs deep so not taking a close up of this fabulous cushion would have been a crime to me!
Hope you enjoyed reading and you micro liked my micro hunt!
Toodlepip! xx

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  1. Loving your pictures. Particulary like the last one with the buttons-looks very professional. x


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