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Monday 19 October 2009

A sweet treat

Embracing the beader within, I hopped onto ETSY (the greatest place ever for handmade items) and made an online order for some very cute cupcake inspired beads. The like fimo bead charms are shaped into cookies, oreas, poptarts, multicoloured cupcakes, gumball machines and many more.

I wanted my bracelets to be as bright and fun as possible and so I chose a round fuchsia bead, elastic string (I usually use Nymo thread for beading but as this is only beads strung on in a line, the nymo wasn't necessary) and of course, my candy charms.

These are so scrummy I'm including photographs of them, a couple modelled on a very excited Issobelle, who would like you to know the charms are just "pwetend sweets", so don't eat them! Ahhh.
I will be selling these bracelets for £4.50 for a 4 charmed item and £5.50 for a 6 charmed item. Chilrdren's bracelets have 3 charms and are £3.50. Contact/leave a comment if interested. :)

Toodlepip! xx


  1. Nice bracelets! I bet kids will love them!

  2. today i crafted a pumpkin, it looks meannnnnnn and im going to paint him :-D

  3. OOh thank you Matt. And TBC, can you tell us your method and I shall make one and post it on here in your honour? x

  4. These. Are. So. ADORABLE!!!


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