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Saturday 3 October 2009

One more step along the road I go, more and more about the world I know...

This Thursday October was seen in with glorious sunshine and crisp orange leaves falling of the trees like golden confetti and it seemed almost a crime to stay in doors and waste the beauty of it all. I volunteered to collect my other Niece, Issobelle (mentioned in 'Naked Ambition') from school and walk her back to my house for an hour or so.

The walk to collect her was 10-15 minutes maximum with my grown up legs, but it turns out, little legs walk a lot slower and little hands and eyes are a lot more inquisitive than I had anticipated and so the time home tripled in length! It was such a fun 45 minutes, I thought I would share some of the moments with you- not very beads or buttons but definitely a sprinkle of glitter in my opinion.

Along the way we wandered onto the green where Issobelle was beside herself with glee when she realised the power her foot kicking had in a big pile of crunchy leaves!

Then she found a baby feather and after some alarm that the baby bird was lacking a feather and discussing that baby bird was fine, the feather became a hot topic for the next 200 yards.

The cherry on the cake was the little ginger cat that took a real shining to Issobelle's little hands and after much stroking, followed us all the way home. To reward her "fwend", Issobelle felt the cat deserved a couple of Mindy's cat treats, which soon turned into rather more than a couple- sorry Mindy!!

So with Issobelle finding fun in leaves, feathers and cats, what did I find fun in? My fun was watching Issobelle enjoy the simple things and loving every moment of what could have been a mundane journey.

Toodlepip! xx


  1. You should write a book! Don't forget the Christmas Decorations! I feel compelled to stay with you on this creative journey of ours to try and help you put as many projects on here. I have learned loads!! Thank you!!

  2. Thank you!! If ever someone publishes me (woop woop that'd be super!) then I shall dedicate all the Christmassy projects to you! Im saving all my Christmas articles for my Festive December Bonanza! xxx

    1. Girl you are publishing a book now! Look how far you've come! <3

  3. Is it strange that I read/watch my favourite bloggers'/youtubers' first few videos/posts for inspiration (but I enjoy the new ones for entertainment of course). Thanks Louise for being so inspiration (even when you first started your blog). Annie xxxx


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