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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Blog Sale- Handmade Sweetie Earrings

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Exciting news! I'm having a blog sale!

Do you remember a few months back I did a little post about one of my craft fairs and all the pretties that I sold? Well I decided that with the tiny bit of stock I have left, I would see if any of you lovely Bloggerinos would like the chance to get your manicured mitts on it.

Paypal Only, just leave your paypal email and I'll invoice you. Leave a comment below telling me which item you would like. All items will come packaged in a pretty pastel coloured organza bag and a jiffy postage bag for a smooooth ride to your home!

Please note £1 for UK postage and £2 for overseas.

All my pieces are one off, so once they are gone, they are gone. If they sell out fast, I may make some more but just going to see how this goes for now. Wish me luck :)


Pink Bambi Earrings- £4.20 - SOLD TO TIFFANY

 Amber Kissing-Couple Earrings - £4.20

ChocChip Cookie Earrings- £4.20 - SOLD TO SJ

Very-Berry Cupcake Earrings- £4.20 - SOLD TO JO

Pink Sparkle Popsicle Earrings- £4.20 - SOLD TO JO

Yummy Oreo Earrings- £4.20- SOLD TO SJ

Pink Chocolate Pop Tar Earrings- £4.20 - SOLD TO SJ

My sweetie earrings usually sell out at craft fairs so comment quick!

What do you think? Shall I do more sales like this or is it all about the cosmetics for you lovely Bloggerinos?



  1. LOVE these! I'd like the cupcake and Popsicle earrings please!! Paypal email is Xx

  2. Thanks Jo- Going to email you now and can post out tomorrow xxx

  3. Thank you Lou, have received your email and have just whizzed payment over to you :) Ooh I can't wait for Mr Postman to bring my goodies!! xxx

  4. These are all so cute Lou! I'd love the pink bambi earrings please! My paypal email is Thanks love!

  5. Those are so freakin cute! Good job!

  6. Hi Tiffany- I will paypal you when I get home from the office (I dont think I can access paypal from work pc but will try. Until then, Bambi Earrings are reserved for you chickadee!

    Thank you very much!

  7. Hey girl!
    I just wanted to write back to say thank you so much for your lovely comment! I repplied to you on my blog, but I wanted to say thank you again in case you didnt read it haha!
    It seriously means so much that people like you leave me such lovely comments, especially with a scary post like an OOTD! I love your blog, your so sweet and lovely and a real friend!
    Your a real inspiration to me!

  8. Oh wow they're gorgeous... I soo want the lollipop and cupcake ones, should have got in there quicker :( xx

  9. can I have the cookie and pop tart ones please!

  10. Tiffany- Thank you for paypalling me, your package is now in the post :)

    essjayarr- Thank you very much, I will reserve these for you now and paypal you tonight (can't do it from work, site is blocked grr). Woop woop xxxxx

  11. Lou - just a quick comment to let you know that I received the earrings safe and sound yesterday. I love, love, love them!!!!

    Thank you so much - a little blog post will be dedicated to them v soon :) xxx

  12. Do you still have the very berry cupcake earrings available? I'd love them if you do :) xx

  13. Hi Hannah, thanks for your comment. Yes indeedy, I have one last pair! What luck!!
    Oohh you've sent me your address and I just commented on your blog to send it- don't worry! I shall invoice you tonight and send them out in the morn xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. OH MY GOD! i got them in the post this morning and am utterly in love!! They are so pretty, cute and detailed!! awww :D

    Can I order the oreo ones too plz? I have a friend who loves them and her birthday is coming up!! They would be perfect! Gonna be blogging about them soon! :D is my paypal :)

    Sj xxx

  15. Hi SJ,

    I'm so pleased you like them :) And if you blog about them, do you mind if I tell everyone and point them to your blog to read?

    Yes you can indeedy have the oreo earrings. I'll paypal invoice you tonight, post tomorrow and you will have them Friday/Saturday :)

    Lotsa bloggy love xxxxx

  16. Yeah ofcourse thats fine :)
    Ill let you know when ive written it :)

    Sj xx

  17. I got my cupcake earrings today - they're gorgeous! Thanks so much I'll definitely be wearing them lots :D xx

  18. Hi Hannah,

    Yay, glad you like them!


  19. Will you be having any more blog sales in the future? I love the top two earrings, the see throughy plastic :Dxxxx

  20. Hi Lou! Just letting you know I finally got my cute Bambi earrings! I was getting jealous of all the lucky UK girls who were receiving their earrings in like 2 days! That's what I get for being across the pond I guess :) Anyway, I LOVE them! Thank you so much! I think I'll have to wear them in a FOTD very soon! xx

  21. Sweet, what are these made of if you don't mind me asking?

  22. Wow! These are amazing! Would love to see more. I'm your newest follower as of now. :) I'll be looking for more of your posts. What lovely work you do!

    Warm wishes,
    Kendra From Ribbons & Pearls

  23. Lovely earrings! They are very fantastic handmade creation!

  24. Nice Collection! Thanks for sharing this us!. I appreciate it. It is very beneficial for visitors. emerald earrings online


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