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Tuesday 1 June 2010

Excuse me, could you turn the rain off?

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Just sorting through my pictures from the weekend and thought you might enjoy this one.

I had just shlepped round Liverpool One (the nicest shopping place ever in my opinion-anyone know it?) in the pouring rain, then, outside Tesco Metro, this reeaallllyy burly market stall man shouted "Geeeeettt your umBREllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssss!!!!" so loudly that I nearly lost my hearing!! I was so startled that I practically walked into him, mumbled my apologies and do you know what he replied, six whole inches from my face? "GEEEEETTTT YOURR UMBRELLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!".

I thought I should buy one being as a) I was drowning and b) I suspected Mr Umbrella (ella,ella, ella) might stab me to death with a brolly spoke if I didn't "get my umbrellaaaaa".

£3 and an awful bedraggled barnett later, I arrived at the train station ready for a mammoth shlep round Manchester. I blame the rain and cold for my deathly flu!! I've been snoozing all afternoon and have woken up looking a right treat! Yikes!

So Bloggerinos, have a little chuckle and stay indoors!




  1. haha that pictures hilarious :)
    i live in liverpool :) i see on lots of your posts you mention it :) xx

  2. that is the funniest picture and your umbrellaaaaaaaaaa looks pretty cool for £3! xx

  3. You're so adorable. Your blog is definitely becoming one of my favorites to ever read. Love your new umbrella!!!

  4. hahaha,you cracked me up!Nice umbrella by the way!:)
    Tonia xx

  5. Haha thanks guys!
    Cara- you are so nice! Glad you enjoy it!
    Sarah- I lived in Liverpool from 2003-2009 and can honestly say it is my all time favourite city!

  6. LOL I hate rain! It's pouring here and its really hot ang muggy ugh.

  7. lol - rain isn't good :p
    Only been to liverpool one and it was brief - note to self:must go to liverpool One soon :)

  8. That's my caught-in-rain face too, hehe :) love the brolly though and your bag from what I can see of it - Cath Kidston? x

  9. oh dear not good :( hope you feel better soon, and ps - the UMBRELLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA looks cute hehe!

    shel xo

  10. hehe you look gorgeous even when you're dishevelled! :) *LOVE* all your posts! xx

  11. HAHA!
    I can really imagine that guy yelling that!!
    Great pic.

    X x

  12. That photo made me LOL :)
    Isn't the weather minging at the moment? It goes from one extreme to the other.
    I went to Uni in Liverpool and I reckon I've bought an umbrella off the same man! It was definitely in the same spot outside Tesco. It was only £2 though so their prices have gone up!


  13. Louise, I'm pissing myself.. you are ace.

  14. Looks like a cute umbrella! :) x

  15. In this pic I can see that baby glitter looks just like you! Something about that "whaaa?" expression you both do so well ;)

  16. Hahahha omg i'm laughing teeeeears xD aweosme :)I totally can imagine you there with the umbreeeeela man :)

  17. I love liverpool, its amazing :)
    Haha the umbrella man is always around!

  18. LOL I looooooooovvveeee this post. I can't stop laughing, literally I can hear your voice while reading this and they way you would say it. sorry if it sounds weird but I read a lot of books and I get into a fantas world. =)


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