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Saturday 26 June 2010

Lou's Reviews- Soap & Glory Sexy MotherPucker Trio Pack

Aloha Bloggerinos!

If you have been reading my bloggypops for a while, you will know that I do enjoy a bit of Soap & Glory now and again. However, with six million wedding things to pay for, I tend to wait for Boots to do a special offer before I treat myself.

Well lo and behold Boots had one such offer on last week (1/3 off) so I snapped up a little treat. I just had a looksie on the boots site and I'm afraid the offer is no longer. I bought this pack for around the £11 mark, but it is back up to £17.50 today. I figured that being as each single one is usually £8, £11 for three was an absolute steal!

Having tried Mother Pucker in Peachy Keen and XL Plump, I thought I would take advantage of the trio pack of colours that haven't graced my lips yet. Woop. So here we have it:

As always with S&G, the packaging is fabulously fun and eye catching. I like the envelopey/flappy feature- a good way to display info dontchya think?

The colours in this pack are (from left to right) Half Naked, Baby Doll and Plum Juice.

My favourite of course is Baby Doll but I do like the others too. They are very sheer so look great on bare lips for a subtle look, or you could have a layer over lipstick for a glamorous effect. I don't really think these glosses have a scent which I am pleased about because I am quite sensitive to smells and things like vanilla or lavender can leave me with headaches.

The texture is also very enjoyable, sheenyshiny but not tackysticky.

As with my Peachy Keen, they make my lips feel fizzy-tingly and all plump. It's not for everyone but I quite enjoy the sensation and would recommend you give it a whirl.

So all in all a good buy I believe and a welcome addition to my lipgloss stash.

Have you tried any of this range? What did you think?




  1. I think i've just recently caught the S&G bug!

    These looks gorgeous, but I think I may wait till they come back on offer :)

    Fingers crossed it's soon hehe


  2. i just love the packages of the Soap and Glory products!

  3. You don't smell scent?! I find they have a gorgeous sweet smell that I love!

  4. love the packaging <3

    your blog is great, so informative <3

    Mon Cheri !

  5. They look so pretty. I've been wanting to try S & G products for ages but we don't have them in Australia.

  6. Those shades are gorgeous!


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