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Wednesday 23 June 2010

Curvy Girl's OOTD- Family Picnic

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Last weekend was our Annual Family Picnic at Castle Ashby and I thought I would give you a peek at what I wore. It was sunny but not hot (which I was secretly pleased about because hot+me=big red blobgirl) so I had a kind of layered effect going on. Ooooh I love a good layer or two!

Now, these pictures were taken after a whole day of fun and frolicks so I'm not looking too polished but I'm sure you won't mind the natural look. It was pretty bloomin' windy I tell ya!

I am wearing:

Light gold pumps- Primark
Lace trim leggings- New Look
Green tunic dress- H&M
Navy heart cardi- Oasis
Gold envelope bag- Peacocks

As usual, I did the old 'cover your fatty bits and draw attention to your slim parts' trick. I won't go into it again because I fear you might be bored of hearing it from my other OOTD's!

All the items I'm wearing have been bought in the last few months (except the bag), so if you fancy them, you could still hot foot it to town and buy it :)

A couple of close ups:

How much do you love this ring? It was from a shop called Mickey in Liverpool (sadly it has closed now I think). My chum Ceri bought it for an obscene amount and I 'borrowed' it. I shall never give it back! Mwahahahaha!!

Why do my tootsies look so small? I'm a size 7 for heavens sake!

I felt that this outfit was casual but also quite practical for an outdoorsy day. Do you likey likey?




  1. Love the outfit! You look so pretty! :)

  2. I love that ring...I wouldn't want to give it back either! :)

  3. you are the proof, that girls don't have to be super-skinny to look gorgeous! you are a really pretty girl!

  4. It's comments like these that make me luurrvveee you all! xxxxxxxxxx

  5. You look lovely i love the cardigan and ring xx

  6. Ooh, you look lovely! I love the cardigan and pumps, so sweet :)

  7. Love this outfit, you look lovely, love the cardi and ring! x

  8. I have that Cardi with the red hearts and I love it too! You look fab xx

  9. Wow! You look lovely! Those pumps are making me want them (dangerous lol)

  10. Ahh goregous girl! That is such a lovely colour for you, and the ring is just fabulous!
    x x x

  11. Great outfit - I particularly love the colour of your dress, & the heart print cardigan :)

  12. Just adorable. I want to steal your heart-print cardi, or rather find one exactly like it!

  13. Woah you look real slim ! Great outfit xoxo

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