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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Curvy Girl's OOTD- Florist Meeting

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Well the phone lines have closed, the votes have been counted and verified and you would like to see an OOTD, so here you have it.

This morning I had to go for a meeting with the florist for our wedding flowers (big thanks to Shmannyshmell who sorted the florist out after a small flower related crisis!) and I wanted to look casual but a tad dressy. I don't know why but I do. Heck, when I went to book the church last year, I bought a blazer!! ha!

So here we are:

Cardigan shut.

Cardigan open (eyes shut- grrr silly me)

Dress- Good old Primark
Cardi- H&M
Shoes- Faith (from Shmannyshmell)
Earrings- River Island (recent buy)

I love this little dress because it feels floaty and girly and the pockets are big enough to put my hands in. I sometimes think that if you carry a bit of extra weight like I do, it's hard to feel girly and whimsical because you can very easily feel big and oafy (is this just me?), but this dress skims over all fatty bits and I feel nice in it. The cardi covers the remaining wobblybobbly bits (upper arms) so this is a perfect match.

Bit of ruffle detail, cute shoes and spangly earrings and you're all set!

Close ups of earrings and shoes for you to enjoy:

I bloomin' love these tan shoes! They have a little platform so they don't feel uncomfortably high to walk in and the buckle detail makes them casual and day weary. They look better with tanned legs but currently I'm giving my skin a little rest from tan.

High heels make you stretch your calves so that your legs appear longer and leaner. Apparently, when a man looks at a lady in high heels, something in his subconscious bit of brain says "Oh look, her calves are tense.....legs tense when ladies have rudietudies with a man...mmmm rudietudie....mmm I like her" and it supposedly makes them feel allured to you. I can't say the man in the florist looked particularly allured to me but there you have it.

I bought these a couple of weeks ago as a treat to myself. I bit the bullet and went for a smear test (I had been sent the letter 2 months ago!) and felt I deserved them. Yes, it's gross and yes you have to spread your legs for a stranger and be dodarred but we need to look after ourselves and it's tres important to endure the red face rather than endure much worse. Please go for your tests!!

What are your thoughts my lovely Bloggerinos? Noticed quite a few new followers today- hellooooooooo, come on in, the water's fine! :)




  1. Those earrings are COOL!

    Lovely OOTD as pure usual!

    x x

  2. You look lovely as usual. I love the cardi and those earrings are gorgeous xx

  3. I've got that dress in lemon and i love it!
    Super jealous of your tan shoes though... I want some :)

  4. Your dress is soooo pretty and it really suits you. They have some really good dresses in Primark at the moment that aren't just for rail thin girls. I got a blue floral one that I love love love.

    Looking lovely :)

  5. Wow i really love the blue with the tan, never thought of wearing that colour combination before but it totally works well on you!

    those earrings are amazing. river island have been stepping up their game recently! hope your wedding plans are going well and that you're having a wonderful weekend lovely


  6. Love how the color of the shoes compliment the blue in the dress and top! Hip Hip Horray for Curvy Girl OOTDS!!!!!

  7. Hi!:D That is such a cute casual outfit!:D Love the shoes!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  8. Those earrings are gorgeous! Note to self: Buy some tan pumps.
    xx Chloe

  9. ahhhh i love your earings :) x

  10. you look really pretty :)
    and your shoes are niceee!
    hope all the wedding arrangements are going to plan :)


  11. Gorgeous outfit, love the colour combo and those shoes! Your hair also looks really pretty.
    ugh smear tests. I've had one as a routine checkup, one when I had a poorly uterus, and one when my appendix burst and they thought it might be related to something else lol. Soo unpleasant!

  12. I love this outfit, I love tan shoes! x

  13. Awh my goregous lou! You look so lovely!
    Love the dress and the heels, you look so amazing! Love your garden as well its so flowerry and summery!
    Great post girly!
    x x x

  14. You do make me laugh, that is excatly why I asked for the OOTD post first. Love your explanation of high heels.

  15. What a lovely outfit, the dress looks lovely on you!

  16. Love your outfit and love ur hair!!! :)

  17. You look so pretty. You have great sense of style hun :)

    I have serious hair envy Lou - please, please tell me your secret! xxx

  18. You look gorgous as always!!! LOVE the heels, they are adorable! :)


  19. Ooooohh a bloomin' well love you lot and your uber kind comments, you make me sooooo happy!

    Jo, I shall indeed tell you the secret to my hair because for 25 years I have had crappy hair and now i have cracked it!!

    I wash it with a Lush shampoo which I have a sample of and forget the name (i will be buying a full size and reviewing though) and condition with lashing of Lush American Cream.

    Blow dry it and spritz on some heat protector so as not to wreck your locks.

    Then I straighten with wide GHD's because I have alarmingly thick hair.

    Then, when it's straight, I take the GHD's and kind of twist them back to creat volumous waves.

    Hmmmm this is hard to explain. Perhaps I should do a video on it or something?


  20. Hot shoes!& nice blog..I am following you.. I am having a M.A.C give away contest! come visit when you have the chance...

    or follow me on twitter

  21. I love the pretty dress,, I've looked everywhere for it in Primark but we have the smallest Primark ever here and it hardly has any of the lovely stuff people show on here. Your hairs so pretty too :) jealous hehe.

    x x x

  22. Looking stunning as ever hun, love love love the shoes. xx

  23. Love these OOTD posts especially as I am a curvy girl myself. The earrings are so pretty. I want some too, off to river island I go! ;0)

    x hel x

  24. I WANT THOSE SHOES,how much may I ask? And are they a recent purchase. You look fabulous and superbly dressed for the florist. I hope your wedding goes to plan and all the best.

    Lara Western

    Keen cosmetic Bloggerinio reader xxx

  25. HI Lara,

    The shoes were actually given to me by a friend as she never wore them and they are from Faith which has sadly now shut down. What a bummer eh?
    Thank you for your well wishes and for being a keen Bloggerinos- I love it!

  26. You are absolutely stunning! So envious of your style! xx


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Sprinkleofglitter xxx

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