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Saturday 26 June 2010

Lou's Reviews: Pearl Island Jewellery

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Earlier this week I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the lovely people at Pearl Island Jewellery asking if I would like to review some of their products. Ummmm pretty accessories? Yes Please!! Naturally I bit their hand off for the opportunity and I was promptly sent some lovely pieces.

I will get round to doing a youtube video as well but at the moment I shall just stick to the bloggersphere (ie I look hot and red and gross- can someone turn the sun down please?).

All the pieces I was sent are things I would definitely wear and the kind of things you might find in Accessorize (aka Heaven!!).

So, some snaps of my little gems:

This Eiffel Tower necklace is my favourite. When i looked on the website, I thought it would be the Royal Carriage, but like the wind, I changed my mind. This is what I would call a mid-long length necklace (it sits on my cleavage-oh la la). The website says 24 inches if that means anything to you?

This necklace is perfect for adding a hint of summer frivolity to an outfit but not going mental, just right.

rrp: £5

Pretty pretty pretty. Likey Likey Likey!

These pearls are definitely like the things I make and wear. I love the little gold beads, to give the set a bit more glamour and modernise a ladylike favourite.

I have worn these quite a few times already and one thing that really stood out was the elastic the pearls are strung on. I often find with these sorts of bracelets that the elastic is really super thin and snaps easily. This elastic feels quite sturdy so that is a brucey bonus indeed.

rrp: £5

This is another mid-long necklace and is the Royal Carriage design. I love the whimsy of it and think it isn't something you would see all to often. I find it a bit reminiscent of Cinderella which give me a warm fuzzy.

On a less positive note, I wore this to the office on Thursday and by 5pm I had lost the bow and the pearl which I was a bit bummed about. I don't think I was particularly rough with it but I suppose I did fiddle with it when I was reading things etc, so I would advise you to be delicate with it.

rrp: £7

Look how detailed it is :)

I have had a good nosey at the website and now have my beady little eyes on the camera ring and gold key necklace. What do you have your eyes on?




  1. you are dead lucky
    these bits are lovely!
    belle xx

  2. Very cute! I love the eiffel tower one!

  3. oo the carriage necklace is pretty!
    I'm going to go have a little nosey at what they have :)

  4. Gorgeous, I especially love the bracelets!

  5. Hiya they look lovely must be the trend now for the effeil tower,bows,4bits to necklace.similar designs ie dollybowbow,Giftgirls to name a few.i wonder if they actually make them or they r getting them from somewere dont get me wrong i love them i have several dollybowbow necklaces but they r too too similar to be individual pieces kudos to them for making them and spending that much time doing so i envy u guys

  6. Hi,

    I have found your post, it is very nice. You have defined the good use of Pearl Jewellery UK, it is looking very good and perfetc gift for any bridal wedding anniversary.

  7. Beautiful bracelet and necklace.


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