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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Message in a Bottle

Aloha Bloggerinos,

A few days ago I popped a post up with some crafty bits for sale, but took it down because I thought it wasn't your bag baby.

Since then, I have had a few enquiries, so I will pop a quick look back up.

These little glass bottles are perfect for love notes, kind words and secrets to be hidden anywhere your whimsy takes you.

Each little glass bottle has dried rose petals, heart sparkles, ye oldey worldy paper and a cute cork.

These are £3 and paypal payable, just comment with your paypal address and I shall invoice you.

£1 p+p for the UK and £3 everywhere else.





  1. Beautiful blog! Come visit me at

  2. oh wow these look lovely!
    Where did you get the cute bottles?

  3. Hey i'd love to buy one of these, i'll have to leave my paypal tomorrow though as i'm using my mum's account and need to find out which email she uses! hope there's one left!xxx

  4. hey honey i gave you an award :)

    shel xo

  5. i want one to hide in my boyfriends suitcase when he goes off to china in a month or so. will have to buy when i come back from my hols though so hope you'll have one left :) xx

  6. hey hun, my email for paypal is
    thank you so much!!xxxxx

  7. oh and love these kind of posts, would love to see more of your hand made things they are so perfect for presents!!xxxxx

  8. they look very pretty and it remains me of love storys very nice

  9. Hi Louise! Have you sold them? If you have, do you sell anthing else now? I know over too late, jsut wondering. thanks


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