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Wednesday 16 June 2010

Smoochypoochy Wedding Chat

Aloha Bloggerinos,

This evening we went for a meeting at our wedding reception venue and it has only heightened my weddingy mood! With less than 11 weeks to go, it is only now that I am thinking "I am going to be a married woman" and it is scary but exciting. I have been with Matt for 5 years now (half a decade! Yowzas) and I still feel like our relationship is "new". Heck, I only discovered last week thathe didn't like pickle! You see, new things all the time! haha.

I have dreamed of being a wife since I was a little girl and used to make veils for my dolly's out of tissues and felt tips (they were pretty elaborate veils I tell ya! My real one is too -slight side track here- it's a medium length with scalloped edges. It is dotted with twinkling swarovski crystals and at the bulb of each scallop there is a tear drop shaped crystal hanging off, which gives it a lovely weighty feel. I think I'm in love with it). I have always wanted to be like one of those all American 1950's wives with a foofy skirt and a husband that had shiny hair and even shinier shoes.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I really feel like I am getting my dream. I want to be a traditional wife that will bake delightful dinners (bit tricky being as I despise cooking anything more complicated than pizza and wont touch meat), ensures the house is beautiful and is a gracious hostessat all times. I want my husband to always feel that I am there for him, but that I am his equal- I'm all for 1950's fashion, decor and etiquette but I still want women's rights and all that malarky!

I can't wait to have lovely little babies that will turn into sweet toddlers and then adorable children that I can teach all sorts of thingsto. I'm hoping to be pregnant by Christmas so keep your fingers crossed for me please! I know this is a sickening post but I am just so thrilled that this is happening.

Through all my teenage years I was full of angst and thought boys didn't like me and that it was down to trivial things like being a bit (or a lot! ha) squidgey round the edges or my frizzy 'triangle' hair (GHD's were still a figment of my imagination 10 years ago). Then I met someone who loves me for my thoughts, principles, ideals, ideas, sense of humour and all round character- he even loves me when I melt an entire familysized bar of cadbury's and mix it in with rice crispies and just eat it warm with a wooden spoon, whilst sitting on the sofa with grey baggy pj's on, and that is saying something!

When you were little, what were your dreams? Are they coming true? I hope so xxx

Toodlepip! xx

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  1. Oh my what a gorgeous post!

    It's like every little girl's dream to get married and be a princess for the day, I for one can't wait till it's my turn!

    You sound like you're got everything under control and very well organised & I also can't wait to see pics of this veil you speak of it sounds amazing!

    Such a sweet post, have fun getting super excited hun!


  2. Lovely post :) It's nice to hear someone so happy & so excited about the future.

    I've gotta say, all I can now think about is - "I melt an entire familysized bar of cadbury's and mix it in with rice crispies and just eat it warm with a wooden spoon, whilst sitting on the sofa with grey baggy pj's"
    That sounds like my idea of heaven..!

  3. What a sweet and happy post to read!:D

    I'm 24 and happily married. I never thought I'd be married so early in life, love just happened!:D Ah, life! So many surprises!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. Gorgeous post! Every thing looks amazing! not long now bet you can't wait aww :)


  5. this is such a nice post :)
    i hope i'm as happy as you someday :) xx

  6. Such a lovely post hun! Good luck with the wedding, that's so exciting, and good luck with the baby making hehe... being a Mummy is the best job in the world!
    My dreams haven't fully come true yet... I'm quite ambitious when it comes to business, I really should apply for The Apprentice! I want to run my own successful company, I have tried once and failed, but I won't give up! hehe xx

  7. Brought a little tear to my eye! Gorgeous post :) xxx

  8. This is such a lovely post to read <3 And please please please will you put some photos up of your big day!? I'm certain your fairy tale is going to become a reality :) xxx

  9. This post ust brought a smile to my face :)
    It's so nice to read about someone that is so happy, it really radiates through your writing.
    Good luck for the wedding...looking forward to seeing lots of piccies!!
    .....dreaming of melted chocolate and rice krispies...

  10. This is such a heart warming post! That's awesome that after five years you still feel like you're in a 'new' relationship.

  11. Aww, that's such a sweet post. I'm thrilled that yu're so happy and can't wait to see pics of what will surely be a stunning wedding.

  12. such a lovely post! i'm so so happy for you and in a way i think i know what you mean. i feel like finally i'm happy and i don't ever want this to end :)

    congratulations, a million times over :) :) xxxx

  13. Awww, what a lovely post!!! You are now my guru so I will be coming to you with all wedding/planning related questions!! Can't wait to see the pics of your big day! :)

  14. Lovely Bloggerinos, there will be more wedding photos than you can shake a stick at! Fear not!

    Miss-soon-to-be- Mrs Wedgie, ask away- it excites me immensly!!


  15. This is such an adorable post! You and Matt sound so perfect for each other and happy together.
    I know what you mean about always dreaming to be a wife. Most little girls dream of being a bride, but I always wanted to be someone's wife, someone's mother.. I wanted my own family to take care of and love and be my own little world. Growing up my mum and dad were poor as, my dad worked so much to keep us and pay our bills, but even though thins weren't perfect my brothers and I were always loved and given everything my parents possibly could, and I would love to be able to do that for my family :)
    I love the whole domestic goddess shebang but it just isn't me! I will be just like my mum - haphazardly messy and odd and eccentric, but completely 100% loving and fun.

  16. Aw I'm so happy for you! Your post just made me wanna cry it was so lovely! And I have to admit I am properly jealous hehe! I hope I can have all those things some day! I hope you have an amazing big day! As for the's amazing that you want to be a mother so soon! I hope all your dreams come true! xxx


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