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Monday 31 May 2010

Curvy Girl's OOTD- Big Night Out

Aloha Bloggerinos,

This weekend I have been very poorly with a horrid cold, but here is an OOTD from last weekend when we had a full house for Mattmoo's friend's birthday BBQ. It was the best weekend I have had in a very long time and I can't wait for another!

After spending the day in the garden frolicking around like garden gnomes on a sugar high, the girls (me, Emma. aka Chummy, and Amanda) headed upstairs to play with hair, makeup and dresses. Mmmm heaven. Now, I don't encourage drinking to my lovely younger readers, but I had divulged in a few white wine spritzers and this lead to some rather tricky eyelash applications. Sadly, Amanda's eyelashes fought a good fight but I just couldn't get the little blighters to stick so we ripped them off with relish and went ceeeeerrrrazy on the mascara!

So here we are with the OOTD:

Due girlie camaraderie (Amanda didn't have any heels with her), I am once again wearing my gold sandals (I promise you I have other shoes!!).

The dress was from New Look 2 years ago and was £40. It's vibrant and silky and I enjoy it very much.
This dress works well on my curvy size 16-18 pear shaped frame for the for the following reasons:

It is low cut which draws attention to my cleavage (something I like).
It pulls in on the bit below my bust which is the slimmest part of my 'trunk'. This is good because it creates a feature (with the gold embroidery and cutwork detail) on a positive place.
It is floaty from the slim (in proportion to my body! Not slimmy slim slim!) bit down. The 'bit down' is the bottom of the pear shape and the part I don't overly enjoy so it's nice to disguise that a bit.
The cutwork detail by the knee makes you look at my lower legs, which I think are alright.

I chose to do a bit of a quiff to add a bit of height being as I was wearing flats and also to slim my face out a touch. I always think quiffs do that because they elongate the silhouette of the head/face and that kind of draws away from my chubster cheeks. I think anyway. Meh.

I chose a big-ass clutch bag because the bigger the bag, the smaller the person looks. Excellent. 

So that's my Big Night Out OOTD and the reason's behind it. I had a great night with the Liverpool boys, Amanda and Chummy and I'm fairly sure they did too! 

Here is what the gal's wore:

Amanda: Cute floral playsuit (I luurrvvee playsuits but not sure if they work for a curvy figure- any thoughts?) from Next, this season, £30.

Chummy: Greige ruffle skirt, River Island (can't recall exact price but I think about £25. I have it too and I love it). Black vest top. Not sure wear from but I have one very similar from H&M for about £3.99.
Necklace- Mine from Newlook last year- cheeky monkey!!

Don't they look lovely?!

I have had such great feedback from all you super Bloggerinos, but for the very few that feel they need to leave comments like "gross", please mind your manners and bugger off, it's tres uncool and not good for your karma. Tehe!




  1. i love the detail on the bottom of the dress, and your legs look fab!

  2. You look stunning :)
    And I wish i could get my hands on that dress, i think it would be super flattering on me too :p
    I really like how you kind of explained the dress and why it suits you - super helpful!

  3. Lovely dress & you look fab!

  4. You all look lovely. I am into bright colours at the moment as well. In fact i've banned myself from buying black for at least 3 months.
    My nails of the day would match that dress well if you want to have a nosey xx
    PS your makeup looks extra nice as well x

  5. You look SO LOVELY in pink.
    It complements your blonde hair and looks so gorgeous on your skin tone. Love it, Louise!!!!


  6. Lou, you look beautiful! Pink looks amazing on you :)

  7. Where is that bag from? I need it!!

    You look amaze btw

  8. You look gorge and I love that clutch!! xx

  9. You all look gorgeous! That colour is amazing on you, I love it.

  10. You look fantastic!
    I just tagged you


  11. Gorgeous girls! Love that colour on you.
    Playsuit wise, I'm a size 14, and find that anything with too busy a pattern makes me look bigger than I am, so stick to plain ones, nipped in at the waist?

    X x

  12. Lovely dress it looks fantastic on you :)

  13. You look fab! Keep up these posts, I find them so inspiring :) x

  14. Looking great! That dress is beautiful, the colour is lovely and hair and makeup look fab :)


  15. You look fab!
    So great to see a real sized woman doing these sort of posts! Such a breath of fresh air.
    & plus you look great doing them, :)

  16. You look wonderful. I am a new blog reader and although after a stalk through your blog made me realise I would definitely enjoy following you, your OOTD were the main thing I love - I am a size 18 (round, rather than pear hehe), and it is soooo fabulous to see a curvy girl showing how beautiful she can look.

    I plan on doing my own one of these days :D Thank you so much!!!!!

  17. Pretty pretty! The dress looks gorgeous on you, and I agree about the quiff vs round face thing, I have a big round moon face and like to think a quiff distracts attention from it! I think a playsuit could work, but it would have to be absolutely the right one or it could go very wrong (I have tried some very wrong ones on in shop changing rooms and practically given myself nightmares!) x

  18. Hey you, i've tagged you on my blog xx

  19. You look lovely in this pink dress with the gold sandals! x

  20. you and your friends look amazing, you are so pretty and inspiring i wish i looked as good as you do. i love your blog and youtube channel if you get any spare time please could you check out my blog and follow

  21. So pretty! Wish I had your ankles :)

  22. Hey louise,
    You look am-a-zong i love that dress wish i could have it hahahaha. You always look stunning louise and we lava you xx

  23. You dont look like you've aged a single day! Such a lovely face you have, and a brill personality to match!


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