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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Waste Not Want Not

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As I may have mentioned on my youtube CHANNEL (woop), I am trying to find ways to make the most of my lovely things and save some pennies. I'm actually trying to use up some of my products before I buy new varieties! Wowzas!

So, when I realised that trying to use my Boots No.7 Skin Illuminator was about as fruitless as explaining quantum physics to the cat, I decided to call it a day. I would squeeze a bit and nothing, squeeze a bit harder and still nothing, squeeze really quite hard and still nothing. In anger I would then squeeze really bloody hard and voila- great big highlighter mess! Gargh!!

I was going to through it away but couldn't bring myself to being as there was clearly lots left and it cost me over £10 (£3 is my wastage threshold, so a tenner is a no-no!) I decided to embark on a salvage mission. I found a clean pot, which was an old Lush pot that I was saving as part of their "bring back 5 and get a free face mask" scheme, snipped the top of the tube and satisfyingly watched it all ooze into it's new home.

It was a sad day for the pretty packaging and little brush it came with but I have a looottt of highlighter there- golden summer glimmer, here I come!!

Does anyone else depot their products to make the most of them? :)




  1. I have a TON of extra containers laying around! If you ever need some let me know! Ive been trying to formulate the perfect highlighter, aadn Ive good a pretty good dupe of NARS Orgasm. I love hiliters!

  2. I do this all this time with broken bottles/bottles with lost lids/hard to use packaging like this one! it works so well, and if you don't have spare pots or tubs about you can buy them really cheaply from Superdrug and Asda in the travel accessories bit, and once you've used whatever product you put in there up, just wash it and start again!

  3. Ive not before but I think im gonna have to start trying it! Looks like you can save a fortune!

    Lisa xx

  4. I do this with everything I can cut open with a knife. Facewash, foundation, concealer, hair products...

  5. Wowee Christine, I never thought of so many things. I'm sooooo gonna get some pots and get depotting! It's so satisfying!
    BellaSugar, let me know when your highlighter comes out, I am intrigued, I have been wanting to try something NARS fo ages and after seeing how close the MAC dupe was I have faith in you!
    Jo- Thanks for the tip, Im off to superdrug for some much needed pots and tubs!
    MyButterfly- Woop woop get depotting!! xxxxx

  6. Oh yes i have to depot things when they seem to have reached their end. I know secretly there's a goldmine hidden within the tube.

  7. Oh I'll totally cut and scrape til the last drop. I don't blame you Chanel is expensive. ;)


    xox Laura Beth

  8. I do this with foundation, and of course, urban decay primer potion!! hxx

  9. The main thing I cut open is hair dye bottles to get the last bits out...usually saves me from having to buy a full other box for semi-long hair.

  10. Wow there really was a lot of product still in there! I think I'll eventually have to do this with my UDPP but in general, I have to say that I hate packaging that doesn't allow you to get out all the product. I'm kind of lazy (:/) so I have to really love the product to actually go through the pain of depotting

  11. it cracks me up when people saw their primer potions into teeny little pieces trying to get it all out! I heard they were going to redo the packaging so it all doesnt get wasted

  12. Definately what I'll be doing once my products appear to have run out - esp with my Studio Sculpt foundation! xx

  13. As Bella Sugar mentioned, there are loads of videos on youtube of folk cutting up their Urban Decay Primer Potion, which seems to win 1st prize when it comes to how much product is actually left when you think it's empty! I have seen people saving lipglosses by submerging the tube in boiling water, leaving for 20 mins or so then pouring out the warmed product into a mini tub. I usually just scrub around the side with the wand or throw it away if it's out of date. xx

  14. Just found your blog and came across this helpful tip!! I love this highlighter but hate it for the same annoying reason that it either never comes out of a mahoosive blob comes out and I end up wasting loads! I'm so going to give this a go!! Thanks hun xoxo

  15. Oh and I've just subbed to your Youtube channel too! You and Zoe are so funny and cute and I loved your video about blogging! So useful for people like me who've just starting blogging as a bit of fun! Thanks!! xoxo

  16. I absolutely LOVE lush especially their lovely dovely money saving schemes. Thanks for posting this, I never thought of cutting open my various creams and masks. I hate it when you have a little bit of shampoo left, enough for a shower, but you cant squeeze it out. Thanks a bunch!
    Happy Writing,


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