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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bye Bye Baby

Aloha Bloggerinos!

I am one happy chappy this evening because I have fiinnaaaaaaallllllly finished some products! I have a terrible habit of buying a lovely product, using half of it, getting bored and then buying something else. Naughty naughty naughty!

Well chummies, hurrah! I stuck with something. I finished LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel and LUSH American Dream Conditioner. I used snow Fairy VERY sparingly because it was limited edition but fear not, I have another bottle left to use. American Dream is on my shopping list to buy some more of, so I shall buy this guilt free.

Snow Fairy is a deliciously sweet pink shower (and hair) gel with little iridescent sprinkles and American Dream is a fantastically creamy vanilla conditioner (see previous reviews for more info).
Have you tried either or these?




  1. i can't use LUSH products as i have super sensitive skin! My shower gel is has nothing in it... its just bubbles! :D

    I love it when you finish a product... i'm always naughty and buy loads of shampoos & conditioners when i haven't finished the ones i am using!

    :D x

  2. I've never used lush products (except 1 bath bomb someone bought me once) I'm really going to get into it.
    I'm terrible for only using half a product I'm a bit of a fickle person that way, if a new thing makes it's way into my house, the half used 1 gets relegated!
    E x

  3. Well done! I am the worst for this, I have soo many unused or unfinished cosmetics! I need to just ban myself from going into boots or superdrug. Well, after I get the last diet coke nail varnish!

  4. There's a whole lot of drama surrounding Lush here in the states. One of the states passed an anti-illegal immigration law and Lush said that they were against it. So everyone that is for the anti-illegal immigration bill isn't supposed to use Lush products. I HATE when products get mixed up in politics!!!!!!

  5. iv had snow fairy.. totally loved it! gutted when it finished! xx

  6. Well done, hoorah for empties!

  7. I LOVE SNOW FAIRY <3 I am using it on special occasion only though cos mine is the small bottle. Should of stocked up more when it was still available:(


  9. I love getting through products, in fact I have a big Project Bathroom thing going on at the moment and blogging about it keeps me from running out and replacing stuff as it gets used up.

  10. Hi,love your blog, I am now following!..would love for you to follow me in return :)

  11. I love the snow fairy i have a big bottle in my shower right now. I've not tried the american cream but i love vanilla so i know i will try it at some point. Great blog, would love you to pop over and take a nosey at mine x

  12. I haven't tried those but I'm having a love affair with LUSH products. I just opened and tried for the first time a bottle of Tramp shower gel. And I've tried the Slammer shower gel. Both fantatic in their own way. I've also used their soaps (natch) and am liking their solid hair shampoo quite a lot. Good luck finding another bottle - sometimes they bring their stuff back because people request it.


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Sprinkleofglitter xxx

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