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Thursday 20 May 2010

Abby's Giveaway- Plumpy's Story

Aloha Bloggerinos,

This is my first competition entry (there will be two I hope) for the fabulous Abby's blog which you can check out HERE .

Abby is currently running two competitions and one is to say what your most regular essential can't-cope-without-it and there are brucey bonus points for pictures in odd places.

Sooooooooooooooooo my item is Soap & Glory Extreme Plump Lipgloss. This is a clear gloss that literally makes my lips fizz! They tingle and zing and in about 2 minutes, I have sexy full to the brim lips! Love it! I wear this on it's own, over lipsticks, or stains and I feel naked without it.

So for my brucey bonus points (what a geek I am), I took a few snaps of Mr Plump whilst he was on his jollies today.

Oh Look! Here is Plump with his pal Borjous Menthol Gloss at the office, gassing away on the phone. Get back to work Plumpy!!

After all that hard work in the office, Plumpy is in the car and off to beat the traffic. Safe journey Plumpy!

With all that office air con, Plumpy decides to get toastie on the disgustingly crumby toaster. Watch out Plumpy, you don't want to burn!!

Plumpy stayed on the toaster a tad too long and was in need of a chill out. Brrr chilly!!

All that chilling out reinvigorated Plumpy, ready for a bit of the great outdoors! Here he is with his garden friends Toady and Squirrel. Steady on Squirrel, Plumpy's after ya!!!

In line with his thrill seeking moment with Squirrel, Plumpy takes to the skies for a ride on the washing line. Woooosshhh!

Trying to impress Toady with your football skills Plumpy?! Play Ball!!

All that play and it's time for a wash on spin cycle. Don't forget to exfoliate Plumpy!

Trying your hand at running stitch? Well done!

It's a big climb, but it's time for bed.

Night night Plumpy, see you tomorrow. xxx




  1. Night night Plumpy!

    I am pissing myself (not literally I stress!) at this post... particularly Plumpy on the washing line, but mostly at the use of the brilliant phrase that is "brucey bonus points".

  2. You are seriously so adorable.
    I love this post!!!

  3. haha love this. thankyou for your entry :):) xx

  4. Dear Bloggerinos, Thank you for enjoying my adventure, Love Plumpy the Lipgloss.
    PS. My mummy loves bruce Forsyth and his "brucey bonuses" xxxxx

  5. haha so funny its a blog post on its own never mind a comp entry :)
    ps - go visit my blog if you would like i am running a giveaway aswell, have a feeling you would like it :)

    shel x

  6. Haha this is awesome. congrats on winning!


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