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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Curvy Girl's OOTD- Casual Office

Aloha Bloggerinos,

After all the super duper positive feedback on my BBQ OOTD, I have done an Office BBQ for your (hopefully) enjoyment.

My office is pretty restrictive on colours- you can only wear black, white, cream, red or blue and it has to be smart, so this was probably stretching it a bit smart-wise. Oh well.

So lets go from top to toe.
Navy Cardigan- Newlook Menswear (yes, I stole it off Mattmoo-naughty me)
Black Vest- F+F at Tesco. Size 16.
Cream Zip/Pocket Skirt- River Island. Size 18 (but wish I'd bought a 16 because it is TRES stretchy!)
Light Gold Ruffle Pumps- Primark. Size 7

Here is a close up of the skirt because I feel this was the "feature" of today's outfit.

It had an elasticated waist band, cutsie pockets deep enough for hands and a pretty lacey overlay. I usually just stick to tops and accessories in River Island because I am bottom heavy, but they have a lot of stretchy skirts in there at the moment which I am slowly but surely stocking up on!

I like this skirt because although it sits on my hips which is my widest part, it flares out a bit to hide any thigh wobble (urgh) and creates a girlie summery look.

The boy cardi balances it all out a tad and the navy against the black (yes I know you aren't meant to do that but you aren't meant to have prawn crackers for dinner and I just did that too!) adds a bit of interest and a softer look from lots of black.

I promised one of you (I think Bella Sugar) that I would try and do 'intersting poses' so here is my action shot. Good grief.

So there you are Bloggerinos, size 16-18 and wearing cream on the bottom half, clashing black with navy and wizzing a frisby. Maybe not groundbreaking, but enough for one day.

More curvy girl OOTD's to come.




  1. Ah you look so goregous! Love love love that skirt, I am so glad there are some lovely skirts around which aren't too short and mini!
    Lovely post girly!

  2. Hahahaa it was me! Good pose. you look FIEERCE!!!!

  3. Thats a gorgeous outfit :)

    you really do look beautiful.
    It's so nice to see a curvy girl comfortable in her own skin, and what a positive reception :D
    might encourage me to do the same thing!

    anyone else??

  4. I'm absolutely loving your OOTD posts, I just love that you're showing how to dress curves! Keep it up :) xxx

  5. ACTION SHOT! I loves it :-D pretty skirt, and I am a huge navy fan! My mum takes the piss outta me saying navy is a school uniform colour lol.. I love it! Great post x

  6. FAbulous post. I love skirts with pockets and that outfit is smart! :)

  7. Love that skirt!! and the action shot too!! you have gorgeous legs btw! :) xo

  8. love it doll! so proud of u for doing these i know what its like to feel paranoid about your size but hey you have had nothing but positive feedback so keep it going :)

    shel xo

  9. Love this outfit, you look so beautiful. x

  10. Thank you so much Bloggerinos!

    Some of you have said you might think about doing an OOTD yourself soon and I say GO FOR IT!! I think it would be great to start a curvy revolution!! Even if you're not curvy, do OOTD's because I love seeing your bags/shoes/accessories!

  11. I LOVE that skirt !
    The entire outfit is gorgeous !

  12. You look really pretty i love that skirt. You can't beat river island for lovely clothes. It's the one shop i know i will find something i like when i go shopping xx

  13. Bloody gorgeous!! (said in my best yorkshire accent!) Lou you look fantastic. As someone who has gone from a size 22 to an 18 and is still shrinking I think I might have to have a look in river island :)

    Lex xxx

  14. You look great!

    Ive awarded you the Sweet Blog Award by the way! Love your blog

    Lisa xx

  15. Great look, I love that skirt! Don't think I could wear that to my work, but you look lovely. Great action pose too, I might start doing these lol! x

  16. you look really pretty :) im loving the pose lol :) x

  17. you have a beautiful face:)

  18. after seeing the skirt i have looked everywhere for it! managed to find the last one (in my size it must be a sign!) in the sale at river island =) i love these posts and love your style!

  19. Okay, I know I'm a couple of years late with my comment... But you look SO GOOD here Louise! (Not that you don't now pahah)
    So pretty! You are a great example of how to have cream on the bottom half and clash black with navy and still look phenomenal :)


  20. Ah you are so beautiful and I just wanna hug you xxxxxx


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